Krush Performance: Dr. Jon Kolb & The Sugar Conspiracy w/Ian Leslie

KP - PHOTO FOR RI SHOWMaximizing Human Performance & The Krush WAR on SUGAR looks at the “The Sugar Conspiracy”

Are we at the biological ceiling of human performance? We have a great understanding when it comes to the physical development side of human performance: faster, higher, stronger. No problem! So, where are the next major break troughs going to come from?

We talk with Dr. Jon Kolb, the Director of Sport Science, Medicine, and Innovation for Own The Podium Program in Canada, and look at how they are focusing and utilizing the sport sciences to help their athletes compete on the world stage.

Then, the Krush War on Sugar continues with a segment looking at “The Sugar Conspiracy,” a great article by author and journalist, Ian Leslie. We look back on the history of sugar in our diet and how early warnings regarding the dangers of consuming too much sugar in our diets were ignored, shunned, and swept under the rug only to resurface decades later with serious science that indicates that for many it may be too late.

This is an important episode of Krush Performance as we address two of our passions: Human Maximum Performance and The Krush War on Sugar!

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