Krush Performance: Controlling Your Brain

KP - PHOTO FOR RI SHOWControlling Your Brain & Helping Kids Perform

On this episode of Krush Performance, we look into the mental game of human performance and supporting the development of our most precious commodity, our kids.

Many professional organizations are now looking for new and innovative methods for pushing player and employee performance to new levels and information technology may just be the big break through that takes human performance to the next level.

We have a very good grip on the physical side of training and development.

In our performance programs, our priorities for every athlete and organization we work with are as follows:

– Rest & Recovery & Sleep
– Nutrition / Hydration
– Posture and ROM
– Then for our athletes movement for everyone else task specific training.

Once all of this is set, we can then start looking at the performance side of development. Way too often, we see athletes, parents, and coaches want to skip steps and jump way ahead of where they are at. I can promise you this, it’s virtually impossible to reach your true potential if you hop over critical developmental steps.

Sometimes focusing on long term benefits means taking a step back, even a couple of steps, in order to rebuild and move forward towards a bright, bright future…..

So as we have a grip on the physical side (stronger, powerful, speed, agility, and skill development), there is emerging new technology that is now allowing us to tap into and train one of the most elusive aspects of human performance, the mind.

We talk with registered psychologist John Stevenson of Zone Performance about information technology that provides real time feedback on how your mind is operating. Yes, you can actually now see how well your brain is operating while performing a task and with the feedback learn how to better control it.

It has been around for awhile but the science is being refined and what we can now do and see is incredible. It’s incredibly powerful when it comes to human performance in sport, business, school, and life in general.

Also, are you teaching your kids the right stuff? We have a very important conversation with Dr. Jaques Dallaire about his book, “Helping Kids Perform: Mental Skills That Every Parent, Teacher and Coach Should Master.”

It’s time to break the cycle and push into the new age.

Share this show with everyone you know who is looking to get better at what they do, these are two important conversations.

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