Dangerous Conversation: Dead Bone Rejection

DC POST IMAGEThis week’s Dangerous Conversation features live self administered oral surgery on it, a first in my career. Swollen tongue. Yep. Swollen….tongue.

“What didn’t I talk about?” is a much better question for this week’s show than “What did I talk about?”

Insert your hashtags here:

  • F*** Opiates
  • My Sad Day On Opiates
  • Dead Bone Rejection (great name for a band by the way)
  • Live On The Air
  • Hillary And Her Hitmen
  • 6 Dead Bodies Connected To Hillary In 6 Weeks
  • Kaepernick
  • Carlin’s Big Club
  • Sangria
  • 6 Stories Main Stream Media Won’t Tell You
  • A Four Star General Blows The Lid Off The 9/11 Lie
  • “Jabba The Ailes”

…….. and so much more!

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