Dangerous Conversation: George Carlin Was Right

DC POST IMAGEWhat happens when you’re only planning on doing an hour and you do 2 hours 20 minutes?

A podcast that addresses everything from George Carlin’s new unreleased material (with a sample). You think Hillary is made of Teflon? Then meet Dick Cheney. This guy committed treason on 9/11 and made 60 billion with Halliburton.

George Carlin was right. It is a BIG CLUB and we ain’t in it. We’re approaching 15 years after 9/11. Why is that day still vitally important to not let die? Because EVERYTHING afterward stems from it. WARS/NSA/PATRIOT ACT/HOMELAND SECURITY….EVERYTHING.

This week’s DC will smack you across the face with a 2X4 ..Tommy Boy style.

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