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KP - PHOTO FOR RI SHOWTeamwork, Leadership, & Performance Cultures w/Yvonne Camus

We are joined in Studio by Yvonne Camus, a High Performance Specialist, former Eco-Challenge Participant, and one of North America’s most trusted speakers on Teamwork & Performance in sport, Business & in life. She is also the COO of the very successful and award winning World Heath Clubs in Edmonton, Alberta.

Yvonne gives us her take and some great insights into teamwork and building performance environments.

It’s a very interesting time in sport:

The MLB All-Star Game is right around the corner. We can look at the standings and probably have a very interesting discussion on team performance cultures.

The MLB, NHL, and NBA drafts are all past as organizations plan and build for the future. We assume these plans are well laid out, thoughtful, and strategic but we know what happens when we assume things…

In my opinion, the biggest story in all of sports right now is the Rio Olympics and all of the issues facing these games.

So I want to get to our question of the day right off the top:

Knowing what we know right now & if you were an athlete, coach or parent of an athlete, do you compete or not?

Our Twitter Poll from @jeffkrush had 76% of people saying they would not compete in Rio.

Krush Performance is a trusted source of sport performance and athletic development information that brings together the athletes, the coaches, the researchers, the parents & fans in a community dedicated to sharing the very latest sport performance trends and research to INSPIRE, MOTIVATE AND EDUCATE and help you understand what its truly like to achieve Human Maximum Performance.

Invite your teammates, coaches, family and friends to join in as we work to push talent and performance to new heights.

Jeff Krushell is regarded as a noted expert in the area of talent development in sport and through his work has gained unique insights into the process of improving performance… ‘It’s a human thing’.

Over the last 20 years Jeff has worked in the world of high performance sport helping athletes tap into their potential to truly understand what it is like to achieve Human Maximum Performance. Engineering his unique blend of sport science and training techniques with the holy grail of success; ‘motivation’, Jeff’s expertise lies in creating the next generation of top performers.

Jeff has forged relationships with athletes, Olympians and internationally renowned sport elitists; coaches, sport scientists, doctors and researchers. All of who are constantly pushing the boundaries of human performance. Jeff’s message relates to all levels of human performance and is not exclusive to sport.

• Host & Founder of The Krush Performance Radio Show aired on TSN 1260 Edmonton
• Current Strength and Conditioning Consultant for Major League Baseball International
• Current Performance Consultant for CTV, Edmonton
• Current Strength & Conditioning Consultant for Vauxhall Baseball Academy
• Current Performance Consultant for Link Management
• Former Strength and Conditioning coach for the Toronto Blue Jays
• Former Strength and Conditioning coach for the Edmonton Eskimos

Invite your teammates, coaches, family and friends to join in as we work to push talent and performance to new heights.

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