Inside The Dugout: June 13, 2016

ITD - PHOTO FOR RI SHOWOn today’s show, we go deep Inside the Dugout about bullpens. Kevin and Rich talk about John Gibbons and the Blue Jays pen this past weekend against the O’s. Why do managers have to watch the workload of relievers and how far out do they plan workloads? What do you do if your closer can’t go that night? How many games in a row can you go with your closer and set up man?

We also reflect on the Dodgers/Giants series over the weekend. Bruce Bochy used everyone he had in the pen over the series. Why do managers use three, four, and sometimes five pitchers in one inning? We also talk about the stress that a manager deals with on a daily basis and what it’s like in a nail biter of a game.

Finally, we talk about walking the opponents best hitter. Joe Maddon’s Cubs walked Bryce Harper 13 times in one series, why? Are you walking the hitter or looking at whose on deck?

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