Inside The Dugout: June 10, 2016

ITD - PHOTO FOR RI SHOWOn today’s show, Kevin and Rich go in-depth on player development and the draft and talk about why it takes so long compared to other sports to get to the big leagues. the guys talk about what adjustments players have to make and ask if College Baseball the same as Double A.

They discuss what the draft process is like along with the scouting. Kevin shares a great story on how he found out he got drafted and the drama leading up to the draft when he came out of San Diego State. Rich shares what it is like to be in the war room on draft day.

Also, player development and explain why you should want your minor leaguers to fail? Plus, the thin line between making and not to the majors is explained. Finally, why the Giants vs. Dodgers rivalry and the big match up this weekend. Kevin gives a great run down of the differences between opening game starters Kershaw and Cueto.

We hope you enjoy as much as we do. Plus, take a listen and find out how to get a 15% discount to

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