Inside The Dugout w/Kevin Kennedy & Rich Herrera: June 6, 2016

ITD - PHOTO FOR RI SHOWOn today’s show, Kevin and Rich talk about the White Sox trade for James Shields. What do the White Sox get in Shields and why is he such a good fit? What happened in San Diego and why did the Padres move him?

The guys talk about the Dodgers DFA of Carl Crawford. Can he still play? Wyt was he released? Why did it not work for him in Boston? We talk about what teams should call him after 10 days as well.

They have a long discussion about what is a checked swing and what is a foul tip. We also have a great discussion about what happens when an umpire misses a call and be an adjustment that might need to be made in the reply system.

Finally, the guys wrap up talking about the great Vin Scully and why he turned down calling the All Star Game in San Diego.

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