Southern California Baseball Report: May 25, 2016

SOCAL - PHOTO FOR RI SHOWOn this episode of the Southern California Baseball Report, we discuss Kevin’s trip to San Diego and the extra innings affair against the Padres.

From the Dodgers’ side, everyone is talking about Yasiel Puig being benched by Dave Roberts. The Skipper explains how and why a manager has to stand up and bench a player at times for his own good and he tells you why Roberts handled the situation so well.

The guys go on to explore the cultural differences between “Baseball” and “Beisbol” and why Latin players have a certain flair that doesn’t always translate to the states.

As far as the Angels go, the guys discuss Albert Pujols and the differences in hitting the ball when he’s playing the field as opposed to DH’ing. Kevin explains why being a DH is one of the toughest jobs in baseball and doe sit in such a uniue way that you’ve probably never thought of before.

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