Dangerous Conversation: March 16, 2016

DC POST IMAGEThis week’s Dangerous Conversation….DRUGS. There are 2 types. The ones nature provides and the one Big Pharma sells you. We’ll take a look at both sides and let you decide who’s really looking out for you. From THC psilocybin and DMT to opiates antidepressants tobacco and booze.

There’s a buzz about this week’s show, sorry I had to. But even before I got to the drug conversation we HAD to discuss the slow and gradual decline of terrestrial radio..this week, CBS to sell off all their 117 stations in major markets…WOW! And the story of creditors closing in on Clear Channel.. I mean I fart.. I ..well you get it. NEW MEDIA is exploding and the terrestrial talent is making it’s way over here. Free Speech lives at Radio Influence. Come and get some.

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