Dangerous Conversation: March 9, 2016 — Donald Trump is a what????

DC POST IMAGELISTEN, I GOT TO ABOUT 70% OF WHAT’S LISTED BELOW… The reason I didn’t get to all of it is, my opening 20 minute RANT on Terrestrial Radio VS NEW MEDIA!

On this episode of Dangerous Conversation:

– Water Leaks at South Florida nuclear plant
– American teen heroin deaths linked to afghan poppies
– The week in Cannabis news
– Jessie Ventura might run for Prez if Trump gets nomination
– Worms conquer GMO’s
– New video of LaVoy shooting
– 16 MSM attacks on Bernie Sanders in 16 hours
– Trump loves his morning Joe
– Roger Waters and Joe Walsh sound off on music industry
– Libertarian front runner calls Trump a pussy
– Is Binge watching TV making us depressed?

…… plus Carlin’s Corner, Unsigned tunes from The Interrupters, and more.

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