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Radio Influence is very pleased to announce TSN radio host and former Toronto Blue Jays Strength & Conditioning coach Jeff Krushell is bringing “Krush Performance” to the Radio Influence family. The show will debut Thursday, February 4th, 2016 on iTunes, Stitcher, iTunes Internet Radio, and The show can also be heard live Wednesday nights at 7 p.m. MT on TSN 1260 in Edmonton, Alberta and can be found alongside the Radio Influence channel on TuneIn Radio.

Over the last 20 years, Krushell has worked in the world of high performance sports helping athletes tap into their potential to truly understand what it is like to achieve Human Maximum Performance. He has forged relationships with athletes, Olympians, internationally renowned sport elitists, coaches, sports scientists, doctors, and researchers. Besides hosting “Krush Performance,” Jeff is currently traveling the world as a Strength and Conditioning Consultant for Major League Baseball.

”I’m really fired up to have our show, Krush Performance, join the powerful lineup at Radio Influence. I can’t imagine a better broadcasting and sharing platform for our show as we push to bring the world of high performance athlete development to every single athlete, parent, coach, and sports fan out there,” said Krushell, founder of Krush Performance. “We’re here to influence the sports industry and push the limits of Human Performance because we really do believe Greatness Is Up For Grabs!”

“Having known Jeff for many years, his experience and knowledge in the world of human sports performance is second to none,” said Jerry Petuck, CEO of Radio Influence. “He has a way of explaining the most complex scientific research in a way that anyone can understand the importance of it. His message will make a difference and we’re very excited to help him get the word out by adding him to the Radio Influence family.”

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