FSB - PHOTO FOR RI SHOWWhen she was approached with the idea of jumping into the podcast world, the Fabulous Sports Babe did a cannonball into the deep end. Knowing that the NFL season is right around the corner, there was only one guy that was strong enough to be on her debut show: “The Professor” John Clayton of ESPN.

These two go back 25 years to when they worked together in Seattle and you can tell just be the way they talk to each other, the mutual respect they have for one another. They chat about the disarray in the 49ers camp, the Washington Redskins QB situation, and what makes “The Professor” tick.

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  1. Susan Meyer

    The Fabulous Sports Babe was fantastic in her first podcast – please keep them coming!! She is the best and I will not miss one of them~ Thanks!

  2. Vicki

    OMG!!! Sooooo good to hear THE FSB on airwaves again!!! This crazy lady knows her sports! Kudos to podcast! Football season is here and The Babe we wanna hear!


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