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The new RadioInfluence.com relaunches Tuesday, September 1st, 2015 with a renewed mission statement and a renewed dedication to serving you, the listeners. Under the direction of new owners Jason Floyd and Jerry Petuck, the mission is simple. Provide the best in podcast networking, streaming audio, and voiceover/imaging available on the web today.

The Radio Influence family of shows include a variety of both terrestrial radio hosts and established internet shows providing a great mix and different perspectives on sports, entertainment, lifestyle, and more. All shows will be found in podcast form on iTunes and Stitcher.

The initial lineup of shows include:

  • Off The Air with Rich Herrera – Rich, a host on “MLB Network on SiriusXM” and 20+ year sports radio veteran, sits down every week with a different personality from the sports broadcasting world to share the stories of what goes on behind the game, behind the broadcast, and behind the men who call the action.
  • The Fabulous Sports Babe – The first nationally syndicated woman in sports radio history, the Fabulous One brings her wild and zany antics to the digital world for the first time. She will chat with the most compelling people in the sports world and share her thoughts on what’s going on in the sports world.
  • Wrestling Soup – Hailed as one of the best pro wrestling shows on the net, Anthony “Missionary” Thomas and Joey Numbas bring their insanity to the RadioInfluence family as only they can. Although dubbed a “wrestling show,” the guys do a show that just happens to talk about the world of pro wrestling. Wrestling Soup, nominated for “Best Sports Commentary” against the likes of CBS Sports and the NFL by Stitcher in 2012, is consistently ranked in the top 3 of all sports shows on Stitcher and has a cult following like no other.
  • The MMA Insiders & The MMA Report — Hosted by Jason Floyd and Sam Caplan provides the inside scoop on all things Mixed Martial Arts. Floyd owns and runs TheMMAReport.com while Caplan is the President of Combat Sports Media, one of the leading consulting firms in MMA. Caplan is also the former Vice President of Talent Relations for Bellator MMA.
  • Cage Cash — Nate Miller of TheMMAReport.com and Joey Garner hosts Cage Cash, the foremost authority on the MMA world from the gambling aspect of the sport.
  • The Sports Den – Hosted by Nick “Two Scoops” Russell, “Chef” Paul Dube, and “Handsome” Roy Herman offers a national take on the sports world and all things guy related.
  • On The Beach – Jeff Pantridge, Kathy Suzewits, and Monica bring a combined 40+ years of terrestrial radio experience with them as they talk about life from the eyes of a bunch of 30-somethings. Everything from online dating to movies to sports, nothing is off limits for these three.
  • Independent Roundtable & iPPV Recap: Jason Namako and Nicholas Gray of WrestleView.com provide all the news from the world of independent wrestling, including New Japan Pro Wrestling, Ring Of Honor, TNA, and more.

While the official schedule and lineup is still pending, three shows will be heard live on the RadioInfluence.com: The Sports Den (Wednesday nights at 9:30pm), Wrestling Soup (Thursday nights at 9:30pm), and The MMA Report (Thursday afternoons at 2pm).

For more information, contact Jerry Petuck at Petuck@radioinfluence.com.

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