The MMA Report Live is back and Tuesday’s episode included interviews with Bellator fighters Bubba Jenkins and Rich Hale, plus Adam Martin previews UFC on FUEL TV 10 and UFC 161. Also, the UFC 161 media conference call with Rashad Evans, Dan Henderson, Roy Nelson and Stipe Miocic.

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  1. Bern

    Every situation with Bellator is different, and that’s what some with an anti-Bellator agenda don’t want to accept. Anything that can be framed as a negative, and be thrown in the same category, will be.

    Bellator has signed some Zuffa performance rejects recently, but Rampage wasn’t an example of one. Zuffa still wanted him. And Riddle wasn’t released off performance. Bellator has always signed guys like that, i.e.: War Machine, King Mo, etc. However, they have signed performance rejects like Alessio, Davis, and Matyshenko lately. Those may signal a contradiction and alarming shift in philosophy, making the mistakes of past failure, but not all of them do that some are alleging.

    As far as Daley goes, Bellator is kind of invested in dealing with his shenanigans until they get the UK deal they desire. They have had questionable practices regarding contracts, but that’s not one of them. He’s gotten multiple fights recently and basically by originally giving him a signing bonus but him not being available to fight for them, Bellator is basically paying him to fight elsewhere.


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