Soul Luminous Radio – Danielle Fagan & Anthony Tilotta – July 30th, 2014

Hosts: Michelle Rober (@RoberLeap); John Masiulionis (@JohnMasiulionis)

In this week’s episode of Soul Luminous Radio, Michelle and John host a spiritual “Double-Header” with singer, song-writer, musician and producer, Anthony Tilotta celebrating his new release “Listen”, and with healer, intuitive and author Danielle Fagan, shining with her new book just released “Infinite Kingdom: Ignite the Night”. Anthony is the Soul-Universe’s “angel of music” who is also a “Sound Healer”, sharing with us the incredible healing effects of this meditation album including “Paradise”, “Balance” and “Surrender”. Danielle, like Anthony, is soulfully effervescent, within both her practice working one-on-one with people and with her new book in which she has channeled answers and guidance from God, an unexpected and amazing experience which she conveys in to our listeners in this interview.

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Monday Night RAW Recap ~ E. Byrnside (07/28/1985)

July 28, 2014

Houston, TX

John Cena makes his way to the ring. He says normally he would share in Houston’s enthusiasm, but last week Plan C was revealed and it was what he’d hoped would never happen. He’s a marked man. The Authority wants the titles back so bad that they hired a mercenary in Brock Lesnar to take them from him at Summerslam. He says last week Paul Heyman spoke eloquently. He talked about those that get tucked in at night, and those that don’t. He says, maybe, a lot of people just want to see Lesnar beat the hell out of him. Lesnar destroys who he wants, when he wants. Forty men can say they were champion. One beast has defeated The Streak. At Summerslam, he will get the beating of a lifetime. There is a beast in his windshield, and he knows he’s going to get his ass kicked. But he won’t lay down. He will fight. He’ll go to Summerslam to beat Brock Lesnar, just like in 2012. He says no one realizes what will happen if Lesnar wins the championship. He doesn’t know who can stop Brock Lesnar if he wins the titles.

Paul Heyman comes out. He says at Summerslam, Brock Lesnar is going to conquer John Cena and take the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Heyman tells Cena that it’s courageous of him, but he’s about to become a victim. He asks if Cena knows what it’s like to be a victim. He says Cena’s been defeated, but never been victimized. Heyman tells Cena to ask Undertaker what it’s like to be victimized, but you can’t ask him because no one has seen or heard from him since Wrestlemania. Cena’s on the defensive, but Brock Lesnar is on the offensive; he wants to conquer John Cena. He says that Cena loves being in the WWE and being the WWE World Heavyweight Champion. The only thing Brock Lesnar loves is inflicting pain on his victims.

Cena says passion is the one thing he and Heyman have in common. Every once in a while it starts and it becomes larger and larger. They chant, “E-C-W.” When those that fought with Heyman and had the passion he had chant, it brings a smile to Heyman’s cold, black heart. Cena says this is his passion. He loves this place and what it represents. He says the 300-pound gorilla Heyman totes around has no passion for any of it. Lesnar may beat the hell out of him, but he’ll have to beat every last breath out of his body because he’s going in to Summerslam champion, and he’s walking out.

Cesaro’s music hits, and he walks out. He shakes Heyman’s hand and takes the mic. He says that he and Heyman have decided to go separate ways, but he won’t allow Cena to talk to his friend that way. He says Cena is just a muscled-up billboard. He says you can’t wrestle in tennis shoes. But Cena just can’t wrestle.

Cesaro vs. John Cena

The bell rings, and they start things up with a Greco-Roman knuckle lock. Cesaro gains the advantage and kicks Cena’s arm. Cesaro with a quick go-behind and Cena snapmares him over. Cesaro charges, but Cena takes him over with a side headlock. Cesaro leapfrogs Cena, and Cena monkey flips Cesaro. Cena slaps on another side headlock. Cesaro makes it back to his feet and slaps on a headlock of his own and takes Cena over. Cena shoots Cesaro off. Cesaro catches Cena in mid-air and takes him down with a tilt-a-whirl powerslam. Cesaro unloads on Cena in the corner. Cesaro scoops up Cena, but Cena counters and hits a hurricanrana. Cesaro regains control and double stomps Cena out on the apron. They trade right hands on the apron, and Cesaro shoulder tackles Cena through the ropes and Cena flies out to the floor. Cena dives back in before the 10-count and clotheslines Cesaro. Cena starts to rally and tries a running bulldog, but Cesaro throws him off and we’re headed for commercial.

Back from break, and Cena ducks a clothesline and connects with the flying shoulder tackles. Cena tries the spinning side slam, but Cesaro counters into a DDT for 2. Cesaro sets up for the Big Swing, but Cena counters into a sunset flip for 2. Cena hits a powerbomb for 2. Cena starts to climb the ropes, and Cesaro dives onto the top rope, tripping up Cena. Cesaro kicks Cena in the head and suplexes him from the apron, over the top rope and into the ring for 2. Cesaro charges at Cena in the corner, but Cena gets a boot up. Cena charges out of the corner, but Cesaro gets him into the Big Swing. Cesaro applies a version of the Clover Leaf. Cena overpowers Cesaro and tries an STF. Cesaro kicks out. Cena hits Cesaro with the spinning side slam and the 5-Knuckle Shuffle. Cesaro walks into an AA, but Cesaro grabs the ropes. Cena starts to climb the turnbuckle with Cesaro on his back. Cesaro fends off Cena and dives off the top with a cross body. Cena catches him and rolls through, lifting Cesaro for an AA. Cesaro lands on his feet. Cena charges Cesaro. Cesaro tosses Cena into the air and uppercuts him on the way down.

Cesaro sets up for the Neutralizer, but Cena counters with a backdrop. Cesaro lands on his feet on the other side and hits Cena with a running big boot. Cena bounces off the ropes and hits Cesaro with a big boot. Cesaro rolls to the apron. Cena charges again, and Cesaro kicks him through the ropes. Cesaro heads to the top again, and Cena is right behind him. Cena hits a Super AA for the win.

WINNER: John Cena

Backstage, Stephanie McMahon is talking with Triple H. She says she’s been keeping up appearances all week. She can’t go back to her daughters’ eyes, and the disappoint she saw they had for her daughter. She tells Triple H this better work. Randy Orton walks in. He says the original plan was for him to face Cena at Summerslam. Roman Reigns attacked him from behind and all of the sudden Lesnar is facing Cena at Summerslam. Triple H says as long as Roman Reigns is around, Orton will never have a chance to be in a championship match. He says if Orton takes out Reigns, he can have his match. Orton says he wants to do it tonight, but Triple H says Reigns is taking on Kane tonight. Orton says it looks like he now has a problem with Kane, Roman Reigns… and Triple H.

Paige comes out. She wants to set the record straight. She’s young so sometimes her emotions get the better of her. She still considers AJ her best friend. What she did last week was deplorable. She didn’t think of her as her friend, but someone that took her title. She promises to never act that way again.

AJ’s music plays, and she skips out to the ring. She calls Paige a Casper-looking crumpet. Paige tries to explain, but AJ cuts her off. She says she knows exactly what it’s like to have a title taken away from you in an instant. She says it’s fine if Paige wants to imitate her, that’s fine. But if she really wants to do it, she needs to do it. If she’s going to talk crap about someone, it’s to her face, like a real woman. Paige swears she is AJ’s friend, and if she doesn’t believe her, then she’s crazy… AJ takes offense to being called crazy. Paige says she didn’t mean it how it sounded. AJ tackles Paige and unloads on her before tossing her out of the ring. AJ rams her into the barricade on the floor. She tries to throw her into the steps, but Paige hops over and yells at AJ to calm down. Paige backs off up the ramp as AJ climbs back into the ring.

The Authority makes their way to the ring. The crowd starts chanting, “Jailbird.” Triple H says we’ve all shared a lot of moments over the years. But he’s never been more disappointed in the fans as he was last Monday. He’s disgusted and angry. They laughed at his wife when she was arrested last week. Stephanie’s getting upset. Triple H says he’ll never forgive us for laughing at singing as his wife was carried away like a common criminal. He says the whole world knows Brie Bella antagonized Stephanie. Stephanie was defending herself. He says Brie Bella was asking for it. He also says the charges were dropped with the exception of the assault and battery charge Brie has against Stephanie. They’ve invited Brie in an effort to put the whole thing behind them. Triple H tries to console Stephanie. Stephanie asks Brie to come out so they can get this over with.

Chris Jericho comes out! Triple H says they’re in the middle of something. Jericho apologizes for interrupting. He says he feels so bad about what happened to Stephanie last week. So he decided to come out and show his sympathies with a song and starts to sing the theme song from Cops. He says this is 2014. Orange is the new black, and it’s all right to be a jailbird. These are the moments why the WWE Network was created, so we can watch Stephanie get arrested over and over again. He says he has to give Triple H credit because he stood by Stephanie. But Chris wants to know why Triple H didn’t leave the arena with her when she was arrested. Jericho says he has the answer. And it’s because Triple H is starting to realize the same thing he’s known for over ten years, and that is that Stephanie is nothing more than a filthy, dirty, brutal, bottom-feeding, trash bag…. Triple H tells Jericho to shut up. He should focus more on Bray Wyatt. But that’s the real reason why Jericho is out here. He wants Wyatt in the ring tonight. Triple H says Jericho has to wait until Summerslam. But tonight…

Seth Rollins attacks Jericho from behind. Triple H says tonight, Jericho has to face Rollins.

The Miz & Rybaxel vs. Dolph Ziggler & The Usos

Ziggler and Miz start this off. Ziggler goes after Miz before he can even take his sunglasses off. Miz makes a tag to Ryback who takes down Ziggler. Ryback splashes Ziggler and tags in Curtis Axel. Axel nails Ziggler with a dropkick and slaps on a chinlock. Axel dives at Ziggler in the corner, but Ziggler moves out of the way. Ziggler makes a tag to one of the Usos. Uso takes it to Axel and kicks his legs out from under him before hitting the Rikishi splash in the corner. Axel rolls to the floor, and Uso hits him with a baseball slide. Ryback tries to get to Axel’s aid, and the other Uso comes off the top onto Ryback. Miz comes over, and Ziggler chases him off as we head to commercial.

Back from break, and Ryback tags in. Kofi Kingston and Big E have joined the action on the outside with Xavier Woods. Miz tags in and applies a clutch to Uso. Uso rallies to his feet, but Miz puts him back down. Miz hits Ziggler, who comes in. Axel and Miz utilize the double team while the ref’s back is turned. Axel continues to take it to Uso and tags Miz back in. Uso tries to rally, but Miz hits him with a backbreaker. Uso counters a neckbreaker, but Miz fires back with a kick to the gut. Uso tries to make a tag, but Miz holds him back. Uso kicks Miz off and makes a tag to Ziggler. Ryback gets a tag on the other side and Ziggler’s hitting everybody. Ziggler hits a neckbreaker on Ryback and drops the heart-stopping elbow. Ryback ducks a Fame-Asser. Ryback catches Ziggler in mid-air. Ziggler rolls through. Ziggler tries a Zig-Zag, but Ryback counters. Ziggler hits a big DDT for a near-fall.

Uso chases Miz off. Axel chases off one of the Usos. The other Uso clotheslines Axel out to the floor. The Usos start flying. Miz hops up and hangs one of the Usos off the top rope. Ziggler turns around and Ryback lifts him up for a powerbomb. Ziggler slips out the back door and hits the Zig-Zag for the 3-count.

WINNERS: Dolph Ziggler & The Usos

R-Truth vs. Bo Dallas

Before the match, Bo says that everyone knows Truth can’t be undefeated… Actually, he’s lost a lot of matches in his career. He knows one day Truth will be victorious. All he has to do is BOLieve!

The bell rings, and Dallas gains a quick advantage with a pair of shoulder tackles. Bo drops out to the floor for a victory lap. Dallas makes his way back inside, and Truth rolls him up for the pinfall.


Bo grabs the microphone. He says he can’t BOlieve Truth was the first to beat him, but it’s OK. He nails Truth with the microphone and starts attacking him in the corner. Bo drags Truth over to the apron. He puts the ring skirt over his head and continues to assault Truth. Bo hits Truth with a double-arm DDT back inside the ring. He takes his victory lap around the ring and leaves.

Lana and Rusev come out for a promo. Lana talks about how our country and our president are weak, until Zeb Colter and Jack Swagger cut them off. Zeb says our flag represents the United States. It represents a family sitting around the table on Thanksgiving; sharing their thanks they’ve survived another year. It represents the Americans surrounding a TV, watching a football game. It represents pick-up trucks, pretty girls and beer. It represents the brave men and women who’ve died to protect that flag and preserve our freedom. Swagger charges the ring and starts attacking Rusev on the outside. Rusev starts slamming Swagger into the barricade and rolls him into the ring. Rusev tries to put Swagger in the Accolade, but Swagger rolls him up into the Patriot Lock. Rusev manages to kick Swagger off. Swagger kicks him out to the apron and clotheslines him to the floor, and Rusev retreats.

Damien Sandow comes out dressed as an astronaut. He mocks the Houston crowd, and Adam Roses comes down. Rose calls Sandow a sour spaceman. Don’t be a lemon, be a rosebud. Sandow says no one can hear you scream in space, let’s see if it’s true on Earth, and he attacks Rose.

Adam Rose vs. Damien Sandow

The bell rings, and Rose quickly hits the Party Foul for the win.

WINNER: Adam Rose

Roman Reigns vs. Kane

Reigns makes his way down through the crowd, and Randy Orton attacks him. They battle through the crowd, and Reigns tosses Orton over the barricade. Kane tries to get involved, but Reigns takes him down. Kane pops back up as Reigns continues to attack Orton. Back in the ring, and Reigns hits Kane with a Samoan Drop. Orton climbs into the ring and attacks Reigns from behind, but Reigns hits him with a Superman Punch. Kane gets to his feet again and chokeslams Reigns. Kane leaves, and Orton kicks Reigns in the face. Randy unloads on Reigns, screaming at him about stealing from him. Orton pulls Reigns out to the floor and throws him into the steps repeatedly. Orton tosses Reigns over the barricade and DDTs him off the barricade. Orton bounces Reigns’s head off the ring step. Orton drags reigns to the announce table and RKOs him on it, and it doesn’t break! Orton pulls Reigns up one more time and finally RKOs him through the table.

Fandango vs. Diego w/ El Torrito, Summer Rae & Layla

Fandango hits a backdrop and a knee drop. Summer Rae and Layla take a chance to distract to Fandango, but he comes back with a dropkick and a suplex. Fandango heads to the top, but El Torrito hops up on the other side. Fandango hops down, and Diego hits a springboard sunset flip for the quick pin.

WINNER: Diego w/ El Torrito, Summer Rae & Layla

After the match, Torrito gores Fandango with a low blow, and the girls take turns giving him kisses.

Backstage, Stephanie McMahon knocks on the Divas locker room door. She asks Nikki Bella if her sister will be there, and Nikki says Brie will be there soon. She says Brie will have plenty to say, and Stephanie tries to apologize, but Nikki says Stephanie doesn’t have to eat crap a lot, but she hopes she likes the taste of it.

Natalya & Naomi vs. Alicia Fox & Cameron

Natalya reverses a whip and kicks Alicia in the back. Naomi hits an atomic drop and tries to hit Cameron on the apron. Alicia whips her Naomi, but Naomi hops over the top rope and kicks Alicia in the face through the ropes. Naomi dives over the apron onto Cameron and unloads. Alicia pulls her off and throws her in the ring. Alicia hits a scissor kick for 2. Cameron wants the tag and gets it. She pulls Naomi’s hair to snapmare her over a couple times. Cameron slams Naomi in the corner. Naomi reverses the mounted punch by Cameron into a headscissor submission, and Cameron has no choice but to tap out.

WINNERS: Naomi & Natalya

Chris Jericho vs. Seth Rollins

They tie up and Jericho knees Rollins repeatedly in the face. Rollins backs into the corner and Jericho chops him. Rollins hooks the ropes on a whip and rolls to the floor. Jericho gives chase and rams Rollins into the barricade. Rollins chops him back, but Jericho rolls him back inside. Rollins kicks Jericho in the face on the way in, knocking him back to the floor. Rollins tries to dive through the ropes, but Jericho catches him in the face. Jericho suplexes Rollins. Rollins gets a kick to the gut of Jericho and kicks him in the corner. Rollins sends Jericho to the opposite corner, but Jericho manages an enzuiguiri and a 2-count. Jericho chokes Rollins in the ropes. Jericho comes off the ropes, but Rollins throws a dropkick, taking Jericho down. Jericho dumps Rollins onto the apron and hits a springboard tackle, and we’re off to another commercial.

Back from commercial, and Rollins has Jericho in a modified Cobra Clutch. Jericho tries to make it to his feet and does, but Rollins slams him. Rollins hits a tackle in the corner. Rollins bites Jericho. Rollins tries another diving tackle into the corner. Jericho moves out of the way and hits Rollins with a pair of shoulder tackles. Jericho heads to the top for an axe handle. Rollins avoids the running bulldog, hits a spinning neckbreaker, and both guys are down. Rollins taunts Jericho, but Jericho hits him with a series of chops. Jericho charges Rollins, and Rollins catches him with an STO into the second turnbuckle. Rollins heads to the top as Jericho makes it to his feet. Jericho trips up Rollins, and Rollins blocks a superplex from Jericho. Rollins tries a high-risk move from the top, but Jericho back drops him into the ring and hits a cross body for a near-fall.

Jericho catches Rollins with an elbow, turning him inside out. Rollins avoids a Lion Sault and powerbombs Jericho into the corner. Jericho avoids the Curb Stomp and rolls up Rollins. Rollins kicks out. Jericho tries a Walls of Jericho, but Rollins makes it to the ropes and Jericho flips him up onto his feet, allowing Rollins to hit an enzuiguiri. Rollins tries a springboard, but Jericho catches him with a Code Breaker on the way down. The lights flicker and come back, and the Wyatts are in the ring. Harper and Rowan attack Jericho. They beat Jericho down, and Wyatt scoops up Jericho and takes him out with a Sister Abigail.

WINNER: No Contest

Stephanie comes out to confront Brie Bella. She says she’s humbled after last week. She’s the principle owner of WWE, representing four generations of McMahons. She represents their business partners and share holders. They can’t look at her in the eye without thinking she’s nothing more than a common criminal. She’s been affected professionally and personally. Her daughters can’t understand why their mother was arrested and taken to jail. They are scarred for life.

Brie comes out through the crowd, escorted by security. She says she’s heard enough. She wants to get to the point. Or is Stephanie going to stand there like a whining, spoiled, rich bitch. Stephanie wants her to drop the charges. She says no one deserves this. Brie says Stephanie deserves to go to hell. Stephanie admits she took advantage of Nikki. She says she won’t do it anymore. Brie says Stephanie is being insulting. Stephanie suggests a raise for Nikki. Brie says, OK, but she has some more demands. She wants her job back. Stephanie says one Bella is enough for the WWE. Brie says she’ll see her in court and starts to walk away. Stephanie stops her, and says if she gives her her job back, she’ll drop the charges. Brie says OK. But there’s one more thing. She wants a match at Summerslam. Stephanie gets excited and offers her a Diva’s title match or a Total Diva’s Spectacular. But Brie wants a match with Stephanie. Stephanie says it’s been over ten years since she competed in the ring. She’s a dedicated businesswoman, wife and mom. Brie says she won’t drop the charges unless she gets to face Stephanie at Summerslam. Stephanie starts to break down in the ring. She says she can’t lower herself to get into the ring. Stephanie starts crying and agrees to the match if Brie will drop the charges. Brie says OK, but Stephanie says she has one more thing Brie needs to understand… At Summerslam… She slaps Brie across the face, knocking her off the apron. She says at Summerslam, she’ s going to make Brie her bitch. Brie dives back into the ring and they start fighting! They have to be pulled apart by agents and Triple H.

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iPPV Recap – New Japan’s G-1 Climax 2014 Days 3 & 4

Hosts: Jason Namako (@Jason_Namako), Greg McNeish (@GregMcNeishWV)
Email the show:

Jason and Greg review days three & four of the 2014 New Japan G-1 Climax from July 25 and July 26, 2014 in Yamagata and Akita, Japan, featuring the following matches:

Day 3
* A BLOCK: Tomoaki Honma vs. Doc Gallows
* B BLOCK: Lance Archer vs. Karl Anderson
* B BLOCK: Hiroyoshi Tenzan vs. Yujiro Takahashi
* A BLOCK: Tomohiro Ishii vs. Shelton “X” Benjamin
* B BLOCK: Tetsuya Naito vs. Toru Yano
* A BLOCK: Katsuyori Shibata vs. Davey Boy Smith Jr.
* A BLOCK: Yuji Nagata vs. Bad Luck Fale
* B BLOCK: Hirooki Goto vs. Minoru Suzuki
* A BLOCK: Hiroshi Tanahashi vs. Satoshi Kojima
* B BLOCK: Togi Makabe vs. Kazuchika Okada

Day 4
* A BLOCK: Satoshi Kojima vs. Bad Luck Fale
* A BLOCK: Shelton “X” Benjamin vs. Davey Boy Smith Jr.
* B BLOCK: Hiroyoshi Tenzan vs. Minoru Suzuki
* B BLOCK: Hirooki Goto vs. Toru Tano
* A BLOCK: Tomohiro Ishii vs. Tomoaki Honma
* B BLOCK: Togi Makabe vs. Lance Archer
* A BLOCK: Yuji Nagata vs. Shinsuke Nakamura
* B BLOCK: AJ Styles vs. Tetsuya Naito
* B BLOCK: Kazuchika Okada vs. Karl Anderson
* A BLOCK: Hiroshi Tanahashi vs. Katsuyori Shibata


iPPV Recap – New Japan’s G-1 Climax 2014 Days 1 & 2

Hosts: Jason Namako (@Jason_Namako), Greg McNeish (@GregMcNeishWV)
Email the show:

Jason and Greg review the first two days of the 2014 New Japan G-1 Climax from July 21 and July 23, 2014 in Sapporo and Aomori, Japan, featuring the following matches:

Day 1
* A BLOCK: Tomohiro Ishii vs. Bad Luck Fale
* A BLOCK: Shelton “X” Benjamin vs. Doc Gallows
* B BLOCK: Hiroyoshi Tenzan vs. Karl Anderson
* A BLOCK: Satoshi Kojima vs. Yuji Nagata
* B BLOCK: Toru Yano vs. Minoru Suzuki
* B BLOCK: Tetsuya Naito vs. Yujiro Takahashi
* B BLOCK: Togi Makabe vs. Hirooki Goto
* A BLOCK: Hiroshi Tanahashi vs. Tomoaki Honma
* A BLOCK: Katsuyori Shibata vs. Shinsuke Nakamura
* B BLOCK: AJ Styles vs. Kazuchika Okada

Recap of Day 1 on

Day 2
* A BLOCK: Satoshi Kojima vs. Tomohiro Ishii
* A BLOCK: Shelton “X” Benjamin vs. Bad Luck Fale
* B BLOCK: Hirooki Goto vs. Yujiro Takahashi
* B BLOCK: Tetsuya Naito vs. Lance Archer
* A BLOCK: Yuji Nagata vs. Tomoaki Honma
* A BLOCK: Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Davey Boy Smith Jr.
* B BLOCK: Toru Yano vs. AJ Styles
* B BLOCK: Kazuchika Okada vs. Hiroyoshi Tenzan
* B BLOCK: Togi Makabe vs. Karl Anderson
* A BLOCK: Hiroshi Tanahashi vs. Doc Gallows

Recap of Day 2 on


The MMA Report Post Fight Show: UFC on FOX 12 and Bellator 122 Edition

UFC on FOX 12 took place on Saturday in San Jose, California and was headlined by Robbie Lawler defeated Matt Brown by unanimous decision. writers Jason Floyd and Daniel Galvan recap the fight card, along with recapping Bellator 122.

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UFC on FOX 12 Recap: Robbie Lawler secures rematch with Johny Hendricks; Anthony Johnson makes a statement

UFC on FOX 12 took place on Saturday from the SAP Center in San Jose, California and Robbie Lawler defeated Matt Brown by unanimous decision in a five round striking battle.

As advertised, the fight started with the fighters swinging away and Lawler was landing the more significant strikes in the opening minute. At the ninety second mark of the round, Brown would land a right hand that stunned Lawler, but he would be able to recover. Brown would end up scoring a takedown and looked for a d’arce choke. Lawler would defend the submission and get back to his feet.

They would clinch against the fence and Brown would land a few elbows. Lawler would come back with his own elbow and landed a flurry of punches. Brown would be able to get away and the fight would move into the second round. In the second round, they started with a fast pace, just like the first round and Brown looked very patient with his strikes. Brown would take the fight to the ground at the two minute mark, but Lawler would be able to get back to his feet. The remainder of the round would be on the feet with Brown landing the more significant strikes.

Brown looked to take the fight to the ground and Lawler would make him pay for looking for the takedown. He landed several strikes that would open up a cut and Lawler broke away. At this point, Lawler began to attack the body of Brown and this would set up other strikes for him. Lawler would end up landing a kick to the body that at first, appeared to be low. Referee John McCarthy would pause the fight but the replay showed that it was a legal strike. The fight would be restarted and they would battle on the feet until the end of the round.

At the start of the fourth, Lawler was able to get the fight to the ground. He would work his top game and Brown attempted to wall walk to get back to his feet. It appeared he was up, but Lawler would slam him back to the ground. However, Lawler would not keep it there as Brown got to his feet. The fight would move into the fifth round and they slugged it out at the start of the round. Brown would began to pour it on and after landing a right hand, Brown shook his hand. Lawler would end up landing his own flurry of punches and both guys would throw a spinning back fist that would miss.

The would battle until the final bell and Lawler (24-10, 1NC) would win by unanimous decision. He wil now get his rematch against current welterweight champion Johny Hendricks once the champion recovers from his injury.

Johnson makes statement with vicious knockout
The co-main event was a light heavyweight bout as Anthony Johnson made a huge statement as he scored a brutal knockout of Antonio Rogerio Nogueira at the 44 second mark of the first round.

Johnson would be able to take control of the octagon and would land a series of punches against the fence. He would land a right uppercut that rocked Nogueira and would throw a couple of more punches before the referee came in to stop the fight.

Johnson (18-4) now has twelve career wins by knockout and this is his eighth straight win. The defeat snaps a two fight winning streak for Nogueira (21-6) and this is his second career knockout defeat.

Bermudez submits Guida to extend winning streak to seven
Ultimate Fighter alum Dennis Bermudez continued his winning streak on Saturday night as he defeated Clay Guida by submission in the second round.

As expected, the fight started with a high pace and Guida would connect with a significant right hook. Bermudez would look for a takedown, but the attempt would be unsuccessful. With the fight remaining on the feet, Bermudez stalked down Guida and ended up getting the fight to the ground.

Guida would work back to his feet after taking several short shots, including a knee as he broke away. Once again, Bermudez would close the distance and was able to get on the back of Guida. He went for a rear-naked choke but would be unable to get the finish and the fight moved into the second round.

The second round would open up just like the first round with a high pace and Guida would land a solid combination in the opening twenty seconds. They would briefly grapple against the cage before they moved back to the center of the octagon.

Guida would land a series of punches that stunned Bermudez, but Bermudez would be able to close the distance and get the fight to the ground. He would immediately get on the back of Guida and would finish the fight with a rear-naked choke submission.

Bermudez (14-3) has now won seven in a row and now has the longest current winning streak in the UFC featherweight division and this is his third career win by submission.

Green upsets Thomson, wins eighth straight
The opening bout of the main card was a lightweight bout as Bobby Green scored an upset as he defeated Josh Thomson by split decision.

The fight opened with the fighters exchanging strikes and anytime Thomson landed a strike, Green would talk to him. At the three minute mark of the round, Green would accidtally poke Thomson in the eye and the fight was stopped for a moment.

Thomson would be able to continue and they would continue their striking match until the final bell of the round sounded. As the second round started, Thomson would be the aggressor and the fighters continued to talk to each other throughout the round.

Green would be able to take control of the octagon and they continued to exchange strikes. Thomson would rush in and score a takedown in the final minute of the round, but Green would be able to get back to his feet with twenty seconds left in the round.

The fight would move into the third round and Thomson just missed a spinning back fist in the first thirty seconds of the round. Green would attempt a flying knee, but Thomson would catch it. However, he would be unable to get the fight to the ground and they continued to strike with each other.

After each fighter landed significant strikes, Green would take the fight to the ground but he would give up the position after Thomson landed several short strikes. They would remain on the feet until the final bell and the judges would decide the winner.

Two of the three judges scored the fight for Green (23-5) and he has now won eight in a row. Thomson (20-7, 1NC) has now dropped back to back fights for the first time in his career.

The complete UFC on FOX 12 results are below.

Main Card: (Fox)
Robbie Lawler def. Matt Brown via unanimous decision (49-46, 49-36, 48-47)
Anthony Johnson def. Antonio Rogerio Nogueira via TKO (strikes) – Round 1, :44
Dennis Bermudez def. Clay Guida via submission (rear-naked choke) – Round 2, 2:57
Bobby Green def. Josh Thomson via split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)

Preliminary Card: (Fox)
Jorge Masvidal def. Daron Cruickshank via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-27)
Patrick Cummins def. Kyle Kingsbury via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-25, 30-24)
Tim Means def. Hernani Perpetuo via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)
Brian Ortega def. Mike De La Torre via submission (rear-naked choke) – Round 1, 1:39

Preliminary Card: (Fight Pass)
Tiago Trator def. Akbarh Arreola via unanimous decision (29-28, 30-27, 30-27)
Gilbert Burns def. Andreas Stahl via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)
Joanna Jedrzejczyk def. Juliana Lima via unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28, 30-27)
Noad Lahat def. Steven Siler via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)


Bellator 122 Recap: Andrey Koreshkov and Brandon Halsey secure title shots

Bellator 122 took place on Friday night at the Pechanga Resort and Casino in Temecula, California and was headlined by Andrey Koreshkov winning the season ten welterweight tournament with a decision victory over Adam McDonough.

As the fight opened, Koreshkov was able to take control of the cage and McDonough ended up shooting for a takedown. The attempt would be unsuccessful and they would continue to strikes with each other.

Koreshkov would continue to be the aggressor in the opening round as he landed 21 strikes, compared to the 10 of McDonough. The fight would move into the second round and McDonough would open up the round with a failed takedown attempt.

Koreshkov maintained control of the cage and landed a spinning back kick that put McDonough on the mat. He would survive the strike and get the fight back to the center of the cage. Koreshkov would land a series of punches in the final minute of the round and the fight moved into the final round.

The striking battle would continue for the first ninety seconds of the round before McDonough went for a takedown. Once again, the takedown would be unsuccessful and Koreshkov briefly looked for a guillotine on the ground. They would return to the feet and once again, McDonough looked for a takedown. Koreshkov would stop the attempt and he would end up in top position on the ground. After a lack of action, referee John McCarthy would stand the fighter up with thirty seconds left and the judges would decide the winner.

All three judges would score the fight for Koreshkov (17-1) and he joins Paticio Pitbull, Douglas Lima, Alexander Shlemenko, and Alexander Volkov has two-time tournament winners in same weight class.

Halsey remains undefeated, wins middleweight tournament
The co-main event of the fight card was the final of the season ten middleweight tournament as Brandon Halsey submitted Brett Cooper in the first round by armbar.

It would only take thirty seconds for Halsey to get the fight to the ground and he would end up going for an armbar submission. Cooper would be able to defend it at first, but Halsey continued to work for it and Cooper would end up tapping out to the submission.

Halsey (7-0) now secures his title shot against current Bellator champion Alexander Shlemenko and this is his third career win by submission.

McGeary with another first round victory
Just like his previous four Bellator fights, Liam McGeary scored a first round victory as he defeated Egidijus Valavicius by TKO in the first round.

Early in the fight, Valavicius landed a significant right hand and McGeary immediately looked to clinch. They would end up separating and McGeary began to tae the fight over. He would land multiple strikes near the fence and after several unanswered strikes, the referee came in to stop the fight.

McGeary (8-0) is now tied with Attila Vegh for the second most wins in Bellator light heavyweight division and now owns the record for the most TKO/KO wins in the division.

Parisyan wins second straight fight by knockout
The opening fight of the main card was a welterweight bout as Karo Parisyan scored his second straight victory by knockout as he defeated Phil Baroni in the first round.

The entire fight would be on the feet and Parisyan would land a right hand that would drop Baroni to one knee and he would begin to land punches on the ground. After a series of punches, referee John McCarthy saw enough and called the fight.

Parisyan (24-10, 1NC) has now won four of his last five fights and has won back to back fights in Bellator. Baroni (15-18) drops his third straight fight and has been defeated in five of his last six fights.

Anundson advances to the finals after Lins suffers knee injury
The first light heavyweight tournament semifinal bout took place on the preliminary card as Kelly Anundson advanced to the final after Philipe Lins suffered a left knee injury.

Anundson was able to get the fight to the ground early, but Lins would be able to work back to his feet. During a striking exchange, Lins would attempt to throw a power right hand and his left knee gave out on him.

Referee John McCarthy witnessed the injury immediately and came in to stop the fight at the 1:40 mark of the opening round. Anundson (9-2) has now won six fights in a row and he will face McGeary in the tournament final.

The complete Bellator 122 results are below.

Main Card: (Spike TV)
Andrey Koreshkov def. Adam McDonough via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)
Brandon Halsey def. Brett Cooper via submission (armbar) – Round 1, 2:09
Liam McGeary def. Egidijus Valavicius via TKO (strikes) – Round 1, 2:10
Karo Parisyan def. Phil Baroni via TKO (strikes) – Round 1, 2:06

Preliminary Card: (
Linton Vassell def. Virgil Zwicker by submission (rear naked choke) – Round 1, 1:07
Augusto Sakai def. Matt Frembling via TKO (strikes) – Round 3, 3:32
Bubba Jenkins def. Poppies Martinez via TKO (strikes) – Round 1, 4:10
Kelly Anundson def. Philipe Lins via TKO (injury) – Round 1, 1:40
Fernando Gonzalez def. Karl Amoussou via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)
Saad Awad def. Joe Duarte via TKO (strikes) – Round 1, 1:18
Sergio Rios def. Stephen Martinez via KO (strikes) – Round 2, :20


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