The Last Round – Episode 45

Welcome to The Last Round, a weekly episodic podcast where we talk college football, college football and more college football.

This week if you guessed it, yep, we talk college football. This is the big week where college resumes and our love for this sport starts anew and the final four is in its first year. We go through the top 5 conferences and preview the top 2 or so teams for each division in each conference. ACC, Big 10, Big 12, Pac 12 and SEC. We got it all covered on this week’s show. We give our early predictions for each conference and who we think will be in this year’s final four of college football.

After college football we dive into fantasy football and give our last week’s preview of our top 5 defenses/kickers.

Josh Gordon is officially suspended for a year, Sam Bradford has no ACL and Wes Welker has brain damage. These are a few of our favorite things.

And with Kevin Love officially joining the Cavs, how good can they be this year?

Next week we’ll try and have Macho Men Radio on our show and preview NFL.


Soul Luminous Radio – Danielle Paige – August 27th, 2014

Hosts: Michelle Rober (@RoberLeap); John Masiulionis (@JohnMasiulionis)

In this week’s episode of Soul Luminous Radio, the galaxy delivers one of its most beautiful stars, Danielle Paige, into the Soul Luminous studios with Michelle and John to share both her personal journey and her specialized work as a healer combining astrology and intuitive readings. Danielle combines her passion and her gifts to deliver a profound place from which anyone can begin to transform their lives. “What makes me unique is my ability to integrate my logic with my intuition. This dance between the physical and the spiritual realms enables me to blend my trained astrological background with my innate intuitive abilities to help you understand what is happening on an energetic level so that you can live a happier, more fulfilling life. Danielle imparts that we are energetic beings in constant flux and that it is important for us to learn how to flow with the divine order of the universe and to flow with rather than against your unique energy. Danielle inspires our message of the week, “Reach For The Stars”, and our word of the week, “Discover”. Aim high, look beyond your current reality and reach for the stars, knowing that you have a very special and powerful life to live. This alone will prompt you to open your eyes to simply discover the possibilities existing within your unique birth energy, that Danielle says will be your launch pad into an incredible and soul-fulfilled life!

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Monday Night RAW Recap ~ E. Byrnside (08/25/14)

August 25, 2014

Anaheim, CA

WWE Hall of Fame Panel Hosted by Michael Cole featuring Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair and Shawn Michaels. They’re here to discuss John Cena invoking his rematch clause for Night of Champions. Cole asks HBK what Cena’s chances are to regain the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Shawn says Cena’s aren’t good because it ain’t happening. He says every man comes to a crossroads in his career, and he thinks Cena is at that crossroads and it’s time to say when. Hogan chimes in and says Cena’s time isn’t up; he can still go. Cole says earlier Flair agreed with Michaels. Flair says he thinks the world of Cena; he’s the franchise and a 15-time world champion, like it or not. But he doesn’t want him going against Lesnar at Night of Champions. Hogan says he’s gotten to know Cena on a personal level. Hustle, loyalty and respect isn’t just a marketing scheme. Flair says he likes Cena. Shawn says it isn’t a personality contest, but Cena can’t win. Shawn says no one takes the beating Cena took last week and comes back the same win. Hogan says this is the rubber match and Cena will find a way to win. Shawn says that’s unbelievable.

John Cena’s music hits. Cena says everybody’s weighing in on him after Summerslam. He has the utmost respect for every man sitting at the table. He says he’s sick of the talk about what he should do. He’s here to tell everyone what’s going on with him. He’s not going to dance around 16 German suplexes. Summerslam was an ass whooping. He agrees with Shawn: a fight like that changes a man. He said when the doctor asked him what he was going to do, the answer was simple: he wants to fight Lesnar again. He says he doesn’t plan on getting beat down like that again. This rematch will be the biggest rematch of his life. He’s not going to Night of Champions to beat Brock Lesnar. He’s going to Night of Champions to beat Brock Lesnar’s ass.

Rusev w/ Lana vs. Jack Swagger

They start off trading offense. Rusev gains an advantage and backs Swagger into the ropes. Swagger starts a comeback and sends Rusev out to the floor. Swagger attacks Rusev on the way back inside. Swagger does a double-leg take down and tries for the Patriot Lock, but Rusev makes it to the ropes and rolls outside. Swagger takes down Rusev by the waist, and Rusev rolls to the floor again. Swagger goes out after him this time and bounces Rusev’s head on the announce table and again off the apron. Back inside, and Swagger tackles Rusev in the corner. Rusev shoves Swagger. Swagger charges, and Rusev drops him on the top rope. Swagger gets hung up in the ropes, and Rusev tackles him, sending him to the outside and us to commercial.

Back from break, and Rusev has things in hand with a bear hug. Swagger stomps Rusev’s foot and takes him over with a side headlock. Rusev comes off the ropes with a spinning heel kick. Rusev takes a couple minutes to taunt the crowd, allowing time for Swagger to get to his feet and take Rusev down with a belly-to-belly. Swagger starts to rally and takes down Rusev with a big boot. Swagger heads for the corner and tries a Swagger Bomb. Rusev gets a foot up, but Swagger locks in the Patriot Lock! Swagger pulls Rusev to the center of the ring. Rusev finally crawls underneath the bottom rope to break the hold. Rusev falls to the floor. Swagger goes out after him as the crowd starts to chant, “U-S-A!”

Rusev rams Swagger into the apron out of desperation. Lana calls for the crush, and Rusev tries for the Accolade. Swagger rolls up Rusev into another Patriot Lock. Rusev tries to counter. Swagger rolls up Rusev in a jackknife for a near-fall. Rusev hits Swagger with a thrust kick to the ribs. Rusev kicks Swagger’s ribs in the corner. Swagger shouts in Rusev’s face, but Rusev continues to assault Swagger in the corner, working the injured ribs. The crowd tries to rally Swagger. Rusev continues to kick and stomp on Swagger’s ribs. Rusev pulls Swagger up to his feet and kicks him hard in the ribs again. Swagger falls to the mat. Rusev continues stomping Swagger, and the referee decides to stop the match.

WINNER: Rusev w/ Lana via Referee Stoppage

Backstage, the doctors are checking on Swagger when Bo Dallas walks in. He says Swagger let his country down… again. When will Swagger realize that all he needs to do to succeed is BO-Lieve!

No. 1 Contender’s Match for the United States Championship:

Rob Van Dam vs. Cesaro

Sheamus is at ringside for commentary. The bell sounds, and Van Dam tries to kick Cesaro in the face. Cesaro avoids the contact and throws a quick jab into Van Dam’s face. Cesaro kicks Van Dam in the gut and throws a few more right hands into his face. Cesaro hits an uppercut and takes a second to wave at Sheamus. Cesaro ducks his head as Van Dam comes off the ropes. Van Dam floats over and kicks Cesaro in the face setting up the Rolling Thunder, which connects for 2. Cesaro blocks a kick from RVD and knees RVD in the mid-section several times. Cesaro double stomps the neck of Van Dam and slingshots him into the bottom rope. Cesaro charges the corner, and Van Dam ducks out of the way and gets a boot up in Cesaro’s face. Van Dam hits a split-legged moonsault. Cesaro tries a powerslam, but Van Dam slips out and kicks Cesaro in the face. RVD hops up to the top for a 5-Star Frog Splash, but Cesaro rolls out to the floor. Cesaro hangs RVD off the top rope and rolls back inside for the Neutralizer and the win.

After the match, Cesaro takes Sheamus’s United States title. Sheamus calls for it back, and Cesaro throws it into Sheamus’s face.

WINNER: Cesaro

Natalya vs. Paige

Natalya tries a quick rollup, shades of last week, but Paige kicks out. Paige nails Natalya with a forearm to take her off her feet. Paige climbs on top of Natalya and head butts her several times. Paige slaps on an abdominal stretch until Nattie finally reverses it. Paige escapes and takes down Natalya with a snapmare before kicking her in the face. Paige comes off the ropes, and Natalya takes her down with a forearm of her own. Natalya throws Paige with a German suplex before slapping on the Sharpshooter. Paige finally makes it to the apron to break the hold. Paige gets back to her feet and tries a Sharpshooter of her own, but Nattie counters and tries another. Paige counters and hits the Paige Turner for the win.

AJ Lee makes her way out as Paige tries to celebrate. She skips down to the ring. Paige slides inside to avoid AJ, but turns around into a big clothesline from Natalya. Natalya leaves and AJ gets into the ring. She helps Paige up to her feet and tells her she knows she was being sincere when Paige said they were frien-emies, but not as sincere as she is. She puts the mic down and gives Paige a hug. AJ extends her hand and has to grab Paige’s to give it a kiss.


Kane makes his way to the ring for the eulogy of Dean Ambrose. He says tonight is not a mourning for the departed; it’s a celebration for the future of Mr. Money in the Bank, Seth Rollins. Rollins comes out and says he was the leader of the most dominant group in the history of WWE, The Shield. There is a reason why he handpicked Dean Ambrose to be a member. Pain and fear were never factors for Dean Ambrose because he was a courageous fighter. But last week, he had to prove at Ambrose’s expense that The Authority always wins. He shows the clips of Ambrose getting chokeslammed and Curb Stomped on the table and then on the cinder blocks last week on RAW. Rollins starts laughing. He asks if anyone can imagine the sound of Ambrose’s head being pulverized by the cinder blocks. He asks if it donned on Ambrose if he had been outmatched, not only physically, but mentally as well. He says the cinder blocks weren’t out there on accident. The headache Ambrose will have for the rest of his life was no accident either. It saddens him that the casualty of Ambrose’s career can be summed up by two simple words: What if? What if Ambrose had known his place? What if Ambrose had recognized Rollins’s superiority? What if Ambrose had simply walked away when he had the opportunity? The real tragedy is we may never know the answer to those what ifs. As far as he’s concerned, we will never see Dean Ambrose again. He is the one who created The Shield and he is the one who has destroyed it.

Roman Reigns makes his way through the crowd. Kane goes out to meet Reigns outside, and they start brawling. Reigns sends Kane into the ring steps and turns to face Rollins in the ring. Rollins tries to attack, but Reigns quickly overpowers him and throws him into the podium. Reigns picks up the podium and rams it into Rollins’ face. Reigns clotheslines Rollins and sets up for The Spear. Kane pulls Rollins through the ropes before Reigns can inflict any more damage.

Goldust is backstage. He says they have a golden opportunity tonight. Their destiny is calling out to them. Can you hear it? Stardust says tonight the stars align. This celestial event may never come again. Tonight they become tag team champions. There will be a cataclysmic eruption of the galaxy. But after tonight, they will never forget the name of Gold… and Stardust.

Tag Team Championship Match:

The Usos © vs. Goldust and Stardust

Stardust and Jimmy Uso start this. Stardust tries a quick rollup, but Uso is quick to kick out. The Usos make a series of quick tags, utilizing the 5-count for double teams. Stardust gets an opportunity and starts to work Uso’s arm. Uso sends Stardust to the ropes, but Stardust avoids the attacks of Uso. Stardust dances in front of Uso, and Uso gets frustrated and charges. Stardust sidesteps Uso, sending him out to the floor. Goldust comes off the apron with a rolling senton. Stardust follows up by diving onto the other Uso on the apron. Stardust rolls Uso back inside for a 2-count and we’re off to commercial.

Back from break, and Stardust has Uso compromised in a reverse chinlock. Uso finally manages a spinning heel kick, and both men are down. Stardust takes Uso off his feet and tags in Goldust. Goldust returns to working the arm of Uso and whips him to the ropes. Both men leave their feet and collide in mid-air. Both guys get tags made and Uso kicks Stardust in the gut and drops down for an uppercut. Uso takes down Stardust with a dropkick and hits the Rikishi Splash in the corner. Goldust tries to get involved but takes a Samoan Drop. Jey Uso takes to the air and dives over the top rope onto Stardust on the outside! Jey seems to have hurt his knee and he’s trading blows with Stardust on the floor. Stardust rolls inside, but Uso can’t make it in before the 10-count.

WINNERS: Star and Goldust via Count Out.

Goldust grabs the mic and says this was their one shot at tag gold, and The Usos got counted out on purpose. Stardust and Goldust attack The Usos! They toss Jimmy Uso to the floor and turn their attention to Jey. They toss him into the turnbuckle, and Stardust rams his injured knee across the ring post.

Backstage, Seth Rollins is with Kane. He says they need to do something about Roman Reigns. He stuck his nose in their business where it doesn’t belong and he’s too stupid to understand what they did to Ambrose will be exactly what happens to him. Kane says tonight, Reigns will compete in a match against Seth Rollins. Rollins says it’ll be a handicap match. Kane says their business with Reigns ends tonight.

Dolph Ziggler vs. The Miz

Miz comes out and says this morning he went to Disney Land, but he didn’t have to wait in line. Mickey even asked him to take a picture with him. Just one of the many perks when you’re a movie star. The other is having his own stunt double, who will be taking his place tonight: Damien Miz-Dow.

Dolph Ziggler vs. Damien Miz-Dow

Miz sits in on commentary. Ziggler nails Sandow with a dropkick right out of the gate for a near-fall. Sandow tackles Ziggler in the corner and unloads a flurry of offense. Sandow hits Ziggler with a snap suplex. Sandow head butts Ziggler. Ziggler hits a jawbreaker and comes off the ropes, but runs into an elbow. Sandow tries a knee drop, but Ziggler rolls out of the way. Sandow misses a clotheslines, and Ziggler hits a few of his own. Ziggler tries a neckbreaker, but Sandow shoots him to the ropes and takes out his knees with a dropkick. Sandow applies the Figure-Four, and Ziggler has to struggle to reverse it. Sandow grabs the ropes, and the hold is broken. Sandow misses another clothesline, and Ziggler hits a Zig-Zag for the win.

WINNER: Dolph Ziggler

Jerry Lawler is in the ring. He says one of the most shocking moments at Summerslam was when Nikki Bella turned on Brie and aided Stephanie McMahon in winning the match. He says hopefully tonight will be the first step in getting the Bella Twins back together and calls out Nikki, and then brings out Brie. They start arguing right away. Brie says this is about the person she cares most about in the world stabbing her in the back. She said when her mom was pregnant there were ultrasound pictures of the girls holding hands in the womb. She quit her job not knowing Nikki would be punished. She tells Nikki to forget Total Divas and to forget WWE. This is Brianna speaking to Nicole. Nikki says she doesn’t know what to say except that’s the biggest load of crap she’s ever heard. She mockingly says Brie is the beautiful, innocent woman that wants her family back together. She says Brie has always wanted the spotlight and to be loved more. She says Brie never cared about her; it’s always been about Brie. She says maybe they weren’t holding hands in the womb, maybe Brie was doing what she always does, holding her back. She says she’s sick of the fat and ugly guys in the crowd with twin fetishes. She’s over her scraggly hair, the log cabin house and Brie’s troll-faced husband. She even says Brie stole all her boyfriends when they were young. And Brie abandoned Nikki when she quit. Brie starts to cry, and Nikki starts to mock her. Lawler tries to pull Nikki back, and Nikki gets in his face and yells at him to get out of the ring. Nikki says she has no sister as far as she’s concerned and wishes Brie died in the womb. She attacks Brie from behind and slams her out of her chair. She’s pulling Brie’s hair and slamming her head into the mat. Lawler tries to pull Nikki off of Brie. Lawler gets her up, and Nikki slaps Lawler across the face! Finally the referees come in and pull Nikki off of Brie.

Two-On-One Handicap Match:

Seth Rollins and Kane vs. Roman Reigns

Kane starts this with Reigns and is quickly clotheslined over the top to the floor. Rollins tries to get involved and Reigns brings him in the hard way. Reigns unloads on Rollins in the corner. Kane comes back inside and attacks Reigns from behind. Kane tags Rollins back in and Rollins continues to attack Reigns in the corner. Another quick tag to Kane, and Kane sends Rollins into the Reigns in the corner. Reigns dumps Rollins over the top to the floor and takes out Kane with a big clothesline. Reigns drops down to the floor to attack Kane. Rollins tries to sneak up on Reigns, but Reigns rams him into the barricade and the apron. Reigns suplexes Rollins onto the apron. Kane is set up perfectly for Reigns’ flying kick from the floor. Reigns tries a Superman Punch on Kane. Kane blocks the Punch, but Reigns hits him with a Spear! Reigns goes for the cover, but Rollins is in with the Money in the Bank briefcase to break it up.

The referee calls for the DQ, and Rollins continues to attack Reigns. Rollins tosses Reigns to the floor and gets Kane back on his feet. Rollins launches Reigns into the barricade. Kane pulls up the timekeeper’s table to reveal more cinder blocks. Kane holds Reigns on the blocks. Rollins climbs onto the announce table, but Reigns starts to fight them off. Reigns hits Rollins with a Superman Punch and sends Kane into the ring post. Reigns dumps Kane over the barricade. Reigns picks up a cinder block and stalks Rollins. Rollins begs off. Reigns throws the cinder block, missing Rollins and it explodes around the ring post. Meanwhile, Kane makes it back to his feet and Reigns hits him with a Superman Punch.

WINNER: Roman Reigns via Disqualification

The Wyatt Family is backstage. Wyatt says Cena is a shell of a man that never really existed. After Cena’s recent run in with the Beast, he believes Cena’s shell is cracked. Cena’s stumbling through the woods like a wounded animal. What kind of man would he be if he let Cena continue to suffer and spread his disease throughout the world? By his hand, he will put Cena down. No worries, John, it’s so much nicer on the other side. Run.

Los Matadores vs. Titus O’Neil and Heath Slater

Heath Slater starts this off with Diego. Diego takes down Slater with a pair of tackles. Diego hits a springboard crossbody. Diego makes the tag and suplexes Slater. Slater hits a tackle and mocks the Matadores with an ole. Fernando takes down Slater with a headscissor. Diego tags back in and dropkicks Slater. Slater catches Diego with a heel kick off the distraction from Titus. Titus finally tags in and picks up Diego for a round of backbreakers. Titus barks and tags in Slater. Diego crawls for his corner, but Slater cuts him off. Slater slaps on a chinlock. Diego makes it to his feet and tries a sunset flip for 2. Slater regains control, and Titus makes a blind tag. Titus tackles Diego in the corner and slaps him hard across the chest. Diego fights back, but Titus brings him back to the corner and rams him into the turnbuckle. Slater chops Diego hard. Titus tags in Slater and they attempt a double team. Titus sends Slater into Diego, but Diego rolls him up for the win.

WINNERS: Los Matadores

Kofi Kingston vs. Bo Dallas

Bo offers his hand to Kofi. Kofi tries to kick it away, but Bo moves out of the way. Kofi ducks a clothesline and hits a big dropkick. Kofi takes Bo off his feet with another kick and a flying crossbody. Kofi splashes Bo in the corner. Bo explodes out of the corner with a running knee. Bo heads for the ropes again, but Kofi hits a springboard dropkick. Kofi hops up for mounted punches in the corner and connects on an uppercut. Bo charges Kofi in the corner, but Kofi gets a pair of boots up. Kofi tries another springboard, but Bo trips him up and hits the Running Bo-Dog for the win.

Bo does a victory lap and grabs the microphone. He tells Kofi he’s not like Jack Swagger; He only let himself down. Jack Swagger let down his entire country. They both need to learn to Bo-Lieve! Jack Swagger runs in and nails Bo with a belly-to-belly suplex.

WINNER: Bo Dallas

John Cena vs. Bray Wyatt

Cena unloads on Wyatt in the corner, but Wyatt quickly regains control. Cena hits Wyatt with a vicious clothesline. Cena hits Wyatt with a German suplex. Cena waits for Wyatt to get back to his feet and hits him with another suplex. Cena pulls Wyatt to his feet and delivers a Fisherman’s Suplex. Cena unloads on Wyatt in the corner. Wyatt tries to fire back, but Cena continues the aggression. Cena nails Wyatt with a running knee to the face and delivers another German suplex. Wyatt makes it back to his feet, but Cena takes him down hard with another running clothesline. Cena tries another German, but Wyatt elbows his way free. Wyatt splashes Cena in the corner. Cena takes down Wyatt with a double leg takedown and starts unloading fists. Luke Harper and Erick Rowan climb into the ring for the DQ and start unloading on Cena. Big Show and Mark Henry make their way down for the save as we head to commercial.

WINNER: John Cena via Disqualification

John Cena, Mark Henry and Big Show vs. The Wyatt Family

The match was set up during commercial break. Big Show is in the ring with Erick Rowan. Big Show hoists up Rowan for a slam and drops a big elbow. Big Show continues to manhandle Rowan in the corner and chops him hard across the chest. Big Show quiets the crowd and chops Rowan one more time. Mark Henry tags in and Big Show whips him into Rowan. Henry charges Rowan in the corner, but Rowan gets a boot up and clotheslines Henry. Wyatt tags in and takes it to Henry. Luke Harper tags in and steps on Mark Henry.

Harper applies a reverse chinlock. The crowd starts to rally behind Henry, but Harper knees him in the face and tags in Rowan. Rowan easily scoops up Mark Henry and slams him. Another quick tag is made by Rowan. Harper comes in and elbows Henry in the corner. Harper charges the corner again but runs into a boot from Henry, allowing Henry to make the tag to Big Show. Show comes in and cleans house on Harper. Show splashes Harper in the corner, but Harper responds quickly with a dropkick.

Rowan tags in and delivers a big boot. Wyatt makes another quick tag and hits Show with a running senton for 2. Rowan tags back in and drops a knee on Big Show. Harper tags back in and slaps Rowan across the face before sending him in to the Bi Show. Harper hits Big Show with a super kick. Wyatt tags back in after Harper can’t get the 3-count. Wyatt starts to toy with Big Show, and Big Show responds with a choke slam. Both men make tags, and here comes John Cena. Cena cleans house on Harper and Rowan. Cena applies the STF to Harper, and Harper has no choice but to tap out. Rowan tries to get involved but runs into an AA. Wyatt tries to run away, but Big Show and Mark Henry catch him and throw him to Cena back in the ring. Cena drops Wyatt with an AA. Cena picks up Harper for another AA, and Cena stands tall to end the show.

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iPPV Recap – SHINE 21

Hosts: Jason Namako (@Jason_Namako), Greg McNeish (@GregMcNeishWV)
Email the show:

Jason & Greg review the SHINE 21 iPPV from August 2014, featuring the following matches:

1. Havok’s Last Stand – Dog Collar & Chain Match, VALKYRIE barred from ringside
Jessicka Havok vs. Allysin Kay

2. SHINE Championship Match
Ivelisse defends vs. Four Corner Survival Winner

3. SHINE Tag Team Championship Match
Legendary (Malia Hosaka & Brandi Wine) w/ Leilani Kai defend vs. The Lucha Sisters (Leva & Mia Yim)

4. Taylor Made w/ April Hunter vs. La Rosa Negra w/ Noemi Bosques

5. The Kimber Bombs (Kimber Lee & Cherry Bomb) vs. The S-N-S Express (Sassy Stephie & Jessie Belle Smothers)

6. Thunderkitty vs. Justine Silver

7. The Buddy System (Heidi Lovelace & Solo Darling) w/ Daffney vs. BTY (Marti Belle & Jayme Jameson)

8. Four Corner Survival – SHINE Championship #1 Contender’s Match
Amazing Kong w/ Daffney vs. Su Yung w/ April Hunter vs. Nevaeh vs. Leah Von Dutch

You can watch the replay of SHINE 21 on iPPV


DVD Review – AIW’s Absolution IX

Hosts: Jason Namako (@Jason_Namako); Robert Pandola (@RealRobPandola)
Email the show:

Jason and Robert review AIW’s Absolution IX show from June 2014, featuring the following matches:

1. Chris Sabin vs. Kevin Steen
2. AIW Tag Team Championship: The Forgotten (BJ Whitmer & Jimmy Jacobs) vs. The Jollyville Fuck-Its(c’s)
3. Ethan Page vs. Johnny Gargano
4. ACH vs. Brent Banks vs. Cheech vs. Colin Delaney vs. Flip Kendrick vs. Seleziya Sparx
5. Gregory Iron vs. Veda Scott
6. Bobby Beverly vs. Tyson Dux
7. AIW Intense Championship: Davey Vega vs. Louis Lyndon(c)
8. Eddie Kingston vs. Rickey Shane Page
9. Josh Prohibition vs. Matt Cross
10. AIW Absolute Championship: Michael Elgin(c) vs. Tim Donst

To buy AIW Absolution IX for MP4 Download from Smart Mark Video, click here.


Independent Roundtable – August 22nd, 2014

Hosts: Jason Namako (@Jason_Namako); Nicholas Gray (@DaBoyzNDaBak)
Email the show:

On this week’s Independent Roundtable, Jason & Nick talk about the following:

* Review of the 8/16 ROH TV
* A look at how important Kevin Steen was for Ring of Honor and his farewell match with Steve Corino
* Review of the 8/14 WWE NXT
* Nick on why Sasha Banks vs. Bayley was both of their best matches so far in NXT
* News, results & previews, plus more!


Pulse!n Episode 101 – Rest in Peace My Inner Child


Twitch sends out email with VOD copyright notice
Twitch going back on their policy
Robin Williams to be Immortalized in World of Warcraft
Tomb Raider Xbox One exclusive.. but for how long?
No Man’s Sky claims to be infinite.. or at least give the illusion of infinite

What The… Moment of the Week

Introducing the Salmon Cannon

The Rapid Pulse

World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor launches on 11/13
Final Fantasy Explorers comes out in December
A 500GB Hard Drive for the 360 will soon be available for $110

Commercial Break

This week’s commercial is… Forearms and Funk, Wrestleview International Desk, and Radio Influence

Geek Culture Segment

Review of Michael Bay’s TMNT movie. We’ll just leave it at that.

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