Tetra Health Care Medical Marijuana Podcast

Tetra Health CareWelcome to the Tetra Health Centers Medical marijuana weekly podcast. Hosted by radio veteran and cannabis activist Scott Ledger and the President of Tetra Health Care, Tracilea Young. It’s our goal to bring you weekly news, research, doctors opinions and actual first person narrative of patients in their own description of how medical cannabis has changed their life for the positive and get back in to the life they are living.

Tetra Health Care holds itself as the “Gold Standard” of compassionate care medical clinics for those seeking medical marijuana in their life. The Tetra Physicians and medical staff are respectful, compassionate and have a deep desire to provide patients the qualification to choose medical marijuana as their option for treatment.

Often times using the word “miracle” can be overstated, but to anyone who has used medical marijuana as a cure or a treatment for their condition(s) with success is proof that individual miracles are happening every day. This podcast will be available on Radio Influence, Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, TuneIn Radio, and Google Play. We are encouraged by you and hope you will share Tetra Health Centers medical marijuana minutes and contact information frequently with those you come in contact with. If you have a story you would like to share please visit TetraHealthCenters.com

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