Landry Football: Behind The Scenes On The Problems At LSU

Find out the latest goings-on at LSU and what has happened to this point on campus in regards to the allegations being made within the University Programs, including the Football Programs and Athletic Departments.

Chris also starts off the show by answering a question on his role in coaching searches and how he advises programs.

All this and more inside today’s Landry Football Podcast with veteran NFL/Coach Scout Chris Landry!

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One Response

  1. Jacob

    I got q Comment, you’veCompletoover stepped your bounds & I honestly don’t trust you to believe you bc ur Honestly Not pqrt of the sprogrqn & You have Not been since you got Sabanto LSU.Btw congrats bc ur obviously very Proud of that moment. All those things you said about coach O was Way outta bounds & I Pray that The Police climb up your Ass based on That Forked tongue hidden Behind your Teeth whilst Continuing to Spit Venomous Nonsense bc what you said was take Half the Story completely outta context & I actually do-know& More importantly Landry. I don’t have sum Jealous Axe to Grind unlike you it seems…Idc wtf ur dorry little problem is just keep ur forked Tongue Between ur Fangs! Do us a Favor & Move to Alabama or Mississippi bc after that Hateful disgusting & Vulgar Attitude You’ve displayed.I honestly god damn has the game bypassed you just completely & you’ve become Bitter due to it so due All of us Real La LSU Fans,Alumni,&Parents..Just disqppear & Pls Never speak of Iur University bc Nobody had taken kindly to yourwords! U don’t know anything bout Aranda,Pelini,& or Ed Orgeron you condescending prick Loser!! Obviously butns u Up aMan u considerInferior to Ur self hug Chris vut it’samazing How he’sbeen Involved in 4National Championships & 1 as Head Coach! How many exactly have you ever Won.Ur intuition Blow horribly thats why u Haven’t been givenaCoaching job in According to ur Resume online.Ya never did well at all did you Clancy Landry. You’re a Sad small,& Angry w/ Jealousy bc he Has something you jist never will,Now ur botter & doing everything & Anything to Hurt Him & The Program We here actually still Love! So retire please bc I and Now Others that heard that podcast Are sick to out damn stomachs & I honestly Am willing to bet you wouldn’t say that Stuff to Coaches Face either. A coward never does, I cannot believe I thought u were a Good person at one time. So happy you showed your true colors,Leave LSU to the Pol whom care not looking to destroy all that we spent so long building.


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