Sitting Ringside: Whatever Happened To WCW’s Air Paris

Late in the days of WCW, a young tag team called “Air Raid” from NWA Wildside was signed and being positioned to be the future of the cruiserweight division. The two guys, who were very much innovators in the high flying action we see a lot of today, would have futures that would go in very different directions. One would go on to become a multi-time world champion in multiple companies worldwide and one of the best pro wrestlers of his generation. His name is “The Phenomenal One” AJ Styles. The other considers the contract he signed with WCW to be the worst thing to ever happen to his career and he disappeared from the wrestling scenes for years. His name is Air Paris.

This week on Sitting Ringside, David Penzer sits down with the man, Frank Parris, who talks about his career that started at age 14, his time in NWA Wildside and the year-long feud he had with AJ Styles that led to their opportunity in WCW, why he considers signing with WCW at 21 years old the worst thing that ever happened to his career, the years of self-doubt he went through following WCW that led to his disdain for the wrestling business, his relationship and friendship with AJ now, and having the itch to get back into the business at age 41.

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