Tennis With An Accent: Miguel Seabra of Euro Sport

Tennis with an accentThis week on Tennis With An Accent, Saqib Ali is joined by Miguel Seabra, who has worn many hats in his tennis career spanning from 1991 to present day. Currently, he works as a broadcaster for Euro Sport and also serves as the media director at the Estoril Open.

In his past life, Miguel has also worked as a professional chair umpire on the ATP tour.

On this episode, Miguel breaks down the success of the ATP 250 level tournament as he shares the strategic alignment of the event. He also speaks on length about the mindset of a professional umpire and how umpires are trained to defuse tense situations.

Last but not the least, Miguel weighs in on the current political climate of the ATP where Novak Djokovic lead player council is driving changes at the top of the game.

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