We’ve Seen That: Office Space

We've Seen ThatOn the off chance that you have a “Case of the Mondays” and could use a good laugh, T.J. and Jay are here to talk about “Office Space” on this edition of ‘We’ve Seen That!’

It’s the 20th anniversary of the cult classic from the great Mike Judge. The guys break down what makes this such a beloved film for those who are trapped in a cubicle Monday-Friday by revisiting the scene at Initech with Peter, Samir, Micheal Bolton, Lumbergh, Milton and, of course, the Bobs!

If you’ve ever been so frustrated that you wanted to destroy the office copier in an open field with the Geto Boys blasting in the background or “express yourself” like Jennifer Aniston’s Joanna did over her flair, it’s the perfect occasion to sit back, relax and enjoy this week’s ‘We’ve Seen That!’ on “Office Space.”

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