We’ve Seen That: The Bodyguard

We've Seen ThatOn our newest edition of “We’ve Seen That!” hosts Jay Betsill and T.J. Rives are back and talking about one of the most successful box office and movie soundtracks in history, the 1992 dramatic thriller “The Bodyguard.”

It stars Kevin Costner, as the man assigned to protect music star/actress “Rachel Maren,” who’s receiving death threats and is played by Whitney Houston. It was Houston’s on screen acting debut, and T.J. and Jay not only discuss the on-air chemistry between the two, but the development of the story.

Also, Jay shares some great personal encounters with Costner and has other great facts and info around the smash hit that made over $450 million worldwide. As usual, get the trivia about this film that our guys always deliver and take part in a great discussion on Kevin Costner’s top roles, too.

Time to re-live “The Bodyguard.”

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