We’ve Seen That: Jagged Edge

We've Seen ThatThis week’s episode features the 1985 courtroom thriller/who-done-it “Jagged Edge.”

TJ and Jay break down the movie that the great Gene Siskel, the late film critic from the Chicago Tribune and “Siskel & Ebert,” said that he developed a new test for how scary a movie was by looking in the back seat of his car to make sure there was no one waiting there to stab him!

Jeff Bridges stars as a San Francisco newspaper publisher, who is accused of brutally murdering his socialite wife. He hires lawyer Teddy Barnes (played by Glenn Close) to defend him in a case that is full of twists and turns and personal agendas that leaves the audience hanging until the very last scene!

“Jagged Edge” is from writer Joe Eszterhas, who also penned the 1992 thriller “Basic Instinct.”

So sit back, relax, make sure your doors are locked and join us as revisit the classic “Jagged Edge” on ‘We’ve Seen That!’

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