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Tennis with an accentThe war between the ITF and the ATP is felt less at the major tournaments than in the lower tiers of professional tennis. This is a very complicated subject, and a single conversation won’t resolve all of its problems, but Tennis With An Accent wants to begin this conversation and continue it over the course of 2019.

The new Tennis With An Accent Podcast welcomes tennis blogger Paul Timmons, who writes about the ITF Transition Tour, the Challenger tours, junior tennis, futures tennis, and more at his website, My Tennis Adventures. A few weeks ago, Paul began a series of continuing posts on the ITF Transition Tour. The first post in his extended series is here. We encourage you to read this post, because it deals with many of the topics Paul examines with podcast host Saqib Ali on this week’s show.

What are the positive aspects of the recent changes to the structure of lower-tier tennis tournaments? Paul offers one example. Find out how many more examples he provides. The length of his list might surprise you. It might not.

The details surrounding junior tennis, Challenger-level tennis, and the $15,000 or $25,000 tournaments on the calendar are numerous and complicated. Paul explains why these changes are significant. The prism through which Paul filters his analysis is the larger financial outlook for tennis players. What level of opportunity is tennis providing to 19-year-old players from less developed countries who don’t have the backing of a large national federation or a private agency? What level of opportunity is tennis providing to players who are outside the top 100 of the junior ranks? What level of opportunity is tennis providing to players in their mid-20s who spend many years of their careers slugging it out in the minor leagues, and are looking for that one breakthrough? What level of opportunity is tennis providing to a wide range of players in various and equally complicated circumstances?

Paul Timmons offers answers to these urgent questions in the new Tennis With An Accent Podcast.

Follow Paul’s blog, My Tennis Adventures for continuing coverage and analysis of the ITF Transition Tour and the many levels of tennis which exist below the main ATP Tour and the major tournaments.

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