We’ve Seen That: Varsity Blues

We've Seen ThatOne of our favorite national holidays is here: Super Bowl Sunday!

In honor of the big game, T.J. and Jay revisit “Varsity Blues” starring James Van Der Beek, Jon Voight, Paul Walker, Ali Larter and Scott Caan on its 20th anniversary. The guys break down the story of the West Caanan Coyotes season’s ups and downs with tyrannical head coach Bud Kilmer leading the team in chase of his 23rd district title and third state championship.
Revisit Mox, Lance, Billy Bob, Tweeter and, of course, Darcy and the whipped cream bikini in the small Texas town where football is a way of life.
Since it is such a big football week, the guys also look back at ‘Friday Night Lights’ (the 2004 movie) starring Billy Bob Thornton and some of their other gridiron favorite fllms.
It’s the “Super Bowl Edition” of “We’ve Seen That!

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