Landry Football: How Experts Analyze Teams

Busy weekend of College Football means lots of breakdowns by veteran scout/coach Chris Landry. This week, he explains to you how a coaching/scouting eye can see through the strength of schedule that most struggle with.

He discusses how you shouldn’t make snap judgments week to week about teams and instead watch how a team progresses or regresses during the season. Also, he gives you an insight about offensive play calling, explaining why fans and often media miss the boat about when/why certain plays are called and how teams adjust against them to lead to different play options.

When Chris is finished, you’ll have a better understanding of what’s going on in these decisions and you’ll be able to better evaluate teams as a result. Finally, in addition to breaking down the entire College and NFL landscape, he gives a fascinating story about Paul Allen from an owners meeting.

You’ll get all of this and so much more in today’s Landry Football Podcast.

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