We’ve Seen That: Pelican Brief

We've Seen ThatA classic “Who Dunnit?” is the latest edition of We’ve Seen That! Join T.J. and Jay as they re-live Julia Roberts and Denzel Washington in the murder mystery thriller, “The Pelican Brief,” now in it’s 25th anniversary. A tremendous cast accompanies those two Hollywood ‘Mega-stars’ to make author John Grisham’s famous novel about a New Orleans law school student who solves a grand conspiracy of who murdered two U.S. Supreme Court justices and why, a smash hit. Get the usual insight, factoids, and humor from our guys, like just how well this movie did at the box office compared to other Julia and Denzel famous flicks, and why Grisham is always writing about corrupt lawyers and law firms in his hugely successful novels. Prior to “Remember the Titans,” “Crimson Tide,” and “Training Day,” Denzel is fabulous as the investigative reporter that helps the Tulane student stay alive and reveal the real story.


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