Tennis With An Accent: Writer/Author Scoop Malinowski

Tennis with an accentThis week on Tennis With An Accent, Saqib Ali is joined by tennis writer and author Scoop Malinowski. They discuss his books, how he chooses his subjects, and how the tennis coverage culture has changed at tournaments where journalists are getting more info from monitors in the media center.

Two of Malinowski’s books in particular come up, one on Marcelo Rios of Chile and the other on Marat Safin of Russia.

Rios had an all hate relationship with the media and Malinowski touches upon that. He also throws light on Rios’ attitude towards his contemporaries, coaches and legends of the game. Malinowski calls Rios an important player in tennis history.

Safin was also a very gifted and larger than life type of player. Malinowski talks about how Safin is a shy fellow until he gets to know you and gives interesting insights about Safin’s talent and actual desire for the life on tour.

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