Landry Football: Things Are Starting To Shape Up

Today on the Landry Football Podcast, veteran scout and coach Chris Landry breaks down a big week of football, giving you an idea of how these teams stack up inside the Film Room. He addresses the status of the programs at Tennessee and Nebraska and explains what the ceiling potential is for both programs under their new coaches, whether Texas is back or not, and if there even is a second best team in the East and West of the SEC. Also, he tells you the playoff potential of the Pac-12 as well as a look at some of the interesting match ups this weekend can affect the long range outlook this season.  He also answers a couple of questions from some disgruntled ACC fans about their future coaching outlook.

In the NFL, Chris tells when and where it’s time to be concerned and where it’s time to be patient.  Are the Rams the most complete team on film thus far this season?

Chris addresses this and and answers more listener questions in today’s Podcast.

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