Landry Football: Opening Weekend Of NFL Season Is Here

The NFL season begins tonight and veteran scout and coach Chris Landry explains the Eagles offensive concepts and how the Falcons must defend to win the lid lifter on the road. He discusses some other big NFL match ups this week like 49ers/Vikings, Texans/Patriots, Chiefs/Chargers as well as touching on all the games. He also answers a question on how a linebacker defends a running back in man coverage and the best way to try and defend Tom Brady and the Patriots defense.

It’s also another big weekend in college football and Chris breaks down some of the big match ups like Georgia/South Carolina, Mississippi State/Kansas State, Iowa State/Iowa, Colorado/Nebraska, Clemson/Texas A&M. Penn State/Pitt, USC/Stanford and Michigan State/Arizona State.

Get a feel for all these games from a veteran coach/scout on today’s LandryFootball podcast.

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