Sitting Ringside: Wes Brisco & Wade Keller of PWTorch

When you’re a part of the Brisco family, following in the footsteps of father Jerry and Uncle Jack can be overwhelming if you’re entering the wrestling business. That’s exactly what Wes Brisco has done and thus far, he’s done it successfully. Having spent time in both TNA and WWE Developmental, Brisco has been on the cusp of the big time several times only to be derailed by fluky knee injuries that have put him on the sidelines but it hasn’t hindered his love of the business that his family is known for.

This week, Brisco sits down with David Penzer to talk about growing up Brisco, the wrestlers that would always be around thee Brisco household when he was a kid, why his father never let him watch wrestling as a child, going into professional wake boarding before entering the wrestling business, his time in WWE Developmental and his time TNA as a member of the “Aces & Eights” faction, Dixie Carter, and much more. He also shares a great story about the first time his father Jerry stepped into the ring with him and broke his nose. Everyone has heard about how tough Jerry and Jack Brisco are and this story solidifies that stance.

Before getting to Wes, Penzer kicks off the show chatting with Wade Keller of about the new game changing television deal between the WWE and Fox that will see Smackdown move from USA to Fox’s main network. The two also discuss the All In show in Chicago Labor Day weekend.

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