Sitting Ringside: Actor & Former WCW World Champion David Arquette

In 2000, actor David Arquette starred in a wrestling based movie called “Ready To Rumble.” The movie featured several wrestlers from WCW including Chris Kanyon, Shane Helms, Diamond Dallas Page, and several others. As part of the promotion for the movie, Arquette and WCW agreed to have Arquette appear on WCW television to help cross promote the movie. The culmination of that appearance and angle has turned into one of the most controversial and talked about angle in pro wrestling history.

This week, Arquette joins David Penzer on Sitting Ringside to discuss his lifelong infatuation with and respect for the pro wrestling industry, how the movie “Ready To Rumble” came to be, the impact Chris Kanyon had on both the movie and Arquette personally, how WCW became involved and how he was approached to become the World Champion, why he wanted to do more physically in the ring but was handcuffed, why the whole angle still haunts him, and so much more.

It’s Arquette’s first podcast appearance in well over four years and after this conversation, there’s no doubt that his title run may be viewed at slightly differently than it has.

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