3 Dog Thursday: Kerry Miller of Bleacher Report

On the latest edition of the only Digital radio show devoted exclusively to underdogs in college basketball, host TJ Rives and Kevin Rogers, senior handicapper of Vegas Insider, are back and their role continues!

With TJ’s to Underdog wins a week ago including Virginia Tech’s upset at Virginia, the guys are now 9 for 10 with college basketball underdogs this season! After discussing the craziness of some of the upsets, each guy will pick three games in this week’s show.

Who likes a Big Ten Thursday night pooch? Who goes with the upset against Cincinnati? On Saturday both predictors love Big 12 underdogs, which ones are they? Plus Kerry Miller, college basketball bracket expert for Bleacher Report, joins the show and gives his thoughts on the top seeds and makes an underdog prediction too!

Get insight, analysis and of course, Underdog’s on this edition of Three Dog Thursday!

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