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The Hit-Confirm Podcast

Ladies and gentleman welcome to the Hit-Confirm podcast, your weekly dose of fighting game community news and discussions. Tag in with Clinton “Young Navigator” Bowman and Tony Ortiz as they get into all the issues involving the FGC. We cover any and all fighting games new and old, but mostly we just chill and talk about whatever is the most relevant discussion in the community as we try to grow the fighting game scene and invite more players into the world of competitive fighting games. So sit back, relax, grab that arcade stick and become a World Warrior with us here on the Hit-Confirm Podcast.


pulse!n Radio is the name of the podcast created by Joshua Piedra and Nicholas Gray in September of 2011 as a concept idea, and is now a full fledged podcast as of March 6th, 2012. As fans of Animated Television, as well as the Video Game world, pulse!n Radio seeks to entertain and inform geeks and non-geeks alike about the culture that is Video Games and Animated Works.