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Monday Night RAW Recap ~ E. Byrnside (07/21/14)

July 21, 2014

Miami, FL

Justin Roberts introduces Triple H. He says no one wants to look him in the eye. Everyone’s scared he’ll blow a gasket after last night because the WWE Championship didn’t come back to The Authority and stayed with John Cena. He admits he’s madder than he’s been in a long time, but he has options on how to handle this. He’s so mad, he says he’s going to Tweet his displeasure! He might even send an Instagram or a Vine. He mocks the crowd, saying he’s going to riot if he doesn’t get what he wants, and he and his friend Mark are going to stop watching. He says he might fire everyone and throw all the people out on the street. Or he can just relax, knowing sooner or later he always wins. If he has to wait until Summerslam to win, then so be it. But as a true genius once said, he can guaran-damn-tee John Cena will no longer be WWE Heavyweight Champion. The question is who gets the opportunity.

Randy Orton’s music hits. Orton asks why they’re talking about this. He’s been waiting since Wrestlemania for his one-on-one rematch. He guarantees he’ll beat John Cena if he’s in a match with him at Summerslam. Triple H appreciates Orton’s confidence. Triple H says Orton is the frontrunner, but he hasn’t made up his mind. Tonight, the entire roster will get a chance to impress him and convince him. Orton says if Kane had done his job, he’d be standing in the ring with the titles around his waist.

The pyro explodes, and here comes Kane. He hopes he’s being considered to face Cena. He knows that he can beat John Cena and be the one to bring the title back to The Authority as long as he’s not acting as Orton’s protector. He’s tired of babysitting.

Roman Reigns makes his way through the crowd. He says his name belongs in this conversation. Last time he checked, no body wanted to see John Cena versus Kane or Orton. He says everyone wants to see John Cena versus Roman Reigns. Believe that. He dives at Kane and hits him with a Superman Punch, and Orton bails out. Triple H says he believes that, right now, Roman Reigns is going to have a match against Kane and Randy Orton.

Two-On-One Handicap Match:

Randy Orton & Kane vs. Roman Reigns

Orton starts this off against Reigns. Orton kicks reigns in the gut and goes to work. Orton shoots Reigns to the ropes, but Reigns hangs on and forces Orton into the corner. Reigns climbs up to the second for the mounted punches. Reigns ducks his head, and Orton slams him. Kane tags in, and they lock up. Reigns shows his strength, but Kane knees him in the gut and hits a Samoan Drop. Kane forces Reigns into the corner and makes the tag. Orton fires off, but Reigns starts to rally. Off the ropes, and Orton gets a knee up to take Reigns off his feet. Kane tags back in and nails Reigns in the face with a dropkick.

Kane unloads on Reigns in the corner. Kane snapmares him out and applies a nerve hold, and Reigns has to climb back to his feet. Kane tries a vertical suplex, but Reigns reverses for 2. Reigns tries a whip, but Kane reverses and clotheslines Reigns in the corner. Kane whips Reigns one more time, but runs into a boot. Reigns comes off the second with a clothesline. The action spills out to the floor, and Reigns counters a whip, sending Kane into the steel steps as we head to commercial.

Back from break, and Orton has things under control with a side headlock. Reigns starts to battle back, sending Orton to the ropes. Orton reverses and gets an elbow up. Orton stomps Reigns and makes the tag. They utilize a quick double team. Kane takes Reigns down with a clothesline. They make another quick tag and Kane holds Reigns as Orton stomps him. Orton pulls Reigns to his feet and connects with a dropkick for another 2-count. Orton goes back to a submission with a reverse chinlock. Reigns struggles to his feet and fights out. Reigns hits another Samoan Drop, and both men are down.

Kane gets a tag and misses with a clothesline. Reigns hits one of his own and another in the corner. Reigns continues to charge Kane in the corner and knocks Kane onto the bottom rope. Reigns slips to the floor and hits the running kick. Reigns sets up for the Superman Punch, and Orton tries to get involved. Reigns takes out Orton. Reigns tries another Samoan Drop, but Kane’s too heavy this time and slips out. Kane lays out Reigns with a big boot, and offers a hand to tag Orton. Kane grabs Orton around the throat! Reigns hits Kane with a Superman Punch and Spears Kane for the win.

WINNER: Roman Reigns

Backstage, Cameron, Alicia Fox, Eva Marie and Rosa Mendes are talking when Stephanie McMahon walks up. She says it’s a glorious night because they’re going to annihilate Nikki Bella.

Four-on-One Diva’s Handicap Match:

Cameron, Alicia Fox, Eva Marie and Rosa Mendes vs. Nikki Bella

As Nikki walks out, Brie Bella is sitting front row and they hug. Stephanie comes out and says the quitter, Brie Bella, is here. Stephanie says Brie went from being a world famous Diva to just another face in the crowd because she abandoned her sister for Daniel Bryan. She reminds everyone that Bryan was stripped of the title and has been injured ever since Brie quit. Stephanie gets in her face and says she hopes Brie enjoys watching her sister get annihilated by four Divas. Steph walks away, and Brie calls her a bitch as she walks away. Stephanie calls for security, but Brie has a ticket. Stephanie tells her to sit down, but Brie grabs the mic out of her hand and calls her a vindictive bitch. Stephanie slaps her, and Brie tries to fight her, but security drags Brie off.

The bell rings, and all of the Divas gang up on Nikki. Cameron pulls her up by the hair and holds her as Alicia Fox hits her with a scissor kick and earns the pinfall.

WINNERS: Cameron, Alicia Fox, Eva Marie and Rosa Mendes

Stephanie gets back on the mic, and says that, sooner or later, Nikki will quit just like her sister.

Bo Dallas is in the ring when Damien Sandow comes out dressed in a LeBron James jersey. Sandow says he took his talents home to Ohio. He speaks from experience when he says, if Bo were smart, he should do what he did and leave.

Bo Dallas vs. Damien Sandow

Sandow gets an early edge, but Sandow rallies back with a clothesline and a back drop. Bo clotheslines Sandow to the floor and starts jumping up and down in the ring. Dallas heads for the ropes, but Sandow flattens him with an elbow and starts unloading with right hands. Sandow hits a vertical suplex. Sandow tries another suplex, but Dallas rolls him up with an inside cradle. Sandow kicks out and takes him down with another clothesline. Sandow applies a reverse chinlock and Dallas battles to his feet. Bo heads for the ropes but runs into a knee from Sandow. Sandow scoop slams Bo and tries an Elbow of Disdain. Bo rolls out of the way and hits a running Bo-Dog for the win before taking a victory lap around the ring.

WINNER: Bo Dallas

The Wyatts are here. During the break, apparently the Wyatts attacked Chris Jericho before he could come out to host the Highlight Reel. Wyatt says Jericho is indisposed. They show the clip of the Wyatts jumping Jericho, and Wyatt hitting the Sister Abigail on Jericho into the wall. He says sooner or later, they all fall. Wyatt says Jericho ain’t here, but he is; Just like he has been every day since he’s been around. He says he can read people’s thoughts. He knows that people are thinking that since Jericho won at Battleground, that they believe he is a better man than Wyatt. He asks if they believe he would burden himself with such petty things. He says a loss in battle is nothing to him; it is the war that counts. The war is his game. He created war. It wasn’t long ago that the Wyatts entered a WWE ring for the first time. They’ve dismantled giants and destroyed monsters and brought heroes to their knees. He is Bray Wyatt, the eater of worlds, every bit the monster they don’t think he is. Jericho will find that you can’t measure Wyatt like a normal man. He says you can not measure him by the amount of dollar bills in his pocket because society is his plaything. Time is irrelevant to him. He lives 100 years a day, man. Ever since last night, it’s been recurring in his head, and it’s something Abigail used to say to him: “Be careful chasing vengeance, because if you do, you’ll need to dig two graves. He is forever.

Backstage, R-Truth and Zack Ryder are with the doctor, checking on Chris Jericho. he is bleeding and not responding.

The Miz vs. Dolph Ziggler

The bell rings, and Ziggler chases Miz to the outside. Miz tries to slide inside, but Ziggler chases him out again. Miz finally makes it to the apron, but Ziggler chases him off again.     Ziggler finally goes out after him. Miz tries a clothesline on the way back inside, but Ziggler ducks and hits a Thesz Press. Miz rolls to the outside again, and Ziggler baseball slides him, sending him face-first into the barricade. Dolph goes out after him and chops him before trying to send him into the ring steps. Miz blocks it and struggles to hold Ziggler. Ziggler hits him in the gut and rolls him back inside. Miz kicks Dolph on the way back inside and starts stomping. Miz tries a back suplex, but Dolph counters and rolls up Miz.

They exchange rollups. Miz heads for the ropes and Ziggler hits a big hip toss before dropping the Heart-Stopping Elbows. Miz rolls to the ropes before number 10 and elbows Ziggler in the face. Miz slaps on a chinlock, and Dolph has to battle to his feet to reverse. Ziggler takes Miz down with a shoulder block. Miz tries a hip toss, but Ziggler blocks and tries a dropkick. Miz catches Ziggler and sling shots him over the top rope. Ziggler holds on and back drops Miz to the apron. Ziggler tries to hit Miz in the face, but Miz kicks him in the gut and rams him into the post and we’re off to commercial.

Back from the break, and Miz is in control. Ziggler tries to fight back, but Miz gets a knee into Ziggler’s gut and stomps Ziggler under the ropes. Miz hits a suplex and covers for 2. Miz rakes Ziggler’s face and goes back to the chinlock. Ziggler battles to a vertical base and heads for the ropes. Dolph tries a rollup, but only gets 2. Miz fires back with a clothesline. Miz tries his running clothesline into the corner, but Dolph moves out of the way and Miz lands awkwardly. Miz misses on a clothesline, and Ziggler hits a few of his own. Ziggler splashes Miz in the corner and hits a neckbreaker. Ziggler misses the Fame-Asser, and Miz rolls him up for 2. Ziggler gets a backslide, but Miz kicks out. Miz hits a Side Effect for another near-fall. Miz charges the corner, and Dolph gets a boot up. Miz catches the boot, but Dolph kicks him off. Dolph tries a Rough Ryder, but Miz catches him and tries a powerbomb. Ziggler counters and rolls through. Miz tries to slap on a Figure-Four, but Dolph kicks him away. Ziggler hits a big DDT for 2.

Miz tries a DDT of his own and only gets 2. Miz starts work Ziggler’s leg and tries another Figure-Four, but Ziggler rolls him up for a near-fall. Ziggler gets an elbow up and tries a superkick. Miz counters and gets a hold of Ziggler with a Figure-Four. Ziggler manages to crawl to the bottom rope, breaking the hold. Miz tries another Figure-Four, but Ziggler kicks him off and hits a Fame-Asser! Ziggler hooks the leg, and Miz barely kicks out. Ziggler tries a Zig-Zag, but Miz shrugs him off. Miz catches him with a big boot and tries for the Skull Crushing Finale. Ziggler counters and hits a Zig-Zag for the 1-2-3.

Winner: Dolph Ziggler

Backstage, Triple H tells Seth Rollins he shouldn’t face John Cena at Summerslam. He says Rollins should play his cards when the time is right. Rollins says Ambrose won’t let him and they need to shut him down. Cesaro walks into the shot. He says if anyone should face Cena at Summerslam, it should be him. He’s a walking Money in the Bank briefcase. He says he’s made a business decision, and he’s no longer a Heyman guy. He wants to be Triple H’s guy. Rollins says he already has a guy, him. Triple H says Cesaro should finish the business of Dean Ambrose tonight in a match, and if he does, that’s something that would impress him.

AJ Lee & Paige vs. Natalya & Emma

Emma will start this off with AJ. AJ starts to work Emma’s arm, but Emma elbows her in the side of the head. Emma tries a roll up, and AJ counters. AJ hits a flying clothesline. AJ skips around the ring with Emma in tow and makes the tag to Paige. Paige hits a headbutt and charges the corner. Emma moves out of the way and ties up Paige in the Emma Lock in the ropes. Natalya gets a tag and takes out Paige with a drop kick and tries a jackknife rollup. Paige bridges out of the bin and tries a backslide. Paige shoves Natalya into Emma, sending her off the apron. Natalya hits a German suplex and slaps on the Sharpshooter. Paige crawls to the corner and makes the tag, and AJ comes in with a Shining Wizard. Natalya taps out to the Black Widow.

WINNERS: AJ Lee & Paige

After the match, Paige is celebrating in the ring with AJ and she attacks her from behind. She throws out to the floor and rams her into the barricade. She pulls AJ up by her hair and throws her into the ring post and starts screaming at AJ. She pulls her up and tosses her across the announce table. Paige crawls up onto the table and says this is her house before skipping off to the back.

Fandango vs. Zack Ryder w/ Summer Rae & Layla

Fandango takes out Ryder with a dropkick and a clothesline. Fandango applies a chinlock. Ryder starts to fight back, but Fandango puts him down. Ryder hits a face buster and heads for the corner. Fandango charges, but Ryder gets his knees up. Ryder tries a missile dropkick, but Fandango side steps him. Fandango sends Ryder into the corner and charges, but Ryder moves out of the way and hits the Rough Ryder. Zack Ryder gets the 3-count!

WINNER: Zack Ryder

Renee Young is interviewing FLO-Rida, when Heath Slater walks in. Slater asks if he remembers him. FLO says no, and Slater says at Wrestlemania XXVIII, he put his hands on him and he’s here to repay the favor. He tries to attack, but FLO-Rida shoves him down.

Stephanie McMahon introduces FLO-Rida, and he performs.

Still at ringside, and Stephanie is approached by guys in suits. They pull out badges. What they’re saying can’t really be heard, but it’s pretty obvious they’re trying to arrest her. The cameras get in close and the crowd is chanting, Yes! pretty loudly. They mention Brie Bella, and apparently she is pressing charges against Stephanie for slapping her earlier. They put Stephanie in handcuffs and the crowd is really into it. Brie comes out of the crowd and they start screaming at each other. As the detectives take Stephanie away, security takes Brie away. Backstage, Triple H tries to get involved, but can’t really do anything. She’s pretty much in tears and they’re trying to threaten the officers as they put Stephanie in the back of the car and drive away.

Back from commercial, and Triple H is scrambling backstage. Joey Mercury wants to know who’s going to be Cena’s opponent for Summerslam before Triple H leaves. He says family comes first. Triple H stops and says they’re going to have to process her and that takes time. He tells Joey to have the car stand by, and he’ll go down to the police station after he’s made his decision.

Rybaxel vs. Big E & Kofi Kingston

Ryback and Big E start this off. They try to overpower each other, and Ryback gains an advantage until Big E takes him off his feet with a shoulder tackle and a belly-to-belly suplex. Big E tries a big splash, but Axel gets in the way. Big E clotheslines Axel off the apron and turns around into a spinebuster from Ryback. Ryback tags in Axel, and they put the boots to Big E. Ryback tags back in and suplexes Big E. Big E tries to make the tag, but Ryback beats him down. Ryback throws Big E with a belly-to-belly and sets up for the Meathook. Big E explodes out of the corner with a clothesline, and both guys are down. Kofi tags in and takes out Ryback with a springboard. Kofi takes Axel off the apron and hits a dropkick to Ryback. Kofi hits the SOS on Ryback, and Axel has to come in for the save. Axel and Big E topple out to the floor, and Kofi hits a crossbody on Ryback from the top rope. Ryback rolls through and gets the pinfall.

WINNERS: Rybaxel

After the match, Xavier Woods climbs into the ring wearing a suit and glasses. He says you can’t move ahead in this company by doing what you’re told. He says it’s their time, their place. It’s time for them to find focus and order. They can find purpose. They won’t ask any longer. Now, they’re taking. Kofi and Big E nod.

Rusev w/ Lana vs. The Great Khali

Khali gets Rusev into the corner and chops him. Rusev manages to back Khali into the corner and unload some shoulder tackles. Khali gets a boot up and rams Rusev into the turnbuckle. Khali hits him with a few more chops. Rusev stuns Khali, but walks into a big chop from Khali. Rusev tries to bail out to the floor, but nails Khali with a kick, taking him off his feet. Rusev hits a thrust kick to the face of Khali and forces him to tap out to Accolade.


Stardust is quoting Willy Wonka when Goldust comes in. He tells Stardust to slow down. He says they can be the brightest, most bizarre… They start jumping up and down about a cosmic key, but “they” have it. It calls their name.

Dean Ambrose vs. Cesaro

Ambrose unloads a fury of offense and clotheslines Cesaro to the floor. Ambrose dives off the apron onto Cesaro and rams him into the barricade. Back inside, and Cesaro catches Ambrose on the way back in and throws him into the ring post. Cesaro goes out to the floor and suplexes Ambrose off the second rope out to the floor. Cesaro starts to work Ambrose’s injured shoulder with an armbar and a wristlock. Ambrose tries to battle back, but Cesaro slams him and resumes the wristlock. Ambrose breaks free, but Cesaro hits him with a right. Ambrose falls into the corner. Ambrose pulls himself up and takes down Cesaro and throws him to the floor. Ambrose tries a springboard plancha, but Cesaro nails him with an uppercut on the way down as we head to commercial.

Back from break, and Cesaro has another armbar on Ambrose. Ambrose drops Cesaro with a jawbreaker. Cesaro hits him with another right and Ambrose bounces off the ropes, but walks into a German Suplex for 2. Cesaro perches Ambrose onto the top turnbuckle and hits him with a running boot. Cesaro climbs up for a superplex, but Ambrose holds on and headbutts Cesaro. Cesaro falls, and Ambrose hits him with a missile dropkick. Ambrose ducks a clothesline and hits a cross body. Ambrose tackles Cesaro in the corner. Cesaro reverses a whip and charges. Cesaro runs into an elbow from Ambrose, setting up a tornado DDT. Cesaro tries a cross face chicken wing, but Ambrose rams him into the corner. Ambrose tries a rollup, but Cesaro kicks out and Ambrose dumps him to the outside.

Ambrose dives through the ropes on to Cesaro. Back inside, and Ambrose walks into a boot from Cesaro but bounces off the ropes again with a clothesline. Cesaro hangs Ambrose’s arm over the top rope and hits a clothesline of his own. Cesaro charges the corner and runs into a boot. Ambrose climbs the turnbuckle, and Cesaro shoves him. Ambrose falls down into the Tree of Woe, and Cesaro stomps away. Cesaro tries to throw Ambrose into the post again, but Ambrose counters and sends Cesaro into the post a couple of times. Ambrose slides out to the floor and grabs a chair. Ambrose nails Cesaro’s arm with the chair and gets DQ’d. Ambrose starts throwing chairs into the ring.

WINNER: Cesaro via Disqualification

Backstage, Triple H is with Renee Young. He says he’s on his way to make his decision, and she asks if he shouldn’t be with his wife right now. He just looks at her and walks away.

Triple H makes his decision for John Cena’s Summerslam opponent. Randy Orton’s music hits and he walks out. He’s about to climb into the ring when Roman Reigns comes out and attacks him. Reigns throws Orton into the crowd and chases him off.

Paul Heyman walks out. He says he has so much respect for Triple H, and he hates to point out the obvious, but Plan A isn’t working. Plan B is great. Seth Rollins is great. But every time Rollins tries to cash in, Dean Ambrose is going to stop him. Heyman says he should implement Plan C, and Brock Lesnar’s music hits. Lesnar walks to the ring. Triple H pauses then smiles. He shakes Heyman’s hand and then Lesnar’s! Heyman gets on the mic and introduces himself. He says his client, Brock Lesnar, conquered The Undertaker’s Streak at Wrestlemania, which is why at this moment his client hereby officially announces his intention to conquer John Cena and take the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at Summerslam. He says Lesnar acknowledges the divide within the WWE Universe. There are those that wear their green shirt and cheer, “let’s go Cena!” Then, there are those that offer the contrarian opinion, those whose mommy’s don’t tuck them in at night, and they chant, “Cena sucks!” It doesn’t matter to Lesnar which side of the fence you want to ride on. The malpracticing Doctor of Thug-a-Nomics is in for the beating of his life. Heyman says he doesn’t just spew hype and hyperbole; he exploits historical facts to shove his points down our throats. He asks what happened the last time Lesnar zeroed in on someone and decided to give them a beating.

They show a clip of Wrestlemania and Lesnar beating The Undertaker and ending The Streak. He says beating The Undertaker at Wrestlemania wasn’t enough. He says Vince McMahon had to ride with The Undertaker to the hospital because the heartless chairman was so concerned for his life. The same beating awaits John Cena. Brock Lesnar won’t offer the chance for Cena to surrender the title. At Summerslam, Brock Lesnar will take down Cena. Cena will be hurt by Brock Lesnar. When Cena is mangled by Lesnar then, and only then, will Brock F-5 Cena and strip him of the dignity of being the WWE World Heavyweight Champion. The same way Lesnar exposed The Undertaker’s Streak as being a myth, the same myth surrounding John Cena being the greatest WWE Champion of all time. 15 World titles in 10 years sounds like something worth conquering. He pledges allegiance to the greatness of the conqueror who stands before him. And to his dominance, for which he stands, one Cenation under John now divisible with no more hustle, loyalty or respect for all. He’s the one behind the one in twenty-one and one. At Summerslam, Brock Lesnar will beat John Cena and become the WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

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UFC Fight Night 46 Recap: Conor McGregor stops Diego Brandao in first round

UFC Fight Night 46 took place on Saturday at the O2 in Dublin, Ireland and was headlined by Conor McGregor stopping Diego Brandao in the first round as he won by TKO.

The fight started off with a fast pace and Brandao attempted to get the fight to the ground. McGregor would defend the attempt and the fighters clinched against the fence.

They would end up going to the ground and McGregor would have top position. He would get out of the guard of Brandao and threw strikes while standing over him. Brandao would search for the leg of McGregor but he would not be able to get the submission.

After a brief period of striking, McGregor would land a combination that would put Brandao back on the mat and would finish the fight with strikes on the ground. McGregor (15-2) is now 3-0 in the UFC and this is his 13th career win by TKO/KO.

Nelson remains undefeated, earns 9th submission victory
The co-main event of the fight card was a welterweight bout and Gunnar Nelson remained undefeated as he submitted Zak Cummings in the second round.

There was an extended feeling out process between the fighters and Cummings ending up looking to take the fight to the ground against the fence. Nelson would defend the attempt and they went back to a striking contest in the middle of the cage. They would continue to battle on the feet for the remainder of the round and Cummings would land eight more strikes in the round. As the second round opened, Cummings would close the distance and clinch with Nelson.

At the three minute mark of the round, Nelson would land a sharp right but he would be unable to follow it up. Cummings would catch a kick of Nelson, but Nelson would take the fight to the mat and looked for a rear-naked choke. He would soften up Cummings with strikes before locking in the submission and Cummings would tap out.

Nelson (13-0-1) is now 4-0 in the UFC and this is his ninth career win to come by submission. Three of his four wins in the UFC have come by submission and two of those have come by rear-naked choke.

McCall scores decision over Pickett
In a battle of top ten UFC flyweight contenders, Ian McCall scored his second win in the UFC as he defeated Brad Pickett by unanimous decision.

The fighters opened the fight with a feeling out process of around one minute and would clinch against the fence. While in the clinch, Pickett would land an illegal knee to the groin and the fight was stopped momentarily. After the fight was restarted, they would end up back in the clinch and Pickett would end up breaking away. They would battle on the feet for the remainder of the round and McCall would land 21 more total strikes in the round.

At the start of the second, McCall was able to use the aggressiveness of Pickett to score a takedown. However, Pickett would get up but once again, McCall would take the fight to the ground. He would have the half guard position but once again, Pickett would work his way back to his feet. They continued to battle on the feet and Pickett looked for a takedown at the end of the round, but McCall would stop the attempt and the fight moved into the third round.

Pickett looked to take the fight to the ground at the two minute mark of the final round and would be unsuccessful in his attempt. They would continue to strike and McCall would get the fight to the ground with ninety seconds left in the fight. The fight would remain on the ground until the final bell and McCall (13-4-1) would win by unanimous decision. He is now 2-2-1 in the UFC and all of his fights in the promotion have gone the distance.

Parke remains unbeaten in UFC with second round victory
In the opening bout of the main card, Norman Parke scored his first stoppage victory in the UFC as he defeated Naoyuki Kotani by TKO in the second round.

As the fight opened, Parke was able to take control of the age and Kotani looked to take the fight to the ground. Parke would be able to defend the attempt and they would exchange strikes before clinching against the fence. Parke would land a short elbow as he backed out of the clinch and the fight moved back to the center of the cage. Once again, Kotani would look to take the fight to the ground and Parke would stop the attempt.

They would continue to battle on the feet before a failed takedown attempt by Kotani gave Parke control on the ground. Parke would land several significant short strikes as the round concluded and the fight moved into the second round. Parke continued to be the aggressor at the beginning of the second round and would end up taking the fight to the ground at the one minute mark of the round. Parke landed short elbows in the side control position but Kotani would go for a leg lock. Parke would immediately escaped and they got into the clinch position against the fence.

Once again, Parke would take the fight to the ground and land multiple strikes. Referee Marc Goodard would end up coming in to stop the fight when Kotani was not defending himself. Parke (20-2-1) is now 4-0-1 in the UFC and this is his first TKO victory since 2012.

The complete UFC Fight Night 46 results are below.

Main Card: (Fight Pass)
Conor McGregor def. Diego Brandao via TKO (strikes) – Round 1, 4:05
Gunnar Nelson def. Zak Cummings via submission (rear-naked choke) – Round 2, 4:48
Ian McCall def. Brad Pickett via unanimous decision (30-27, 30, 27, 29-28)
Norman Parke def. Naoyuki Kotani via TKO (strikes) – Round 2, 3:41

Preliminary Card: (Fight Pass)
Ilir Latifi def. Chris Dempsey via TKO (strikes) – Round 1, 2:07
Neil Seery def. Phil Harris via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)
Cathal Pendred def. Mike King via submission (rear-naked choke) – Round 2, 3:33
Trevor Smith def. Tor Troeng via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)
Nikita Krylov def. Cody Donovan via TKO (strikes) – Round 1, 4:57
Paddy Holohan def. Josh Sampo via submission (rear-naked choke) – Round 1, 3:06


UFC Fight Night 45 Recap: Donald Cerrone wins fourth straight with head kick knockout

UFC Fight Night 45 took place on Wednesday night in Atlantic City, New Jersey, and in the night’s main event, Donald Cerrone knocked out Jim Miller with a highlight-reel worthy head kick.

The fight started with a fast-paced, back-and-forth round that saw Miller slightly get the better of Cerrone on the feet with his boxing and score a takedown.

Cerrone started to control the contest in the second round eventually dropping Miller with a clean body kick. Referee Dan Miragliotta interpreted the kick as groin shot and incorrectly gave Miller time to continue. Once the fight resumed, Cerrone kept his foot on the accelerator and eventually placed his right foot on the temple of Miller, knocking him out.

Cerrone (24-6, 1 NC) has now finished his last four opponents within the first two rounds. Miller (24-5, 1 NC) suffered the first knockout loss in his career.

Barboza showcases kicking power
Midway through the first period of his lightweight bout against Evan Dunham, Edson Barboza dropped Dunham with a thunderous right kick to the body and pieced together a few more strikes until referee Keith Peterson halted the contest.

Barboza defended attempts from Dunham to bring the to the ground and was able to ultimately finish the fight inside the first frame. For the tenth time in his sixteen fight career, Barboza (14-2) finished a fight with strikes. Dunham (14-6) has now dropped four of his last five fights.

Story taps Mafra in the second
Rick Story earned a much-needed victory when submitted Leonardo Mafra in the second round with a head-and-arm choke.

As is usually the case in his fights, Rick Story utilized his wrestling and top position game to take Mafra out of his comfort zone and eventually obtain the victory. With the submission victory, Story (17-8) now has eight finishes on his resume, nearly matching his nine victories by decision. Mafra’s (11-2) return to the UFC was unsuccessful as he is now 0-2 in the promotion.

Lineker puts away Ozkilic late
With just nine seconds left in the fight, John Lineker put an exclamation point on his performance against Alptekin Ozkilic, finishing the Turkish flyweight with a barrage of punishing rights and ground strikes that forced referee Keith Peterson stop the bout.

Throughout the entire fight, Lineker dictated the pace with his boxing, punishing Ozkilic with an array of hooks and uppercuts. Although Alptekin Ozkilic was able to mount offense throughout the fight and keep it competitive, he was unable to completely match the heavy output of strikes from his Brazilian opponent.

Lineker (24-7) rebounded after his second loss in the UFC with an impressive victory that should vault him back up the flyweight ranks. His opponent, Ozkilic (9-3), has now lost consecutive fights for the first time in his MMA career.

The complete UFC Fight Night 45 results are below.

Main Card: (Fox Sports 1)
Donald Cerrone def. Jim Miller via KO (head kick) – Round 2, 3:31
Edson Barboza def. Evan Dunham via TKO (kick and punches) – Round 1, 3:06
Rick Story def. Leonardo Mafra via submission (head-and-arm choke) – Round 2, 2:12
Joe Proctor def. Justin Salas via TKO (strikes) – Round 2, 3:27
John Lineker def. Alptekin Ozkilic via TKO (strikes) – Round 3, 4:51
Lucas Martins def. Alex White via KO (punches) – Round 3, 2:08

Preliminary Card: (Fox Sports 1)
Gleison Tibau def. Pat Healy via unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28, 29-28)
Leslie Smith def. Jessamyn Duke via TKO (strikes) – Round 1, 2:24
Aljamain Sterling def. Hugo Viana via TKO (strikes) – Round 3, 3:50
Yosdenis Cedeno def. Jerrod Saunders via TKO (injury) – Round 1, 5:00

Preliminary Card: (Fight Pass)
Claudia Gadelha def. Tina Lahdemaki via unanimous decision (30-26, 30-27, 30-27)


Monday Night RAW Recap ~ E. Byrnside (07/14/14)

July 14, 2014

Richmond, VA

John Cena comes out for a promo. Cena tells Richmond the Champ is here. He says they’re ready for RAW, and we’re only 6 days away from Battleground. He plugs the WWE Network. He tells people to sign up because of the WWE World Championship. The Champ may not be here after Battleground. The Authority put him in a fatal-four-way match against Kane, Randy Orton and Roman Reigns. The rules are simple: the first Superstar to get a pinfall or submission is the champion. He doesn’t have to be pinned to lose the championship.

Roman Reigns comes down through the crowd. Cena says Richmond is chanting his names so he might as well introduce him: Roman Reigns. They’re partners tonight, but this Sunday they’ll be opponents. He thanks Roman for bailing him out last week. He says they have to make it to Sunday even if it is every man for himself at Battleground. Reigns tells Cena to get to the point. Cena says alright, they should handle The Authority tonight and get Kane and Orton out of the way before Battleground and the world can see who’s the best. Reigns says they should do it and then everyone will see if Cena’s as good everyone thinks he is.

Dean Ambrose cuts them off from backstage. He says he understands the testosterone driven routine going on between Reigns and Cena, but enough of the prettiest girl at the dance routine. He says they aren’t dancing tonight; they’re fighting. The Authority always has a plan, but tonight he has a plan of his own: Operation Screw the Authority. All they need to do is get together and kick their asses. Kane, Rollins and Orton walk up behind him and jump him. They slam him multiple times into a bay door and continue to beat Ambrose down. Rollins picks him up one more time and rams him into a wall, and Kane picks him up and chokeslams him onto a crate. Ambrose rolls over and asks if that’s all they got. Rollins climbs up onto the crate and puts Ambrose down with a Curb Stomp.

Sheamus vs. Miz

They air a promo Sheamus cut earlier. Sheamus says he’s not going to hit Miz in the face because he’s going to kick it clean off his shoulders. Miz comes out with a microphone in hand and says this Sunday he’s entering the Battle Royal at Battleground to become the new Intercontinental Champion. It only makes sense that a movie star that’s adored all over the world become a champion. His goal tonight is to keep the Brogue Kick away from WWE’s most important asset. He says his face will be on display on the Titan Tron throughout the match.

The bell rings, and Sheamus forces Miz into the corner. Mike Chioda has to pull him off. Sheamus slaps on a side headlock and Miz shoots him to the ropes. Sheamus knocks him down with a pair of elbows and Miz has to roll to the floor. Sheamus chases him and rolls him back inside to his own demise. Miz starts kicking Sheamus on his way back into the ring. Sheamus gets a few right hands in. Sheamus charges, and Miz dumps him over the top. Sheamus pulls Miz to the floor and tries whipping him into the barricade. Miz reverses, sending Sheamus into the barricade and rolls him back inside. Miz comes off the top with an axe handle. Sheamus reverses an Irish whip and scoops up Miz for the rolling senton. Miz rolls to the outside one more time and we’re off to commercial.

Back from break, and Sheamus is in control. Miz manages to ram Sheamus into the ring post and shoves him off the steps. Back in the ring, and Miz tries for a quick pin. Miz starts to work Sheamus’s ankle and tries a running boot. Sheamus catches the boot and tosses Miz backwards. Sheamus rallies with a few clotheslines and a shoulder tackle in the corner. Sheamus misses a Brogue Kick, but tosses Miz to the apron. Sheamus connects with a high knee and starts hammering away with 10 Beats… before bringing Miz in the hard way. Sheamus powerslams Miz for a 2-count. Miz tries to crawl out of the ring, but Sheamus pulls him back. Miz fires an elbow and Sheamus fires back with a clothesline to the back.

Miz tries to escape again and Sheamus pulls him back in. Sheamus charges the corner, but Miz moves out of the way. Sheamus kicks Miz in the shoulder and heads to the top. Miz catches him and pulls him off the top. Miz plants Sheamus with a DDT for another close 2-count. Miz starts to work Sheamus’s knee and tries a Figure-4. Sheamus kicks him off and hits an Irish Curse for a near-fall. Miz kicks Sheamus’s knee and tries a Skull Crushing Finale. Sheamus shoves him off and misses wildly on the Brogue Kick, allowing Miz the roll up for the 3-count.


Backstage, Orton, Rollins & Kane are talking about how bad they beat up Ambrose. Orton says they did their job well, and if they do their job that well on Sunday there’ll be nothing to stop him from walking out of Battleground the champion. Kane says he might walk out the champion. He’s only got Orton’s back if Orton has his. Triple H cuts them off and says they should both trust each other because he trusts both of them. What’s important is this Sunday at Battleground the WWE World Heavyweight Champions comes back to The Authority for some stability. Tonight, they need to take care of business. They need to have trust. They walk out and Stephanie walks in. She says she loves how Triple H handles himself in situations like that.

Dolph Ziggler vs. Fandango

Fandango takes down Dolph early on and stops to dance. Ziggler catches Fandango with a hip toss and misses a dropkick. Fandango backs Ziggler into the corner and unloads some right hands. Fandango whips Ziggler across into the opposite corner and applies a reverse chinlock. Ziggler fights to his feet, but Fandango slams him hard by the hair. Fandango drops an elbow and goes back to the chinlock. Ziggler fights back to his feet again and heads for the ropes. Ziggler ducks a clothesline and takes Fandango down with one of his own. Fandango avoids a splash in the corner, and Ziggler bounces off the post. Fandango’s music hits, and Summer Rae and Layla start dancing on the announce table. Ziggler nails Fandango with a dropkick, and the girls distract him. Fandango tries to attack Ziggler from behind, but Ziggler hits the Fame-Asser for the win.

WINNER: Dolph Ziggler

After the match, Layla and Summer Rae climb into the ring. They start dancing and want Ziggler to join them. They give Ziggler a quick kiss and leave together as Fandango looks on.

Backstage, Damien Sandow is dressed as a Sonic server. Sandow skates into the shot and wants a tray of food. Adam Rose and his crew dance into the shot. He wants to know why Sandow was being such a lemon to the Sonic girl. Rose describes the hot dog and Sandow says he was about to enjoy some cheesy goodness, and Rose wasn’t invited. Rose says Sandow doesn’t deserve it. They start a tug-o-war with the hot dog and Sandow ends up getting rolled off and crashes out of sight, leaving Rose to take a bite out of the hot dog.

The Usos come out to the ring for a match, but Luke Harper and Erick Rowan attack them from behind. Rowan rams one of the Usos into the ring post, and Harper kicks him over the barricade into the crowd. They roll the other Uso into the ring and continue the assault. Harper and Rowan hit a double-Razor’s Edge on the other Uso.

The United States / Russia Détente

Jack Swagger w/ Zeb Colter vs. Rusev w/ Lana

Cole says the reason for the détente is to work toward the easing of tensions that have plagued the two nations over the years. He says Lana has said some things that prompted Colter to make a challenge on behalf of Jack Swagger to talk on Rusev at Battleground. Lana says, for the people that speak the better language, and starts speaking in Russian. She says Mr. Colter and America are the same: they simply choose violence to solve all their problems. America wants to be the savior of the world yet they can’t save themselves. He’s only showing his desperation and he’s stupid. All of America is stupid. The crowd picks up a big U-S-A chant and Lana shouts at everyone to shut up. She says America at birth, when they won their freedom from the British, they decided to fight each other in the Civil War, like savages. Unlike mother Russia, which is a peaceful and loving country. Lana says they can come to an understanding if Colter admits his mistakes. Another U-S-A chant breaks out, and Lana shouts again. Lana mocks the crowd, chanting U-S-A.

Zeb gets the microphone and asks if she wants him to apologize. He says they’re visitors in this country. Years ago he laid down in the jungle with bullets flying over his head. He didn’t do that to come back for them to bad mouth this country. He took a vow to protect the US from all enemies foreign and domestic, which they are. He says their answer is not no, but hell no! Lana says his arrogance is the reason the USA is crumbling to pieces. She says there’s help. There’s one man that has the remedy to solve and help the nation’s disastrous situation, and it’s Vladimir Putin.

Zeb says Putin is an ugly man. He says we elect the President every 4-8 years, and they show Obama on the screen. And whether we like him or not, he’s our President, and real Americans always respect the President of the United States. But he came here to get answers. He tells Lana to move out of the way. He wants to talk to Rusev. He wants to know when Rusev’s going to step out from behind a woman and face Swagger at Battleground. Rusev says this is war. Lana walks Rusev out of the ring. Zeb says he’s often wondered who wears the pants or the skirt in their relationship, and now he knows. We the people…

Lana slaps Zeb across the face, and Swagger takes down Rusev. Lana pulls Swagger off by the hair and Rusev sends Swagger into one of the podiums. Rusev splashes Swagger in the corner and backs up. Rusev tries a kick, but Swagger counters into a Patriot Lock! Rusev finally gets free and has to retreat up the ramp with Lana.

Backstage, Roman Reigns is with John Cena. Cena says Ambrose is out and it’s now 3-on-2 for the main event tonight. Cena tells Reigns to stand up. He understands Reigns wants to be the Champion, but neither one of them is going to walk out on Sunday as the Champion if they don’t trust each other. Reigns says by the end of the night, they’ll take out all 3 of them. Believe that.

Alberto Del Rio vs. Rob Van Dam

Del Rio gains control early on until RVD reverses a whip. Van Dam sends Del Rio out of the corner with a monkey flip and clotheslines Del Rio to the outside. Van Dam tries a springboard to the outside, but Del Rio traps RVD in the ring skirt and kicks him in the head. Back inside the ring, and Del Rio slaps on a chinlock. RVD rallies to his feet and heads for the ropes. RVD tries a sunset flip, but Del Rio rolls through and kicks Van Dam in the head again. Del Rio plants RVD with a DDT for a 2-count. Del Rio connects on a running enzuiguiri in the corner and stomps Van Dam repeatedly.

Del Rio applies a modified Camel Clutch. Van Dam battles to his feet, but Del Rio slams him by the hair. Del Rio misses a kick, allowing RVD to rally with clotheslines and a hurricanrana. Van Dam connects with a thrust kick and the Rolling Thunder for 2. Del Rio tries to ram RVD into the turnbuckle, but RVD blocks it and kicks Del Rio in the face. RVD misses a springboard thrust kick, but connects on a spinning heel kick. Van Dam hops to the top for a 5-Star Frog Splash, but Del Rio gets the knees up and traps Van Dam in the Cross Armbreaker for the victory.

WINNER: Alberto Del Rio

Nikki Bella comes out for a Diva’s tag team match. Stephanie McMahon comes out and says Nikki’s all alone because Brie abandoned her last month when she quit WWE. When Brie left, she left her own flesh and blood, her sister and best friend, and Nikki is left to suffer the consequences. Once again, tonight Nikki has to go it alone.

One-on-Two Handicap Diva’s Match:

Nikki Bella vs. Alicia Fox and Cameron

Nikki takes down Alicia with a fireman’s carry. Nikki starts to work Alicia’s arm and rolls her up for 2. Nikki applies a front facelock, but Alicia backs her into the corner and tags in Cameron. Cameron kicks Nikki and slams her by the hair. Cameron tries a clothesline, but Nikki counters into a face-buster. Nikki tosses Cameron into Alicia, knocking her off the apron. Nikki slams Cameron with an Alabama Slam, and Alicia Fox has to make the save. Cameron manages to make a tag to Alicia, and they utilize the 5-count for a double team. Alicia makes a quick tag, and Cameron kicks Nikki repeatedly. Alicia snapmares Nikki and applies a chinlock. Nikki fights to her feet as Alicia taunts her. Nikki overpowers Alicia until Alicia knees her in the back and tries to throw her to the floor. Nikki bounces off the ropes and tries a pin. Nikki starts to rally and knocks Cameron off the apron. Alicia trips Nikki off the turnbuckle and smashes her face into the mat for the 3-count.

WINNERS: Alicia Fox and Cameron

Michael Cole announces you’ll receive a special character if you pre-order WWE2K15. They cut to an awesome promo of a symphony playing Sting’s music! The symphony turns to the camera all wearing Sting face paint. Awesome.

Backstage, Randy Orton confronts Triple H. He wants to talk about Kane. He says he gets a bad vibe. Triple H tells him Kane is just a pawn, their pawn. The plan is for Orton to win the WWE World Championship at Battleground. Kane will stick to the plan. Orton is the plan. Orton wants to know if Orton is the plan, then what’s the point of Plan B?

Elsewhere, Stardust is with Goldust. He says Goldust’s face is an interstellar roadmap to the cosmos. Goldust asks if it’s the Yellow Brick Road. He says they’re not in Kansas anymore. Where they’re going, all that glitters is Gold.

Cesaro vs. Big E w/ Kofi Kingston

The bell sounds, and Cesaro takes down Big E with a German suplex. Cesaro charges, but Big E catches him with a sidewalk slam and then knocks him off the apron into the barricade. On the outside, and Big E avoids being thrown into the barricade, but Cesaro sends him over the barricade and sends him into the crowd. Back inside, and Cesaro double stumps Big E. Cesaro taunts Big E, and Big E tries to fire back. They trade right hands. Cesaro comes off the ropes. Big E catches him, looking for a gorilla press, but Cesaro slips out and lands on his feet. Cesaro takes Big E off his feet with a forearm to the back and a clothesline.

Cesaro applies a side headlock, and Big E powers to his feet. Cesaro breaks the momentum with a double under-hook powerbomb. Cesaro slaps on a sleeper hold and Big E has to battle to his feet again. Big E lifts Cesaro on his back and rams him into the corner. Cesaro hops right back on to Big E with another sleeper, and Big E slams him into the corner again. Big E throws Cesaro with a belly-to-belly suplex. Big E tackles Cesaro in the corner and hits another belly-to-belly suplex. Big E lands the big splash, and the straps come down. Cesaro rolls to the floor and hangs Big E off the top rope.

Cesaro pulls a chair out and throws it at Kofi. Cesaro grabs another chair and tries to hit Big E, but Kofi blocks it and Big E hits the Big Ending for the 3-count.


Chris Jericho comes to call out Bray Wyatt. Jericho welcomes everyone to RAW is Jericho. It feels good to be back in the WWE. This ring is home to him. He’s been working here for 15 years and he’s seen and done everything in the WWE. He’s seen Yurple the Clown, Naked Mideon, 3-Minute Warnings, 5-Second Poses, Big Boppa Pump, Big Bossman, Big Show, Shawn Michaels, Michael Hayes, Lord Alfred Hayes, and Lord Tensai. He’s seen The Under almost get burned alive by his own pyro. He wrestled John Cena in his very first pay per view. He’s been knocked out by Mike Tyson, Mickey Rourke… and Bob Barker, he’ll still take you on any place. He’s a nine-time Intercontinental Champion. He beat The Rock and Stone Cold in the same night to become the first Undisputed Champion ever. He’s a six-time world champion and a musical chairs champion. He thought he had done everything, but he’s never seen anything like Bray Wyatt. Wyatt is an anomaly, a manipulator, a freak surrounded by freaks, an unstoppable force. And for some reason, Wyatt set his sights on Chris Jericho, and he wants to know why. At Battleground, it’ll be two opposites facing off for the first time, but maybe they have more in common than we know. If Wyatt wants to get nuts at Battleground, he’ll get nuts. Wyatt says he’s got the whole world in his hands, Jericho’s got the WWE Universe in his hands, and that’s a true unstoppable force.

The lights flicker, and Bray Wyatt is backstage. He laughs and asks, “why you?” He asks if Chris remembers what it’s like to be a child, full of energy and laughing, running through the grass. Children have such frail, little minds and when they’re struck by the cold hands of life, it makes them different. Why Chris? Where was Jericho when we needed him? He said he would save us. We remember every thing. He’s done a lot of bad things to people. He’s gone to war with very powerful men. Along his journey he’s noticed a constant. No matter how mean or tough they thought they were, no matter what they had been through in their lives, they all scream. So will Jericho. He asks if Chris is afraid of the dark and blows out the lantern. The lights go out in the arena. When they come back up, Erick Rowan and Luke Harper have Jericho surrounded. Jericho tries to fight them off, but he’s quickly outnumbered. Jericho ducks a big boot from Harper and slides out of the ring. Jericho backs up the ramp, and Bray Wyatt attacks him from behind. Wyatt pulls Jericho to his feet and hits him with a Sister Abigail on the stage.

AJ Lee vs. Eva Marie

Paige is joining us for commentary. AJ skips around the ring and works Eva’s shoulder. Eva overpowers AJ and snapmares her off her feet. AJ fires back with a dropkick. AJ pulls Eva’s hair and drags her around the ring as she skips. AJ hits her with a spinning heel kick and chases Eva out to the floor. AJ follows her, but Eva kicks her into the ring apron and rolls her back inside. Eva puts a knee in AJ’s back and pulls back on her arms. AJ makes it back to her feet, but Eva knees her in the gut and whips her into the corner. Eva hits AJ with a backbreaker. Eva whips her into the corner again and tries for another backbreaker, but AJ counters into a Black Widow, and Eva Marie has to tap out.


After the match, AJ skips around the ring and puts the Diva’s belt in front of JBL. She sits down on the table and takes his headset. Paige congratulates her on her win, and they start complimenting each other, and AJ leaves abruptly.

Backstage, Stephanie McMahon is with Triple H. They’re talking about FLO-Rida and Kane walks in. He says there’s a problem with Plan A. He doesn’t like or trust Randy Orton. Stephanie says working with people you don’t like is just part of business. Triple H says the WWE World Heavyweight Championship being in the Authority is best for business.

Bo Dallas is in the ring. Bo says last week he defeated El Torrito, the biggest little man in WWE. He might be tiny, but his heart is huge! He can only hope his opponent tonight has a heart as big as Torrito.

The Great Khali vs. Bo Dallas

Bo avoids Khali and tries a chop. Khali takes Bo off his feet, unfazed and sends Bo into the corner for a massive chop. Khali continues to chop Bo in the corner, and Bo falls to his knees. Bo tries more chops, but Khali throws him over the top to the floor. Khali goes to the outside to follow up, and Bo is crawling away. Bo comes back with a dropkick to the knee, and Khali hits hard. Bo climbs up to the apron and hits a Bo-Dog off the apron! Bo rolls inside, and Khali is counted out.

WINNER: Bo Dallas

Bo grabs a mic again, and tells Khali not to get himself down. He might’ve lost tonight… And Khali chops him right off his feet.

Backstage, Seth Rollins is with The Authority. He says he doesn’t think Orton and Kane can get along at Battleground and says if Cena or Reigns wins, he’ll be ready to cash in. Paul Heyman walks up and says he’s been biding his time. He says he really likes their Plan B. But just in case, if they need a guaranteed Plan C, he’s the guy they need to talk to.

Renee Young is in the ring and introduces Ric Flair. Flair looks Renee over and says they’re live in Richmond, Virginia. He’s had some fun in this city. He tells Renee that Virginia is for lovers. There’s no greater lover alive than “The Nature Boy!” WOO! She wants a prediction from Flair. Who does he think will win the Fatal-4-Way at Battleground? He says there’s only one man that can strike like a viper, and only one man that can ride through hellfire and brimstone, and one man that you can believe in, but his man is John Cena.

Roman Reigns makes his way through the crowd. He stares down Flair and then shakes his hand and Flair exits.

John Cena’s music hits, and he walks out as Flair’s leaving. Cena hands Flair the World Heavyweight Championship Flair, himself, made famous. Flair holds it up and tries to give it back, but Cena won’t take it and heads into the ring.

Two-on-Three Handicap Match:

Roman Reigns and John Cena vs. Randy Orton, Seth Rollins and Kane

Cena and Rollins start this. Rollins slaps on a side headlock and Cena shoots him off. Cena takes him down with a tackle. Rollins backs off to his corner and tags in Orton. They tie up, and Orton gets a side headlock applied. Cena shoots Orton off and gets an elbow up to take down Orton. Orton backs off and makes the tag to Kane. Cena gets a headlock on Kane, and Kane shoots him to the ropes and takes him down with a tackle. Roman Reigns makes the blind tag off Cena, and faces off with Kane. Kane kicks him in the gut and throws several rights at Reigns.

Reigns starts to fire back, but Kane gets him with a knee to the gut. Kane sends Reigns to the ropes, but Reigns gets him with a head butt. Reigns backs Kane to the corner and start to unload the mounted punches. Kane takes Reigns off his feet easily, and Reigns rolls to the apron. Reigns hangs Kane off the top rope. Reigns heads to the second and takes Kane off his feet with a right hand. Reigns nails Kane in the corner wit ha clothesline. Reigns takes Orton off the apron, allowing Kane to regroup and take Reigns off his feet and drag him into his corner. Rollins tags in and unloads on Reigns as we head to commercial.

Back from break, and Reigns is still in trouble against Kane. They trade big right hands. Reigns manages a flying clothesline and both men are down. Kane tags in Rollins and Cena gets the hot tag on the other side. Cena starts to clean house on Rollins with the flying tackles, the spinning side slam and the 5-Knuckle Shuffle. Kane comes in to prevent the AA, allowing Rollins to regroup and catch Cena with a kick. Orton tags in and they double-team Cena. Orton applies a headlock, and Cena has to battle back and overpowers Orton. Cena hits Orton with a dropkick. Cena knocks Rollins off the apron but walks into a backbreaker from Orton. Orton stomps Cena’s head and tags in Kane.

Kane drops a leg on Cena for 2. Cena throws some rights at Kane and tries an AA, but Kane is too heavy and falls on top of Cena. Rollins tags back in and they utilize the 5-count for another double-team. Rollins throws a series of jabs in Cena’s face. Rollins applies a chinlock, and Cena has to battle one more time. Cena makes it to his feet with Rollins on his back and Cena throws Rollins off his back. Rollins catches Cena in the gut with a thrust kick. Rollins hits a vertical suplex, followed by a second. Rollins tries for the 3 Amigos, but Cena reverses and both men are down.

Both men manage to make tags, and Reigns takes out Orton with a flying clothesline. Reigns charges Orton in the corner with another clothesline. Reigns takes Orton down with a right hand. Orton drops to the bottom rope, and Reigns connects with the flying kick from the outside. Reigns sets up for a Superman Punch and takes out Kane. Rollins comes off the top, but Reigns avoids the contact and sends Rollins to the floor with a clothesline. Orton catches Reigns off guard, but Reigns hits him with a Samoan Drop. Reigns is looking for the Spear, and Kane takes him down from behind.

Kane and Orton start the double-team on Roman Reigns and referee Charles Robinson calls for the DQ. Cena comes back and dumps Kane to the floor. Cena and Orton are fighting. Orton tries a second rope DDT, but Cena counters and dumps Orton onto the apron. Kane tries to intervene, but Cena ducks and Kane nails Orton instead. Cena fights Kane in the corner and tries an AA on Kane. Reigns climbs back into the ring on the other side, looking to Spear Orton, but Orton side steps and Kane sends Cena into Reigns’s Spear! Kane looks around to survey the damage and walks into an RKO from Orton! Orton stands tall. Orton hops off the turnbuckle and turns around into a Spear from Reigns, and Reigns is the only one left standing as RAW ends.

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Monday Night RAW Recap ~ E. Byrnside (07/07/14)

July 7, 2014

Montreal, QC

Roman Reigns makes his way through the crowd for a promo. He says he comes down to the ring for a point. He says Triple H put him into the Fatal 4-Way at Battle Ground because it’s best for business. Maybe Triple H thinks he can neutralize John Cena, which he can. Maybe Triple H thinks Kane can neutralize him, but he won’t. Maybe Randy Orton can walk out WWE Champion, but he won’t. He understands he’s a wanted man, but he’s got a hair trigger. The crowd starts to chant “Cena sucks!” Reigns looks around and says they’re damn right. When he’s in the ring, Cena sucks. He says he doesn’t care if The Authority is here or not because what they have to say is irrelevant. What Randy Orton wants is irrelevant because he’s just a pawn in the game. Roman Reigns isn’t a pawn, he’s the next WWE World Heavyweight Champion; believe that.

The pyro goes off and Kane makes his way out to the ramp. Reigns asks him if he’s standing in for The Authority tonight. Is he no longer the Devil’s Favorite Demon? Or is he just Triple H’s lapdog? Lately he’s looked like Randy Orton’s bitch. Kane makes his way down to the ring. Reigns doesn’t wait for Kane to get to the ring and goes after Kane. Kane gains control and rolls Reigns inside the ring. Reigns fights him off and clotheslines him over the barricade. The fight spills out into the crowd and Reigns bounces Kane’s head off a table. Kane fights him off again and throws Reigns back over the barricade. Kane rams Reigns into the ring post and rolls him back inside. Kane starts stomping Reigns and the referees come down to break it up. Kane chokeslams one of the refs and Reigns gets back up and sends Kane back to the outside. Finley and Jamie Noble manage to hold Reigns back until Kane shoves Noble off and Spears Finley. Kane hops up onto the apron and Reigns catches him with a Superman Punch. Dean Malenko, Mike Rotundo and Joey Mercury have to step in front of Kane with the referees to keep them separated.

Luke Harper & Erick Rowan vs. The Usos

Harper will start this with Jey Uso. Harper gains control early and uses his size until Jey hits him with a cross body and a super kick to the gut, sending him to the outside. Jimmy tags in and they hit Rowan with a double clothesline, sending him out to the floor. Harper makes his way back into the ring and forces Jimmy into the corner. Harper tries to whip Jimmy across, but Jimmy slides on his knees, but Harper takes him down quickly and chokes him with a knee before tagging in Rowan.

Rowan ties up Uso in the ropes and rakes his eyes. Rowan scoop slams Uso and twists Uso’s neck and rakes his face again. Rowan comes off the ropes for a big leg drop and misses. Jey gets the tag and tries to take Rowan off his feet and finally does with a dropkick. Uso tries to whip Rowan, but Rowan stands his ground, reverses and tackles Uso. Harper tags back in and chops Uso on the double team. Harper tears at Jey’s face. Harper makes another tag and hits a pump-handle fall away slam, allowing Rowan to land a big splash off the ropes as we head to commercial.

Back from break, and the Wyatts still have control. Rowan crushes Jimmy Uso’s head with his fists. Uso battles back and makes it to a vertical base, but Rowan shoves him back into the corner and tags in Harper. Harper sends Rowan into Uso in the corner, but Uso avoids the contact and Rowan crashes into the turnbuckle. Harper tries a running boot, but Uso moves again and Harper crashes into the rope and falls to the floor. Harper tries to prevent the tag, but Jey makes the hot tag to Jimmy. Uso comes off the top with a cross body and starts to clean house on Harper with a series of clotheslines. Uso takes Rowan off the apron and hits Harper with a Samoan Drop.

Uso charges, ducks a clothesline and hops to the top rope for a corkscrew senton. Rowan breaks up a pinfall and sends Jey Uso out to the floor. Rowan tries to follow him, but Jey slides right back in and takes out Harper with a huge dive over the top rope. Back inside, and Harper blocks a kick from Jimmy and levels him with a kick of his own for a near-fall. Harper tries to attack Jimmy from inside the ring, and he takes a kick to the face. Harper turns and walks into a kick from Jey for another close call.

Jey heads to the top, but Rowan throws Jimmy into the same ring post from the outside, tripping up Jey. Harper gets a chance and trips up Uso on the top rope. Uso lands hard on the mat, and Harper crushes him with a sit-down powerbomb, and Jimmy Uso has to make the save. Jimmy sends Harper out to the floor. Harper hops onto the apron and eats a double super kick from the Usos. The Usos head for the ropes, but Rowan trips them up on the other side. Uso (honestly, I’ve lost track of which one) turns into a massive clothesline from Harper, and the Wyatts get the pinfall.

After the match the Usos are arguing with the referee that Harper pinned the illegal man, so at least I don’t feel so bad about getting them confused.

WINNERS: The Wyatts

Backstage, Randy Orton is with Kane. Orton asks how Roman Reigns has the nerve to put his hands on Kane. Orton says if Reigns had done one more thing to Kane, he’d have been out there in a second to help him out. Orton says he knows Kane will help ensure he wins the title at Battle Ground. Kane says the title will definitely be coming back to The Authority. Seth Rollins walks in and says he loves to see the solidarity. He says The Authority isn’t here tonight and that’s why it’s extra important they have each other’s backs tonight. He says no matter who wins between Orton and Kane at Battle Ground, he’ll think twice about cashing in on them. Rollins leaves, and Orton says he’s really starting to hate the kid. Kane says he is too, but not nearly as much as he’s starting to hate Orton and walks out.

One-Arm-Tied-Behind-Their-Back Match:

Nikki Bella vs. Alicia Fox

The referee ties Nikki up and goes to Alicia. Alicia gives the referee a hard time and attacks Nikki while she’s tied up and eventually knocks her out to the floor. Alicia hops down and rams Nikki into the barricade repeatedly. Alicia tosses Nikki back inside and Nikki manages a slap to Alicia’s face. Alicia fires back with several more kicks and runs around on the outside. She goes under the ring and pulls a couple of Red Bulls out and starts dousing Nikki with them before storming off.

WINNER: No Contest

Rusev and Lana are in the ring. Lana says if Canada would just accept the leadership of Vladimir Putin… Rob Van Dam’s music cuts her off before she can finish.

Rusev w/ Lana vs. Rob Van Dam

RVD unloads with punches, kicks and forearms, sending Rusev into the corner. RVD tries to whip Rusev, but Rusev counters and sends RVD back into the corner. Rusev charges, but Van Dam moves out of the way and catches Rusev with a kick to the face and a springboard thrust kick. RVD charges Rusev, but Rusev backdrops him onto the apron. Van Dam catches Rusev with a tornado DDT. Van Dam hops up to the top rope, but Rusev catches him and tosses him off. Rusev clotheslines Van Dam from behind and stomps away. Rusev scoops up RVD and knees him in the ribs before tossing him with a fall-away slam.

Rusev slaps on a rear chinlock as we cut to a promo from Zeb Colter. Zeb says Rusev and Lana haven’t responded to the Real American’s challenge yet. RVD hits Rusev with a Stunner and heads for the ropes, but Rusev takes him off his feet with an elbow. Rusev continues to keep Van Dam grounded and shouts in his face. Rusev tosses Van Dam into the corner and kicks him several more times, before slapping on a front facelock. Van Dam tries to battle to his feet and does. Van Dam tries a cross body, but Rusev catches him mid-air. Van Dam rolls him up, but Rusev kicks out at 2. Van Dam throws several kicks at Rusev, but Rusev catches him. Rob Van Dam manages to get a boot into Rusev’s face and hops up to the top again.

RVD comes off the top with a kick and tries Rolling Thunder. Rusev rolls out of the way and Van Dam lands on his feet before Rusev nails him with a leaping thrust kick. Lana yells at Rusev for the crush, and Van Dam taps out to The Accolade.


Randy Orton vs. Dean Ambrose

They circle each other before tying up. Ambrose forces Orton into the corner, and referee Charles Robinson has to pull him off. Orton rolls out to the floor to regroup. Ambrose wrestles Orton off his feet and works an armbar. Orton fights to his feet and elbows Ambrose in the face. Orton starts to work Ambrose’s injured shoulder, but Ambrose quickly regains control and rubs Orton’s face into the met.

Orton retreats to the corner, and Ambrose attacks him with a shoulder tackle. Ambrose clotheslines Orton, stomps him and drops a knee into his throat. Orton manages to drop-toe-hold Ambrose into the turnbuckle and hammers Ambrose with several right hands. Ambrose counters as Orton panders to the crowd and unloads with right hands. Ambrose rakes Orton’s eyes off the top rope and takes him down with a dropkick. Ambrose stomps Orton hard in the gut and ties him up in a modified STF. Ambrose turns it into a modified straight-jacket clutch, but Orton rolls through and nails Ambrose with a clothesline. Orton backs Ambrose into the corner and starts to find his rhythm and really unload. Orton stops to pander to the crowd, and that allows Ambrose time to rest and take Orton off his feet before clotheslining him out to the floor, and we’re off to another commercial.

Back from break, and Orton has control, working Ambrose’s injured shoulder. During the break Orton rammed Ambrose into the steel steps a couple of times. Ambrose, meanwhile, is fighting to his feet, but Orton takes him out with a patented dropkick. Orton continues to work Ambrose’s shoulder with an armbar. Orton drops a knee on Ambrose’s shoulder and continues to attack. Ambrose finally fights out of the armbar. Orton yanks on Ambrose’s arm. Ambrose comes off the ropes, and Orton ducks his head, allowing Ambrose to hit a DDT.

They make it to their feet and start trading fists. Ambrose starts to rally with running clotheslines. Ambrose unloads on Orton with kicks in the corner. Orton counters a whip and tries the backbreaker, but Ambrose counters, trips up Orton and applies the Figure-Four. Orton finally makes it to the ropes, breaking the hold. Ambrose climbs to the top. Ambrose leaps off and lands awkwardly, allowing Orton to hit another dropkick. Orton takes more time to gloat for the crowd. Orton hits Ambrose with an uppercut. Ambrose bounces off the ropes and takes out Orton with a clothesline. Ambrose tries Dirty Deeds. Orton shoves him off. Orton charges Ambrose. Ambrose ducks, and Orton tumbles out to the floor.

Ambrose sends Orton into the barricade and starts throwing chairs into the ring. Ambrose rolls Orton back inside. Orton rolls right back to the floor. Ambrose starts chasing Orton, but Orton kicks him in the gut and rams Ambrose into the post shoulder-first. Orton sends Ambrose over the barricade into the timekeeper’s area. Orton drags Ambrose up to the barricade and hits the hanging DDT off the barricade onto the floor. Ambrose slides in just before he’s counted out. Orton stomps on Ambrose. Things start moving quickly as Ambrose tries to roll up Orton and Orton kicks out. Ambrose tries a backslide and Orton kicks out. Orton kicks Ambrose in the face. Ambrose bounces off the ropes, and Orton hits Ambrose with an RKO out of nowhere for the win.

WINNER: Randy Orton

Renee Young is with John Cena. She wants to know how he feels about facing Seth Rollins later tonight. Cena says he’s the biggest target in the WWE. He has a briefcase hanging over his head and he has a match at Battle Ground where he doesn’t even have to lose to lose. But that’s what being champion is about. A lot of people talk about what’s best for business. He says the championship is about handling business. He’s handled business since he started in the WWE. Roman Reigns walks in and tells Cena good luck tonight. Cena says he doesn’t need it. Reigns says he’ll need a ton of it at Battle Ground when he faces him.

Alberto Del Rio vs. Dolph Ziggler

Fandango is joining us for commentary and announces his entrance into the Battle Royal at Battle Ground. The bell rings, and Del Rio starts things off with a side headlock. Ziggler shoots him into the ropes, and Del Rio takes him down with a tackle. Ziggler hits a neckbreaker and drops an elbow. Ziggler clotheslines Del Rio over the top to the floor. Ziggler tries a baseball slide out to Del Rio, but Del Rio tangles Ziggler up in the ring apron and lays him out with an enzuiguiri!

Back inside, and Del Rio unloads on Ziggler. Del Rio applies a reverse chinlock. Ziggler battles to his feet and misses a dropkick. Del Rio misses a clotheslines and Ziggler capitalizes with a cross body. Ziggler tries the punches in the corner, but Del Rio counters and shoves Ziggler. Ziggler’s perched on the top turnbuckle, and Del Rio connects with an inverted superplex.

Del Rio misses a superkick. Ziggler tries a DDT, but Del Rio counters. Del Rio tries for a Cross Armbreaker, but Ziggler counters into a DDT for a 2-count. Ziggler tries a Zig-Zag, but Del Rio hooks the ropes. Del Rio tries a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker, but Ziggler lands on his feet and nails Del Rio with a dropkick. Del Rio manages an armbreaker and tries a running enzuiguiri in the corner. Ziggler ducks and hits a Fame-Asser for a near-fall. Fandango’s music hits and he starts dancing on the announce table. Del Rio takes advantage of the distraction and nails Ziggler with a superkick for the win.

WINNER: Alberto Del Rio

Stardust is Backstage. He wants to know what Goldust’s sign is. He says he knows the roads they are traveling and he knows where they’re going. They’re going to require something bizarre. Goldust pops into the shot and says there’s nobody more bizarre than them. Where they’re going, they don’t need roads! He says it’s written in the stars. Stardust says time isn’t linear; it’s a celestial, cosmic clock. Goldust says they’ll never forget the name Goldust. Stardust hisses and says, Starrrdust.

Elsewhere, Fandango is walking. Layla walks up and wants to know what he was doing out at the ring. Was he jealous Summer kissed Dolph last week? He says he only has eyes for her. He says Dolph embarrassed him last week and that’s an insult to their love. She doesn’t know what she’d do if he still cared for Summer. He says their dance is so beautiful no one will ever cut in. The camera pans over, and Fandango is staring at Summer Rae.

Jerry Lawler is in the ring. He says last time he was here, he wasn’t sure if he’d ever be back. He thanks all the people that revived him from his heart attack. He says that last time was a damper on what was supposed to be a celebration of two great Canadians: Bret Hart and Pat Patterson.

Bret Hart makes his way to the ring! Bret thanks the crowd in French. He says no matter what happened here in the past, it’s always an honor to be back in Montreal. He speaks from the heart when he says he could have just one more match, lace up his boots one more time, it’d be in Montreal. He’s getting goose bumps. He’s getting the same rush when he was the WWE Champion: The Best There Is, The Best There Was, and The Best There Ever Will Be… He gets cut off by his own music.

Damien Sandow comes out dressed like Bret Hart. He says he’s the true Best There Is, Best There Was and Ever will be, Damien Sand-hart. He’s reminded of the regret he’s had in his career. But he’s not talking about how he tapped out to his own submission hold to his own idol right here in the building. He says he was so embarrassed that he lost, he pretended it was an elaborate screwjob and everyone bought into it. His one regret was that throughout his whole career was that he was proud to be from a third world country like Canada. He has another regret that he never stood in the ring with the greatest performer in the WWE, Damien Sandow. He says that talking hasn’t been Bret’s strong suit… And Bret nails him with a right hand, sending Sandow out to the floor. Bret finishes Sandow’s thought and says that punching was.

Sheamus vs. Damien Sandow

The match started during the break. Sandow is on the outside and pulls Sheamus out to the floor and swings him into the barricade. Sandow rolls Sheamus inside and tries for a cover, but Sheamus kicks out quickly. Sandow applies a reverse chinlock, and Sheamus has to battle to his feet. Sheamus comes off the ropes, and Sandow gets a knee up. Sandow hits a Side-Russian Legsweep and hits a knee drop from the second rope. Sandow tries to put Sheamus in the Sharpshooter, but Sheamus grabs a hold of Sandow’s beard and counters. Sandow tries to kick Sheamus, but Sheamus catches his boot and shoves him. Sandow rolls to the apron, and Sheamus catches him with the 10 Beats… Sheamus wins it with Brogue Kick.

WINNER: Sheamus

Backstage, Renee Young is with The Miz. He says he has something more important than Renee’s outstanding question, a letter from a fan. He reads the letter and it says it’s from his biggest fan. Last week when the fan heard that a multi-media Superstar would be on RAW, they said a little prayer hoping it would be Miz. But then that rat-faced, tattooed rock star, Chris Jericho viciously attacked Miz when he wasn’t looking. Part of the guy died inside. The fan begs Miz to put Jericho in his place and resume his track to main event Wrestlemania. Miz asks what would happen to The Marine 4 and the WWE if something happened to his face, the moneymaker. What would the fans lose? He tells little Johnny not to worry and says that Chris Jericho is ready for his close up with his fist.

The Miz vs. Chris Jericho

Miz takes Jericho off his feet with a tackle and stomps away. Jericho gets back to his feet and chops Miz. Jericho threatens a fist, and Miz backs off, allowing Jericho to clothesline Miz over the top to the floor. Miz climbs back to the apron and Jericho nails him with a dropkick off the top rope. Jericho tries to ram Miz into the ring post, but Miz blocks it. Jericho hits him in the gut and rolls him back inside for a running bulldog. Jericho tries for a Lion Sault, but Miz has it scouted and shoves Jericho over the top rope.

Miz rams Jericho into the apron and rolls Jericho back inside. Miz throws a couple of right hands into Jericho’s face. Miz comes off the ropes with a running boot. Miz rakes Jericho’s face and applies a reverse chinlock. Jericho rallies to his feet and chops Miz. Miz reverses an Irish whip, but Jericho hits him with a flying forearm and a shoulder tackle. Miz tosses Jericho over the top, but Jericho lands on the apron and heads to the top for a double axe handle. Jericho gets the crowd on their feet and tries for Walls of Jericho. Miz counters and kicks Jericho in the face. Miz tries a running clothesline in the corner, but Jericho hits an enzuiguiri instead. Miz reverse a whip into the corner. Jericho leaps over Miz as he charges in. Miz kicks Jericho’s knee and hits a DDT for a 2-count.

Miz misses with another running big boot, and Jericho rolls him up for 2. Jericho tries a dropkick, but Miz avoids it and puts Jericho into the Figure-Four. Jericho finally makes it to the ropes and The Miz lets go. Miz stomps Jericho’s weakened knee. Jericho catches Miz in the face with a right hand and slaps on The Walls of Jericho, and Miz has no choice but to tap out.

WINNER: Chris Jericho

The lights flicker, and Bray Wyatt is at ringside. He says we’re all waiting for Chris to come and save us. He was wondering how is it that Jericho plans on saving an entire universe when he can’t even save himself. Does he think it’ll be his words that will protect him from Wyatt? Last week Wyatt proved actions speak much louder than words. Actions scream eternities to a generation with no tongue. Chris can go on and say what he thinks he needs to say, but Wyatt will hold every word against and he will never… EVER let Jericho forget. He asks him to look at the people he used to call Jerichoholics, now they sing a different tune. Jericho cuts him off and tells him to please shut the hell up. He says Wyatt doesn’t have to say anything because he’s actually right. Actions do speak louder than words. He says since it’s just the two of them he’s going to go ahead and beat Wyatt’s ass. The lights flicker again and Harper and Rowan are standing beside Wyatt.

The Funkadactyls vs. Paige and AJ Lee

Paige says she’s going to introduce her tag team partner and does. The bell rings and Paige starts this with Naomi. Naomi hits Paige with a knee drop for 2. Naomi tries to tag Cameron, but Cameron won’t tag her. Naomi tries to roll up Paige, but Paige kicks her in the face. Paige backs Naomi into her corner and tags in AJ. AJ kicks Naomi in the gut and takes her down with a tilt-a-whirl headscissor and a spinning heel kick. AJ applies a front facelock. Cameron is on the apron painting her fingernails as Naomi tries to make a tag. Paige tags back in and takes a kick to the shoulder. Both girls go for clotheslines and both go down. Cameron makes a blind tag, but Paige takes her out quickly with a Paige Turner for the win.

WINNERS: AJ Lee and Paige

After the match, Cameron and Naomi start arguing. They start shoving each other and the catfight breaks out.

Paul Heyman is in the ring with Cesaro. He’s the one behind 21-1. He serves as the advocate for Brock Lesnar, who conquered The Undertaker’s Undefeated Streak at Wrestlemania. He’s also pleased to represent… Cesaro stops Heyman and says he can’t talk to these people in English. They’re French Canadians. He says they don’t even speak French; they speak their own version of it. The French can’t stand them and neither can the rest of Canada. He says something in French and everyone boos.

Cesaro w/ Paul Heyman vs. Kofi Kingston

Kofi charges with a dropkick, sending Cesaro out to the floor. Cesaro tries to climb back inside, and Kofi dropkicks him again. Kofi rams Cesaro’s head off the announce table and again on the ring apron. Cesaro back inside, and Kofi heads to the top. Cesaro shoves Kingston off the top and Kofi falls to the floor. Cesaro comes off the apron with an axe handle across Kofi’s back. Cesaro scoops up Cesaro and gutwrench suplexes him into the apron. Cesaro whips Kofi into the corner and charges, but Kofi gets a boot up. Kofi tries a springboard, but Cesaro catches him. Kofi tries another victory roll, but Cesaro blocks it. Kofi tries a sunset flip, and Cesaro blocks it. Cesaro military presses Kofi over his head and drops him down across his knee. Cesaro charges Kofi in the corner, but Kofi rolls him up and gets the 3-count!

WINNER: Kofi Kingston

After the match, Cesaro attacks Kofi from behind. Cesaro rams Kofi into the ring post repeatedly until Big E comes down and chases off Cesaro.

Backstage, John Cena is in his locker room when Seth Rollins walks in. Rollins says just because they have a match tonight, doesn’t mean they can’t have a civilized conversation. He admits he nearly cashed in Money in the Bank last week, but that was last week. Tonight’s about who is the best. When he beats Cena, the greatest champion of all time, the measuring stick and he’ll prove he’s the best, maybe then he’ll cash-in. God forbid John get hurt, maybe he’ll cash in then. Cena says Rollins is full of crap. He says Rollins is damn good and he knows what The Authority sees in him. He reminds Seth about the days when he dressed under the bleachers, fighting and scrapping for every opportunity. Times have changed. He says Rollins walks around like a kid who signed a big contract. The only guarantee Rollins has is that tonight he has a match with the champion, which means a guaranteed fight of his life.

El Torrito vs. Bo Dallas

Before the match, Bo says he never ducks out of a challenge. He’ll take on all challengers any time, any place because he BO-LIEVES! The bell sounds, and Torrito circles Bo. Bo gets on his knees and challenges Torrito. Torrito whips his tail in Bo’s face. Torrito catches Bo with an inadvertent low blow and one that wasn’t so inadvertent. Bo chases Torrito to the floor and Torrito slaps him. Bo shoves one of the Matadores into the steps and nails Torrito as he’s coming through the ropes. Bo picks up Torrito for the Running Bo-Dawg and picks up the victory.

WINNER: Bo Dallas

John Cena vs. Seth Rollins

They tie up, and the advantage goes to Rollins. Cena gets vertical and shoots Rollins to the rope, drops down, leap frogs and hip tosses Rollins. Cena shoots Rollins into the corner and misses a running bulldog. Rollins kicks Cena and hits a neckbreaker and we’re off to commercial.

Back from break, and Rollins has Cena tied up in an armbar. Cena lifts Rollins and slams him. Cena charges Rollins in the corner, but Rollins moves and Cena crashes into the corner. Rollins hits Cena with an inverted blockbuster and stomps Cena into the corner. Rollins rolls out to the floor to continue the damage. Rollins climbs back inside, and Cena catches Rollins with a side slam. Cena tries an AA, but Rollins counters with a DDT. Rollins taunts Cena and kicks his face. Rollins slaps Cena in the face as he clibms to his feet. Rollins tries an enzuiguiri, but Cena ducks and tries an STF. Rollins fends him off, but Cena lifts him for a sit-down powerbomb.

Cena climbs up to the top rope, but Rollins nails him with a kick to the head. Rollins gets a 2-count and gets up to argue with referee Mike Chioda. Rollins takes off running and misses a knee drop. Cena rallies with the flying shoulder tackles and the spinning sideslam. 5-Knuckle Shuffle connects, and Rollins is up for an AA. Rollins lands on his feet. Cena trips up Rollins and slaps on the STF. Rollins is close to the ropes, but Cena pulls him back toward the middle of the ring.

The pyro goes off, and here comes Kane. Randy Orton comes out of the crowd and attacks Cena from behind. Kane and Orton double-team Cena until Roman Reigns’s music hits. Reigns comes down the aisle and nails Kane with a Superman Punch. He hits Orton with a Superman Punch. Seth Rollins is back to his feet and nails Reigns from behind with the briefcase. Rollins takes out Cena with the briefcase as well. Rollins signals for a ref. Rollins wants to cash in and here comes Charles Robinson. Dean Ambrose comes out of the crowd and tackles Rollins, and they’re brawling all over the place and head toward the back. Orton climbs back into the ring for Cena. Cena pops up and hits Orton with an AA. Kane is back and threatens Cena with a chokeslam. Roman Reigns runs in and takes out Kane with the Spear. Reigns and Cena stand face-to-face, and the crowd is calling for a spear. Cena raises Reigns’s arm instead. They stare at each other until Reigns raises Cena’s arm and RAW goes off the air.

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Monday Night RAW Recap ~ E. Byrnside (06/30/14)

June 30, 2014

Hartford, CT

The Authority makes their way out to kick off the show. Stephanie says it’s been a great homecoming. They’re privileged to be out here tonight celebrating last night’s Money in the Bank. She reminds everyone that Daniel Bryan’s recovery is going to take longer than expected. Last night, Seth Rollins made history when he defeated six other competitors and winning the Money in the Bank contract. Triple H says Rollins is the future of the WWE. But that wasn’t the only historic thing that happened last night. For the first time, the WWE World Championship was decided in an 8-man ladder match. Triple H says the man that won is an A+ player, and brings out John Cena.

John cuts off Stephanie before she can get started. He says Daniel Bryan will get an opportunity as soon as he’s ready. Stephanie says she has a question. She wants to know how many people in the audience are gamers. She says to commemorate John’s 15th WWE Championship he’ll be featured on the cover of the new WWE 2K15 game. A giant banner unfurls from the rafters showing the cover. John says it’s a great honor. But this isn’t right. He says they’re being way too nice too soon. He was at Money in the Bank and the second the match ended he saw a different look on their faces. He shows the picture, and Steph tries to justify it. She says they were concerned for Orton. And Cena says of course, Orton’s in their back pocket. Triple H starts to mock Cena, talking thug and with a Massachusetts accent. Cena says he can drop the “R” and kick Triple H’s ass down I-95.

Triple H says he has no problem with Cena being on the cover of video games, being in movies or even being the champion, as long as he does it with respect. He says it can all go away just like that. Cena can do things the easy way, or the hard way. Cena says he’ll do things he’s always done them; the hard way. Triple H says he’d be disappointed if John had said anything different. Hard way is John’s choice, hard way it’ll be. Triple H says Cena will be defending his title at Battle Ground in a Fatal 4-Way match. Cena wants to know who’s in it. Triple H says two of the guys in it, he’ll be facing tonight: Randy Orton and Kane. But not to worry, Cena will have a partner against those two. His partner will be the fourth man he’ll be competing against at Battle Ground: Roman Reigns. Cena starts to leave, but Triple H stops him. He says if Cena survives at Battle Ground there’s always a plan B. Seth Rollins’s music hits and he comes out.

Seth Rollins vs. Rob Van Dam

They battle back and forth until Rob Van Dam hits a monkey flip, and Rollins has to roll to the floor. Rollins climbs back inside and starts to attack Van Dam’s leg. Rollins misses an elbow and rolls outside again. Back inside again, and Rollins continues to go after RVD’s leg. Van Dam manages an enzuiguiri and Rollins backs off into the corner. Van Dam tackles Rollins in the corner multiple times and catches him with another spinning heel kick. RVD hits a standing moonsault on Rollins for 2. RVD unloads on Rollins in the corner again. Van Dam tries a monkey flip out of the corner, but Rollins counters. RVD slaps on an abdominal stretch on Rollins, putting Rollins on his back. Rollins has to roll outside again, but RVD gives chase this time and walks into a clothesline on the floor and we’re off to commercial break.

Back from commercial, and Rollins is in control. Van Dam finds an opening, but Rollins takes down RVD with a single leg crab. RVD grabs the ropes, but Rollins pulls him back to the center. RVD flips Rollins onto his back using his leg strength. Rollins catches a kick from RVD and RVD rolls up Rollins. RVD rallies with several clotheslines and a heel kick. Van Dam connects on Rolling Thunder for a 2-count. RVD with a backbreaker, setting up Rollins for a split-legged moonsault and another 2-count. Rollins catches a kick from RVD and takes him down with a dragon leg screw.

Rollins scoops up RVD for a powerbomb in the corner, but RVD counters and sends Rollins into the buckle. Van Dam hops up top for the 5-Star. Rollins rolls out to the floor, but Van Dam takes him out with a huge cross body. Back inside, and Rollins ties up RVD in the ropes. Rollins uses the ropes for another dragon screw leg takedown. Rollins comes off the ropes and nails the Curb Stomp for the win.

WINNER: Seth Rollins

Renee Young climbs into the ring to interview Rollins. Rollins tells her if she’s going to introduce him, she’d better do it right. It’s Mr. Money in the Bank, Seth Rollins to her. He says the people think it’s arrogance, but it’s not arrogance if you can back it up. In his opinion, everyone’s just bitter that he was right and they were wrong. He says the briefcase is his golden ticket. Dean Ambrose cuts him off from backstage and asks if Rollins really thinks that it’s over. Ambrose says Rollins’s plan-A failed miserably and his daddy, Triple H, had to send out Kane to Seth’s aid. Every time Rollins thinks about cashing in the case, Ambrose will be right there. The case is loaded with dynamite ready to explode every time he wants to cash-in. Believe that.

Rusev and Lana come out. Lana says Rusev’s last opponent was a failure. But that’s OK, because America is accustomed to failure. It’s woven in our culture. She mocks the crowd, chanting U-S-A. She says that Americans teach their children it’s about participating, not winning and losing. We lie to our children, saying America is the greatest nation in the world. She says there’s only one superpower in the world, lead by Vladimir Putin. No one can stop the onslaught of Russia or Rusev. She asks whom the next failure will be to compete against Rusev. Rusev gets on the mic and says some stuff in Russian. The crowd starts chanting U-S-A, and Jack Swagger’s music hits.

Zeb Colter says he’s sick and tired of them coming out week after week and slamming his country. He tells Lana to shut the hell up. He asks her if she knows why you’re allowed to say the things she says and it’s because of the freedom of speech. But it also works in his favor. He says they can’t go to her country and spread a pack of lies like she can here in America. He says she said something peeked their interest, that nothing can stop Rusev. He says a Real American can stop it. He says Jack Swagger can stop it. We the people…

Swagger and Rusev stare down in the ring, and Lana has to prevent Rusev from making a move. Rusev finally attacks, but Swagger takes down Rusev with several arm drags and Rusev has to retreat!

The Usos and Sheamus vs. The Wyatt Family

Erick Rowan and Jey Uso start this off, and Rowan uses his size to overpower Uso early on. Jimmy makes a blind tag off the ropes. The Usos try to double team, but Rowan shoves them off. The Usos regain their composure and clothesline Rowan to the floor, and we’re off to another commercial.

Back from break, and Rowan has regained control with a submission. Jimmy Uso battles to his feet, but Rowan slams him hard by the hair. Rowan rakes the face of Uso and backs him into the corner. Bray Wyatt tags in and splashes Uso in the corner. Wyatt makes the quick tag to Luke Harper. Harper sends Uso to the corner and runs into an elbow. Uso climbs to the top for a diving corkscrew senton. Uso connects and makes the hot tag to Sheamus. Sheamus cleans house on Rowan and takes Wyatt off the apron. Sheamus tries to scoop up Rowan, but Rowan counters and Sheamus dumps him out to the apron. Sheamus hits 10 Beats… on Rowan.

Luke Harper manages to pull Rowan off the apron, and Sheamus climbs to the top and dives off onto Rowan and Harper! Back inside, and Sheamus scoops up Rowan for a powerslam. Wyatt is up for a distraction, and Rowan levels Sheamus, sending him out to the floor. Luke Harper makes the tag and crushes Sheamus with a big boot out on the floor. Back inside again, and Wyatt makes a quick tag. Wyatt hits a running senton on Sheamus for a 2-count. Wyatt starts to unload a fury of fists to the back of Sheamus’s head. Rowan tags back in and scoop slams Sheamus. Rowan hits the ropes for a big splash and another 2-count. Rowan applies a clutch to Sheamus’s head.

Sheamus has to rally to his feet, but Rowan manages to wrestle Sheamus back to the meet and drops a knee across his chest. Rowan backs Sheamus into his corner and makes the tag to Wyatt. Wyatt continues the assault on Sheamus and rams Sheamus head-first into the buckle. Wyatt takes off from across the ring, but Sheamus gets a boot up. Sheamus tries to climb to the top rope, but Wyatt nails him with a right hand, sending him down to the floor. Harper tags back in and drops down to the floor, chopping Sheamus. Sheamus starts to battle back and they trade blows until Harper rams Sheamus into the ring post and kicks him in the face.

Back inside, and Harper hesitates. Sheamus tries to lift Harper, but Harper avoids it and catches Sheamus with a superkick for 2. Harper gets in the faces of the Usos, turns his attention back to Sheamus, and walks into an Irish Curse. Both men are down, and Sheamus makes a tag to Jey Uso. Jey comes off the top onto Harper wit ha cross body. Uso hits a dropkick, sending Harper to the outside. Uso takes off running and dives onto Harper on the outside. Back inside, and Uso heads to the top. Harper avoids the tackle, but Uso catches him with a spinning heel kick. Harper pops right back up and Uso nails him with a superkick of his own. Rowan comes in for the save, but Sheamus takes him out with a Brogue Kick. Jimmy Uso dives out onto Rowan on the floor. Sheamus turns around and walks into a Sister Abigail from Wyatt. Harper nails Uso with a huge clothesline and gets the win.

WINNERS: The Wyatt Family

Backstage, Tom Philips is with Nikki Bella. He asks Nikki about Brie being thrown out of Money in the Bank last night. She says she didn’t think she was making a mistake. Stephanie walks into the shot and says the Bellas will be facing the Funkadactyls tonight. But Brie doesn’t work here anymore so she has to go it alone. And it’s next.

Justin Roberts announces the inspiration to us all, Bo Dallas. Bo thanks everyone and asks for them to join him in 60 seconds of silence for two great Superstars who are physically unable to compete these days: Bad News Barrett and Daniel Bryan. Bo kneels and takes the 60 seconds. Bo gets up and says he was the voice of inspiration for Daniel Bryan. He was also the bigger man. He shows the footage from the Money in the Bank pre-show where he interrupted Daniel Bryan. Bo says don’t stop BO-LIEVING!

Nikki Bella vs. The Funkadactyls

Cameron starts this with Nikki. She goes after Nikki’s hair and takes her down. Nikki starts to throw some forearms at Cameron, but Cameron whips her into the corner. Cameron charges, but Nikki manages an elbow to Cameron’s face. Nikki slams her off the ropes. Cameron kicks Nikki off and scoots to the corner, where Naomi makes a blind tag. Naomi kicks Nikki in the head and hits a cross body from the top. Naomi wins it with the inverted DDT.

After the match, Cameron gets in Naomi’s face. Cameron shoves Naomi, and Naomi shoves her back. Cameron walks off.

WINNERS: The Funkadactyls

Michael Cole talks about Bad News Barrett and the injury he sustained last week. Barrett suffered a dislocated shoulder and will require surgery to repair it. He says at Battle Ground there will be a Battle Royal to determine the new Intercontinental Champion.

Paul Heyman comes out and introduces himself. He’s the one behind the one in 21-1. He earned the distinction when Brock Lesnar conquered The Undertaker’s undefeated streak at Wrestlemania. He’s also the recipient of great news: Bad News Barrett is injured and will require shoulder. He’s also the 1 behind the 1 who won the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal at Wrestlemania. He says his client is the number 1 seed as a result, Cesaro.

Cesaro w/ Paul Heyman vs. Kofi Kingston

Cesaro overpowers Kofi early on, but Kofi doesn’t go out without a fight. Cesaro launches Kofi with a gutwrench suplex. Cesaro slaps Kofi around in the corner. Cesaro whips Kofi across the ring. Kofi slips through the ropes and kicks Cesaro in the face. Kofi hops to the top for a cross body and a 2-count. Kofi sends Cesaro through the ropes off a modified monkey flip. Kofi takes out Cesaro with a senton over the top rope out onto the floor.

Back inside, and Kofi goes for a cover but Cesaro kicks out at 2. Kofi goes to the apron and tries another springboard cross body, but Cesaro catches him with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Cesaro unloads on Kofi in the corner and delivers a suplex. Cesaro slaps on a chinlock, and Kofi has to battle to his feet. Kofi heads for the ropes and Cesaro catches him with a clothesline. Cesaro double stomps Kofi as Heyman laughs from the outside. Cesaro slams Kofi. Cesaro signals for The Swing, but stops and stomps Kofi instead.

Cesaro applies a modified Camel Clutch, and that turns into a chinlock. Kofi battles out. Kofi counters a clothesline into a hurricanrana. Kofi hooks up Cesaro’s leg for 2. Cesaro charges Kofi in the corner, catches Kofi by the feet, spins him around and connects with an uppercut to the back, sending Kofi out to the floor and us to commercial.

Back from the commercial, and Kofi managed to roll up Cesaro and win during the break. Cesaro attacks Kofi from behind. The fight spills out to the floor and Cesaro sends Kofi into the steps. Kofi runs over the steps and turns around and dives at Cesaro. Cesaro catches Kofi with an uppercut on the way down. Cesaro rams Kofi into the steps and tosses him over the announce table. Cesaro throws a chair and hip tosses Kofi back over the announce table. Cesaro press slams Kofi over the barricade and into the crowd! Cesaro goes out after him and slams Kofi into another barricade. Cesaro drags Kofi by the hair back towards ringside and hip tosses him back over the barricade. Heyman is looking on from one of the chairs at ringside as Cesaro repeatedly rams Kofi into the ring post. Cesaro turns Kofi inside out with a clothesline as the referees start to try and break it up.

WINNER: Kofi Kingston

Backstage, Santino is talking to the Cobra. He’s upset no one showed up to his party. Adam Rose walks in with a Twisted Tea and says that’s what Santino’s missing. The Rosebuds come in and dance with Santino.

Damien Sandow comes out dressed as Vince McMahon. He welcomes everyone to RAW and says he’s the creative genius and the Genetic Jackhammer, Vince McMahon-dow. He’s created talent like Hulk Hogan, Triple H, Stone Cold Steve Austin and the most talented individual to ever set foot in the ring, Damien Sandow. He’s officially entering Damien Sandow into the Intercontinental Battle Royal at Battle Ground. Stephanie McMahon pops up on the Tron. She wants to know who he thinks he is, impersonating her father. The McMahon family has broken their back for generations building the foundation of the WWE. How dare he make fun of her father? Her father built this business toppling giants. She says he has a match right now against one of the other combatants in the Battle Royal, and it’s now.

Damien Sandow vs. The Great Khali

The bell rings and Khali nails Sandow with a chop and gets the pin.

WINNER: The Great Khali

Justin Roberts welcomes back the former WWE Champion everyone’s been waiting for: The Miz. Miz says he’s back and asks if we missed him. He’s been gone shooting Marine 4. He was tempted to stay longer. Movie execs were begging him to stay and perfect his craft. They said he was better than the WWE. He could be Hollywood’s biggest movie star. So why is he back? The answer is the WWE Universe. Unlike Hollywood, the WWE Universe doesn’t realize the A-List talent that he is. They look at him as a fluke and take him for granted. The guy that main evented Wrestlemania only to stop main eventing. He’s here to tell everyone they’re all wrong. He won’t leave the WWE until he’s main eventing Wrestlemania once again and everyone shows him the respect he deserves and everyone’s on their knees begging him not to go.

The pyro goes off and Chris Jericho’s music hits! Jericho makes his way down to the ring and the crowd breaks out into a big “Y-2-J!” chant. Miz asks if Chris is bringing him a lifetime achievement award. He asks if it’s 2012 again where he doesn’t say a word, wearing his stupid Lite Brite jacket. Jericho takes the jacket off. Miz asks how dare he rob the people of this moment for him to shine. He’s an actor and a box office draw! Jericho cuts him off and nails him with a Code Breaker. He picks up the mic and says, “Damn, that felt good!” He’s been waiting a long time to say, “Welcome to RAW is Jericho!”

The lights flicker, go out and come back and The Wyatts are in the ring surrounding Jericho. They’re all staring down and the crowd starts chanting, “This is awesome!” Jericho tries to fight, but the numbers overcome him quickly. Harper whips Rowan into Jericho, and Rowan sends Jericho into Harper’s massive big boot. Harper and Rowan pull Jericho to his feet and set up Sister Abigail for Wyatt.

Fandango vs. Dolph Ziggler

The bell sounds and Ziggler nails Fandango with a dropkick. Fandango throws Ziggler into the ring post, shoulder-first. Fandango continues to kick and stomp Ziggler and stops to pander to the crowd. Ziggler finds an opening, but Fandango catches him with a flapjack. Layla climbs up onto the apron to give Fandango a kiss, allowing Ziggler to gain some more momentum. Ziggler hits a neckbreaker and the Heart Stopping elbow. Summer Rae walks into the ring out of nowhere and kisses Dolph! Fandango starts to argue with Summer, and Ziggler pulls her in for more. Fandango continues to argue with her, but she leaves instead and Ziggler catches him with a Zig-Zag for the 1-2-3.

WINNER: Dolph Ziggler

Rybaxel vs. Stardust & Goldust

Curtis Axel and Goldust start this off. Axel attacks as the bell rings. Goldust reverses a whip and catches Axel with an atomic drop. Ryback gets a tag and attacks Goldust from behind and unloads with several right hands. Ryback hits a suplex for 2. Ryback resumes control and battles Goldust into the corner. Goldust comes off the ropes and Ryback catches and throws him. Ryback takes his time, and Goldust lands a spinebuster and both men are down. Stardust and Axel both get tags and Stardust makes easy work of Axel. Stardust drops down for a kick to the head. Axel dives at Stardust, but Stardust moves and Axel crashes into the top rope. Stardust hits a springboard axe handle from the apron. Stardust connects with a DDT. Ryback tries to get involved, misses Stardust, and Goldust hangs him off the top rope. Stardust hits a clothesline from the second rope on Ryback. Axel kicks Stardust in the gut and tries a neckbreaker. Stardust counters and hits a version of the STO for the win.

WINNERS: Stardust & Goldust

Paige comes out. She says she’s a woman of a few words. Usually she lets her actions speak for her. But now she knows there are a few people out there that feel she doesn’t deserve to be a champion; that she should go back to NXT. She says over the last few months she’s proven that she’s here to stay.

AJ Lee’s music hits! AJ comes skipping down to the ring. AJ gets a microphone and says she wanted to come out and say Paige is right. It’s not easy to say, but Paige is right. She did what no one could do in almost a year and proved AJ wrong. She proved everyone wrong. AJ knows the kind of person she became and let success go to her head. Granted, she was the longest-reigning Diva’s champ of all time. But she shouldn’t have rubbed it in everyone’s face and thought she was untouchable. Paige gave her the slap of reality that she needed. AJ wants to return the favor and say thank you and congratulations.

Paige wants to know how stupid AJ thinks she is. She’s doing the same thing Paige did after Wrestlemania. But there’s a problem, it’s not going to happen. She won’t make the same mistake AJ did. Besides, she doesn’t think anyone in the arena wants to see her defend the championship tonight. AJ calls Paige a crumpet and says she should let the people decide. The crowd starts chanting, “Yes!” Paige says OK.

Diva’s Championship Match:

Paige © vs. AJ Lee

AJ jumps on Paige and unloads. Paige shoves her off and kicks her in the face. Paige starts to unload a few headbutts. Paige whips AJ into the corner. AJ gets a pair of boots up, but Paige takes her down with a clothesline. Paige screams at AJ, telling her it’s her house now. AJ rolls up Paige with an inside cradle for the win.

WINNER: And New Diva’s Champion, AJ Lee

Kane & Randy Orton vs. Roman Reigns & John Cena

Triple H is joining us for commentary. Orton and Cena start this off. They go back and forth. Orton finally gets a hip toss on Cena. Cena gets back to his feet quickly, and makes a tag to Roman Reigns. Orton takes a step back and tags in Kane. They start firing rights at each other. Reigns gains the upper hand and tosses Kane over the top to the outside and we’re off to commercial.

Back from break, and Orton is in and has Reigns in a chinlock. Reigns is battling, but Orton slams Reigns off the ropes. Orton backs up and drops a big knee on Reigns. Kane tags in and they utilize the 5-count for a quick double team. Kane hammers Reigns back into the corner and tags Orton back in. Orton snapmares Reigns out of the corner and slaps on another chinlock. Reigns fights to his feet and shoots Orton to the ropes. Orton reverses, but Reigns hits a big clothesline. Orton takes a clothesline in the corner and a big right hand from Reigns. Reigns goes to the floor, possibly looking for the flying kick, and Kane steps in his way. Reigns slams Kane into the barricade, but Orton comes down and hits Reigns with a clothesline.

Back inside, and Kane gets the tag as they continue to double-team Reigns. Kane sends Reigns to the ropes and hits a big boot. Kane applies a chinlock. Reigns battles back. Kane whips Reigns to the corner, and Reigns explodes out with a clothesline. Orton gets a tag and prevents Reigns from tagging in Cena. Orton stomps Reigns. More frequent tags between Orton and Kane as they continue to dominate Reigns. Kane charges Reigns in the corner, but Reigns gets a boot up. Kane tries a chokeslam on Reigns, but Reigns fends him off. Reigns catches Kane with a Samoan Drop, and both men are down.

Reigns finally tags Cena as Orton gets the tag on the other side. Cena hits the shoulder tackles and the side slam. Cena hits the 5-Knuckle Shuffle. Cena scoops up Orton for an AA, but Orton slips out and tags Kane. Cena catches Kane with a side slam and a 5-Knuckle Shuffle. Orton slides back into the ring and hits an RKO on Cena. Reigns comes in and sends Orton to the outside. Reigns hits Kane with a Superman Punch. Reigns goes after Orton on the floor. They’re fighting towards the back. Kane tosses Cena into the steel steps on the outside. Kane starts rearranging furniture on the floor and rams the steps into Cena’s face! Triple H is directing traffic and tells Kane to finish it.

Kane rolls Cena back inside and pulls him to his feet. Kane scoops up Cena and hits a Tombstone as Triple H looks on with a smile. Triple H climbs onto the apron as the trainers slide into the ring to check on Cena. Triple H is waving someone to come to the ring.

Seth Rollins’s music hits! Seth Rollins has the briefcase! But here comes Dean Ambrose! Ambrose attacks Rollins. Ambrose chases Rollins out to the floor and clotheslines him over the barricade. The fighting spills out into the crowd and Ambrose chases Rollins off. Kane and Triple H climb back into the ring. Kane has a chair, but here comes Roman Reigns! Reigns spears Kane! Reigns and Triple H stare down. The crowd is chanting, “This is awesome!” and Triple H finally backs off as RAW goes off the air.

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Monday Night RAW Recap ~ E. Byrnside (06/23/14)

June 23, 2014

Washington, D.C.

Justin Roberts introduces Stephanie McMahon. As principle owner of this billion-dollar company, the one thing she can’t accept is gross negligence; when people can’t compete the smallest task. Last week, Vickie Guerrero couldn’t even get her a simple cup of coffee. She brings out Vickie to face the consequences. Vickie comes out and Stephanie hands her a microphone. Vickie says it’s great to see Stephanie doing better. She was sorry to see her so sick. She says Roman Reigns was the one who slipped whatever it was into Stephanie’s drink. Stephanie says she gave her simple directions; not to allow Roman Reigns to compete the Battle Royal last week. Not only did he compete, but he won. Therefore, Reigns will be competing for the WWE World Championship at Money in the Bank. Vickie says it won’t happen again, and Steph says she’s damn right.

For 9 years, Vickie’s been riding the coattails of her late husband, Eddie Guerrero. They took pity on her. They allowed her to be a general manager, but she couldn’t do that right. Maybe Eddie deserves that respect, but Vickie doesn’t. She’s about to fire Vickie, but Vickie cuts her off and begs her for one more chance. Vickie gets on her knees, and Stephanie shouts in her face. She says Vickie’s like a cockroach, like a Twinkie, she has no expiration. Stephanie says she can fire Vickie or Vickie can remain the GM of Smackdown if she wins her match tonight, and her opponent will be Stephanie. Stephanie’s about to fire her, but Vickie cuts her again and says, there’s one name that’s more respected in this business than McMahon, and it’s Guerrero. If Eddie taught her one thing it was how to lie, cheat and steal. She accepts, and excuses herself and the crowd is actually chanting, “Vickie.”

Jimmy Uso vs. Luke Harper

Harper connects with a dropkick early on and continues to overpower Uso. Uso gets a thrust kick in and follows it up with a spinning heel kick. Harper quickly clotheslines Uso off his feet. Uso gets another kick in and covers for 2. Harper rolls out to the floor. Uso takes off for the ropes, but gets distracted by Erick Rowan on the other side. Jey Uso takes out Rowan on the floor, and Jimmy turns around into a vicious clothesline from Harper and takes the pin.

WINNER: Luke Harper

After the match, Jey gets the mic and tells Rowan to get his ass back to the ring so he can kick it all over D.C. Uso dives over the top rope onto both Wyatts!

Jey Uso vs. Erick Rowan

This started during the commercial break, and Rowan seems to have things in control. Uso takes off from the second rope, but Rowan catches him and throws him with a fall-away slam. Rowan tears at Uso’s face and hangs him off the top rope. Rowan battles Uso into the corner. Rowan charges the corner, but Uso moves out of the way and Harper crashes into the post. Uso slips out to the floor and nails Harper with a kick from the outside. Jimmy comes around the corner and dives onto Luke Harper! Jey hops up to the top rope for the Samoan Splash and gets the 3-count.


After the match, The Wyatts try to attack, but Jey dives over the top onto Harper. Rowan comes in and attacks Jimmy with a clothesline and tosses him to the floor. Harper rolls Jey back inside. Harper slaps Rowan across the face and whips him into Uso in the corner. Rowan whips Uso to Harper, and Harper crushes him with a big boot. On the outside, Rowan sends Jimmy into the steps and then Harper lays him out with the clothesline.

Bray Wyatt cuts a promo from backstage. He laughs and says he’s very proud of his boys. After all, a leader that doesn’t glorify the triumphs of his family is no leader at all. They look down on the creations, trampling over the fallen bodies of enemies. Soon, all will see him climb the majestic ladder and his victory will bring forth a glorious new era in which the Eater of Worlds is crowned champion over all the desperate, needy souls he had to trample along the way. He won’t be alone. His brothers will prove their eagerness to him as his disciples when they annihilate all the unworthy little creatures. United in splendor, they will roam the earth like giants casting out the light of their message. Follow the buzzards.

Rusev and Lana did some sightseeing in Washington, D.C. They’re at the Capitol, where politicians make laws after laws that make our country the laughing stock of the world. Then she shows a picture of the White House, where the President that makes our country inferior. She then shows the Kremlin in Russia and the Russian Federation is the standard of excellence in government. She says our government and landmarks are pathetic. America is pathetic. Wake up America. She says we’re left with only one option, to bow down to Russia and its fearless leader, Vladimir Putin. You can’t ask what America what it will do for you, when we can’t help ourselves.

Alicia Fox vs. Naomi

Diva’s Champion Paige joins us for commentary, as does Cameron. They go back and forth. Naomi hits a dropkick and a hip toss. Alicia starts to rally, but Naomi cartwheels through and hits a flipping clothesline and a headscissor takedown. Alicia rolls to the floor, and much of the focus of the match seems to be on the girls at commentary. The action spills to the floor and Naomi hits a series of forearms and slams Alicia’s face off the apron. Naomi tries to climb back inside, but Alicia grabs her by the hair and slams her on the floor.

Back inside, and Alicia connects on a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Alicia pulls Naomi’s hair and gets into her face, but Naomi manages to smack Alicia in the face. Alicia hits a Northern Lights suplex and bridges. Naomi manages to kick out at 2. Alicia kicks Naomi in the face and chokes her in the ropes. She stops to pander to the crowd before scooping up Naomi and tossing her out to the floor. The focus of the match continues to be on Cameron and Paige at commentary. Back in the ring, and Alicia tries another tilt-a-whirl, but Naomi lands on her feet and counters into an inverted DDT for the win.


After the match, Paige climbs onto the apron and holds up her title. She offers a hand to Naomi, who shakes it and the celebration continues for Naomi.

Backstage, Sheamus is getting ready for a handicap match when Roman Reigns walks in. Sheamus asks him if he’s ready, it’ll be 4-on-3 in the other guy’s favors. Reigns says it sounds like they need more guys. Sheamus laughs and says that’s what he loves about Reigns. He loves the intensity and the confidence. But he can remember when Reigns and his wee friends were running around looking for an excuse to take Sheamus out. This Sunday at Money in the Bank it’s every man for himself. Reigns says if he wanted Sheamus out, he’d be unconscious right now. Sheamus says it’ll be magical on Sunday when he walks away the new WWE World Champion. Reigns doesn’t believe in magic, he believes in Roman Reigns.

Titus O’Neil vs. Bo Dallas

Dallas says Titus fell off his horse last week on Smackdown. But it didn’t stop him; he got right back on… and fell off again. But that’s ok because Titus proved that winning isn’t everything. Tonight he will prove that all you have to do is BO-Lieve!

Bo hits a dropkick early on and celebrates a little too early. He runs into Titus, who catches him with the backbreakers and tosses him with a fall-away slam. Bo rolls out to the apron, and Titus brings him in the hard way. Titus chops Dallas in the corner and continues to unload. The ref has to pull Titus off. Titus whips Dallas into the corner. Titus charges and Dallas moves out of the way and hits the Running Bo-Dawg for the win.

WINNER: Bo Dallas

After the match, Dallas grabs a mic and says he’s now 9 and Bo. Titus smacks the mic out of his hand. Bo goes and grabs it and apologizes for having butter fingers. He tells Titus to get back on the horse and thanks all of the people. He tells Titus not to stop BO-Lieving!

Triple H comes out to announce the participants in the traditional Money in the Bank match. He says it’s funny that he can come to Washington where officials are elected and don’t know what they’re doing and continue to make the country worse and worse and he is still the bad guy. All he does is what’s best for business. That’s not just an empty catchphrase, it’s the root of everything thing he does. That’s why there will be a WWE World Championship Money in the Bank ladder match as well as a traditional Money in the Bank contract ladder match. Last week he told the world that the first entrant into the ladder match would be none other than Seth Rollins. He’s about to tell us who the entrants will be, but he reminds us that it’s not about favoritism, it’s about what’s best for business. The other entrants are Kofi Kingston, Jack Swagger, Dolph Ziggler, Rob Van Dam, and Bad News Barrett. He says there’s one man he knows will win, and that man is Rob Van… He starts laughing and says he can’t seriously suggest it. He says there’s one man that he believes, hell, he knows, will win. He’s a specialist, a technician and the future of the WWE, Seth Rollins.

Rollins comes out. The crowd starts to chant, “You sold out.” He says it’s been weeks, why hasn’t everyone moved on? He says, too bad, he’s over it. If the people love Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns so much, they should be thanking Rollins because he’s responsible for all of their success. He took The Shield as high as they could go and then dropped the dead weight. Roman Reigns can scowl and grunt all he wants and Ambrose can get all twitchy, but it won’t change a thing. He created The Shield and he had every right to destroy The Shield. It’s no secret The Shield got him this far, but this Sunday, he and he alone, will climb the ladder and grab the contract. After this Sunday, people will be calling him Mr. Money in the Bank.

Rob Van Dam’s music hits and he comes out. He says he can’t help but think they don’t take him seriously. Rollins says he does, and he’d take him even more seriously if it was 2005. Rob says that’s when Rollins was asking mom and dad to stay up late to watch Rob on TV. He reminds them that he’s a former Money in the Bank winner and WWE Champion. He says Triple H probably even remembers when he crushed his trachea at the first Elimination Chamber. He says it’s lame to brag about the past, so let’s live in the present. He says he wants to beat the new golden boy right now. Triple H says let’s get it done.

Rob Van Dam vs. Seth Rollins

Rollins battles RVD into the corner. RVD reverses a whip and catches Rollins with a heel kick. RVD follows up with a monkey flip out of the corner and another heel kick. Van Dam clotheslines Rollins out to the floor and takes him out with a springboard plancha. RVD hops up onto the apron for an asaai moonsault, and we’re off to commercial.

Back from break, and Rollins has regained control. Rollins connects on a snap suplex and rolls through for two more. Rollins slaps on a chinlock, and RVD has to battle to his feet. Rollins hits a big neckbreaker off the ropes for 2. Rollins continues his momentum and applies another chinlock. RVD makes it back to his feet and arm drags Rollins. RVD tries a heel kick, but Rollins blocks it. RVD rolls up Rollins with a leg scissor. RVD starts to rally with clotheslines. Rollins avoids the Rolling Thunder, but Van Dam hits another heel kick and finally gets the Rolling Thunder. Van Dam hops up to the top, but Rollins shakes him off. Van Dam lands on the apron. RVD hits a tornado DDT and heads to the top again.

Rollins rolls out of the way of the 5-Star Frog Splash. Rollins scoops up Van Dam for the powerbomb into the corner. Rollins nails the Curb Stomp, but here comes Dean Ambrose out of the crowd! Ambrose is dragging Rollins all around ringside and unloading. The officials finally get them separated and Ambrose starts to walk off through the crowd. Ambrose charges Rollins again and dives at him from the announce table. Rollins finally manages to get away.

Ambrose gets on the mic and says they might as well put him into the Money in the Bank ladder match. If they don’t, he’s still going to show up, bash in Rollins’s face and take the briefcase anyway. He’s willing to screw up the whole Pay Per View. He’s showing up and he’s not willing to play nice.

Backstage, Triple H is with Seth Rollins. Rollins says he doesn’t want Ambrose ruining his opportunity at Money in the Bank. He says Triple H has to put Ambrose into the match. Rollins says he can control Ambrose in the match. He needs to have eyes on Ambrose at all times. He wants to see the look on Dean Ambrose’s face when he’s the one standing on the ladder, contract in hands, crushing his dreams. Triple H says it’s on Rollins if he screws it up. Seth says he wants Ambrose. Triple H smiles and says he loves his confidence and says ok.

Intercontinental Championship:

Bad News Barrett © vs. Dolph Ziggler

Barrett says Ziggler beating him last week was a fluke miracle. But he’s got some bad news: After he wins tonight and wins on Sunday, Dolph will be so embarrassed he’ll have to change his name, just like Washington’s racist and constantly-losing NFL team.

The bell rings, and Barrett gains the early advantage. Barrett chokes Ziggler on the top rope. Ziggler battles back and rolls up Barrett for 2. Ziggler hits a big dropkick for 2. Ziggler continues the attack, but Barrett clotheslines Ziggler out to the floor. Barrett slams Ziggler’s face off the apron and rolls him back inside. Barrett applies a clutch, and Ziggler has to rally to his feet. Barrett tries a belly-to-back suplex, but Ziggler lands on his feet on the other side. Ziggler gets an elbow up as Barrett charges. Ziggler lands a crossbody. Ziggler splashes Barrett in the corner and unloads several fists and follows up with the neckbreaker. Ziggler misses the Fame-Asser, and Barrett takes advantage with a Winds of Change for 2. Barrett scoops up Ziggler for the Wasteland, but Ziggler counters with a Zig-Zag, and both men are down. Barrett manages to roll to the floor before Ziggler can capitalize. And we’re off to commercial break.

Back from break, and Ziggler’s dropping the heart stopping elbows. Barrett rolls to the apron again and back drops Ziggler out to the floor. Barrett takes off from the apron with a Cactus Jack-like running elbow drop. Barrett rolls Dolph back inside for a 2-count. Barrett slaps on a chinlock, and Dolph has to battle to his feet again. Barrett sends Ziggler to the corner. Ziggler catches himself and hops up, but Barrett catches him and kicks him hard in the gut. Barrett heads to the top rope, but Ziggler is up and catches him with a face-buster for a near-fall. They make it to their feet and start trading blows. Ziggler heads for the ropes, but Barrett launches him into the air and Ziggler lands on his face. Barrett tries a powerbomb, but Ziggler fights him off. Barrett catches Ziggler with Wasteland. Barrett covers, and Ziggler barely kicks out at 2.

Ziggler’s fighting to his feet as Barrett sets up for the Bullhammer. Ziggler avoids the contact and hits a Fame-Asser. Barrett manages to kick out just before 3. The crowd is chanting, “This is awesome,” and rightly so. Ziggler tries another Zig-Zag, and Barrett counters. Barrett tries another Winds of Change, but Ziggler counters and rolls up Barrett for 2. Ziggler charges Barrett in the corner, and Barrett nails him with a Bull Hammer for the 1-2-3.

WINNER: Bad News Barrett

Backstage, Renee Young catches up with Vickie Guerrero. She wants to know what it’ll be like to go face-to-face with one of the principle owners of WWE. Vickie snaps and apologizes, but says that she’s been the most humiliated person in the history of the WWE. She’s been the doormat of the Authority for a long time. She’s not asking for forgiveness; she has no regrets. Randy Orton walks into the shot and says she’s going to regret the decision she made last week by putting Roman Reigns into the battle royal. He says she’ll get exactly what she deserves tonight, just like Sunday when he gets what he deserves: becoming the WWE World Champion. He’d say it was nice knowing her, but they both know that’d be a lie.

Stephanie McMahon vs. Vickie Guerrero

Stephanie comes out and says Vickie is in the ring place. The match isn’t going to take place in the ring, but off to the side in a pool of, she doesn’t even know what, but it smells horrible. The first one to end up in the pool will lose the match. And if Vickie loses, she’ll be fired. Stephanie brings out Layla, Rosa and Alicia Fox.

The Divas surround Vickie inside the ring. Vickie rolls out of the ring and heads up the ramp. Stephanie brings the Divas back out, and they attack her from behind, dragging her toward the pool. Stephanie’s mocking her as the Divas hoist Vickie up. Vickie breaks free and shoves Rosa into the pool. Layla charges Vickie and she sidesteps her, sending her into the pool. Alicia tries and fails, and Vickie sends her into the pool. Stephanie sneaks up behind Vickie as she’s celebrating and shoves her into the pool. Stephanie says Vickie’s fired. Steph starts singing “Na Na Na Na, Hey Hey Hey.” She trails off as Vickie stands in her face. Vickie grabs Stephanie and throws her into the pool! Eddie Guerrero’s music plays, and she does the Eddie shuffle before she heads to the back.

Referee Chad Patton tries to help Stephanie out, but she ends up pulling him into the pool. It takes all of the referees coming out to get Stephanie out of the pool.

WINNER: Stephanie McMahon

Backstage, Byron Saxton is with Goldust. He asks about Cody’s transformation. Goldust says he didn’t see Cody, but Stardust. Stardust comes in singing “When You Wish Upon a Star,” and blows gold dust into the camera and wanders off. Goldust just says, “Wow… Now I’m the normal one.”

Jack Swagger vs. Kofi Kingston

Kofi starts off with several kicks, but Swagger takes him down with a shoulder tackle. Kofi uses his speed and agility to take down Swagger with an elbow. Swagger backs Kofi into the corner and takes him down with a hard clothesline. Swagger hits a Swagger Bomb, but Kofi manages to kick out at 2. Swagger applies a double chicken wing, hip throws Kofi and applies an armbar. Swagger switches to a chinlock. Kofi battles to his feet. Kofi ends up in the corner. Swagger charges. Kofi slips through and kicks Swagger in the face. Kofi clotheslines Swagger to the floor. Swagger slides back inside and Kofi hits a big dropkick, sending Swagger back to the floor. Kofi takes off and hits a senton on Swagger on the floor. Back inside, and Swagger catches Kingston coming off the top. Kofi rolls up Swagger with a victory roll. Swagger tosses Kingston into the air and catches him with the Patriot Lock on the way down. Kingston fights to counter, but can’t. Kofi reaches for the ropes, but Swagger pulls him back to the center and Kofi has no choice but to tap.

WINNER: Jack Swagger

Renee Young is with Alberto Del Rio. Renee says he wasn’t whom she was expecting. Del Rio says he should be the one she wanted to talk to because he’s one of two people in this match who’s successfully cashed in Money in the Bank. Paul Heyman and Cesaro walk up. Heyman apologizes and reminds everyone that he was the one behind the one in twenty-one and one. He’s also the one behind the one will win the WWE World Championship at Money in the Bank, Cesaro. Del Rio wants to know if Cesaro ever talks or if he’s just Heyman’s puppet. Cesaro says he would talk to Del Rio, but he only speaks five languages, and none of them are loser.

Damien Sandow is in the ring dressed as Abraham Lincoln. He says 4 score and 7 years ago, he was told he wasn’t entertaining. He says he’d rather spend a night in Ford’s theater than have the fans dictate his career. He doesn’t need anyone telling him his worth. Big E’s music hits and he comes out.

Damien Sandow vs. Big E

Big E attacks as soon as the bell rings, but Sandow gains some momentum and unloads on Big E in the corner. Big E comes back with a pair of clotheslines and a belly-to-belly suplex. A Big Ending wins it for Big E.


Tom Phillips gets into the ring. Big E doesn’t let him ask his question and goes on to talk about Rusev and Lana coming out and denigrating and mocking everything our country stands for. He says enough is enough. This is our country. This is our America. This is the land of the free and the home of the brave. We will not be defeated. Lana’s music cuts him off, and she walks out. She says Big E is a foolish American. She says pride comes before the fall and Rusev attacks Big E from behind. Rusev takes out Big E with a leaping superkick. Rusev puts Big E in the Accolade.

Renee Young is with John Cena. John says on Sunday you’ll hear that voice say, “we have a new World Heavyweight Champion.” Never before has their been a Money in the Bank ladder match to crown a new champion. One thing is for certain- there will be a new WWE World Heavyweight Champion come Sunday. The time for talk is over; it’s time to pick ‘em. His money says the champ is here.

4-on-3 Handicap Match:

Cesaro, Alberto Del Rio, Bray Wyatt & Randy Orton vs. Sheamus, John Cena & Roman Reigns

John Cena will start this off with Randy Orton. They go back and forth before the crowd distracts Orton, and Cena takes him down with a shoulder tackle. Cena tags in Sheamus. Sheamus makes a quick tag to Cena. Cena ducks his head and Orton kicks him in the shoulder. Del Rio gets the tag from Orton. Cena reverses a whip into the corner and connects on a running bulldog. Cesaro tags in. They lock up in a Grecco-Roman knuckle lock. Cesaro overpowers Cena, but Cena starts to battle back. Cena sends Cesaro into the ropes, and Cesaro catches Cena with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Wyatt gets the tag from Cesaro, who unloads on Cena in the corner. Wyatt throws Cena across the ring and goes for the cover, but only gets 2. Wyatt continues to work Cena and slams him and dances around the ring with him. Wyatt slams Cena hard for another 2-count. Wyatt tries to make Cena submit. Wyatt hits the running senton on Cena as we head to commercial.

Back from break, and Alberto Del Rio is in the ring with Cena. Del Rio has a chinlock applied. Cena starts to rally, but Del Rio kicks Cena’s knee and hits him with a DDT. Cesaro makes the blind tag off of Del Rio, much to Del Rio’s chagrin. Cesaro teases a Swing, but instead applies a Boston Crab. Cena crawls toward his corner, but Cesaro drags him back to the center. Cena tries to counter into an STF, but Cesaro kicks out. Cesaro tries a Neutralizer, but Cena backdrops him and both men are down. Cena makes the hot tag to Roman Reigns. Reigns cleans house. Reigns slides to the outside, nails Orton and then kicks Del Rio in the head. Cesaro gets hit with a Superman Punch, as does Orton. Del Rio is back up and hits Reigns with a Back Stabber.

Bray Wyatt tags back in and takes out Reigns with a flying tackle. Cesaro tags back in and continues the assault on Reigns. Cesaro picks up Reigns and tosses him with a Gutwrench Suplex. Cesaro backs Reigns into the corner, and Orton makes a blind tag. Orton connects with a suplex on Reigns and applies a chinlock. Reigns starts to climb back to a vertical base and fights his way out of the hold. Reigns ducks his head, and Orton slams Reigns hard. Orton stomps the mid-section of Reigns and tags Del Rio back in. Del Rio hits a belly-to-back suplex on Reigns. Wyatt gets a tag and he rams Reigns into the neutral corner. Wyatt takes off, but Reigns explodes out of the corner with a Superman Punch! Both men are down, and Reigns makes the hot tag to Sheamus.

Sheamus cleans house on Cesaro. Sheamus rams Cesaro into Del Rio, sending Del Rio out to the floor. Sheamus unloads the 10 Beats on Cesaro and brings Cesaro back inside. Cesaro counters the rolling senton, but Sheamus hits a powerslam. Orton runs in and hits a backbreaker on Sheamus. Orton tries an RKO on Cena, but Cena counters into an AA. Del Rio runs in and tries a Cross Armbreaker to Cena, but Cena counters into an AA. Cesaro runs in and tosses Cena into the air and drops him with an uppercut. Cesaro turns around and walks into a Brogue Kick from Sheamus. Sheamus gets the win for his team.

WINNERS: Sheamus, John Cena & Randy Orton

After the match, Kane’s pyro goes off and he makes his way down. Kane sends Roman Reigns into the barricade. Del Rio and Sheamus are still fighting inside, but Kane breaks it up. Kane tosses Del Rio to the side and chokeslams Sheamus and Del Rio. Kane chokeslams Cena.

Triple H’s music hits. He comes out and announces Kane as the 8th member of the WWE Championship ladder match at Money in the Bank. But Roman Reigns is back up and Spears Kane! Triple H and Roman Reigns stare down as RAW goes off the air.

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Monday Night RAW Recap ~ E. Byrnside (06/16/14)

June 16, 2014

Cleveland, OH

The entire roster is on the stage for an announcement from The Authority. Stephanie welcomes everyone to RAW. She says they’ve gathered the Superstars because they want everyone to know that they care. They can’t imagine how disconcerting it’s been without a WWE Champion. Triple H says 7 days a week, 365 days a year WWE Superstars lay every thing on the line to prove they’re the best. And they do that be being called the WWE World Heavyweight Champion. Stephanie says when someone wins the title that they become immortalized. For example: her husband, Triple H, the best of all time, is a 13-time Champion. She’s disappointed that a B+ Champion like Daniel Bryan has represented them. Triple H says it’s not Bryan’s ability that is disappointing; it’s his heart. Bryan’s refusal to defend the title is unacceptable. He says the Superstars deserve better and so do the people. Tonight, the next WWE World Heavyweight Champion may very well be standing on the ramp.

Stephanie chimes in again and says they’re all about opportunity. She says we will find out tonight who will join those who have already qualified for the Money in the Bank World Championship ladder match. There will be a battle royal tonight where the winner will enter the Money in the Bank ladder match. Triple H interrupts and says a few Superstars who haven’t evolved and will not be in the battle royal. He says Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns will not be in the battle royal… neither will John Cena. He says he’ll give John Cena a chance to compete tonight. He knows how much John loves to help people. Tonight, Cena can help The Authority. He says Stephanie promised the WWE Universe a particular match a few weeks ago and because Daniel Bryan hasn’t been able to compete, she hasn’t delivered. Tonight John Cena has to win a Stretcher Match to be able to compete in the Money in the Bank match, and the match is against Kane.

Dolph Ziggler vs. Seth Rollins

Ziggler takes down Rollins with a shoulder tackle. Rollins retaliates with a kick to the gut and backs Ziggler into the corner. Rollins stomps away. Ziggler reverses a whip into the corner and hip tosses Rollins. Rollins rolls out to the floor to regroup as the crowd picks up a “you sold out” chant. Rollins rolls back inside and takes Dolph over with a side headlock. Ziggler shoots Rollins into the ropes, and Rollins hits the shoulder tackle. Rollins heads for the ropes, Ziggler drops down and hits the leapfrog before taking out Rollins with a big dropkick. Rollins reverses a whip and sends Dolph hard into the corner as we head to break.

Back from commercial, and Rollins is in control. Rollins slaps on a clutch. Ziggler counters with a stunner. Ziggler charges Rollins. Rollins steps out of the way, and Ziggler tumbles over the top to the floor. Rollins charges, but Ziggler gets an elbow up. Ziggler hits the Stinger Splash in the corner and unloads several fists. Ziggler takes down Rollins with a flying clothesline. Rollins counters a neckbreaker and nails Ziggler with an enzuiguiri. Rollins tries a Curb Stomp, but Ziggler avoids the contact and takes out Rollins with a stalling DDT for 2.

Ziggler hits a cross body and unloads several more right hands. Ziggler tries a Fame-Asser, but Rollins catches him. Ziggler rolls up Rollins for 2. Rollins regains control, but Ziggler catches him with a sleeper hold. Rollins tries a belly-to-back suplex, but Ziggler lands on his feet on the other side. Ziggler hits the Fame-Asser, but Rollins manages a kick-out at 2. Rollins counters a Zig-Zag. Rollins tries a spring board moonsault, but Ziggler moves and Rollins lands on his feet. Ziggler rolls up Rollins. Rollins kicks out at 2. Ziggler tries another DDT, but Rollins catches him and powerbombs him into the turnbuckle. Rollins lifts Ziggler up for another powerbomb in the turnbuckle. Dean Ambrose runs out and attacks Rollins for the DQ.

WINNER: Seth Rollins via Disqualification

Ambrose grabs a mic and says it’s not over until he gets his hands on Rollins’ smug face. He knows Rollins won’t do anything unless Triple H says so. Ambrose calls out Rollins to come fight him like a man. Triple H appears on the tron and tells Ambrose to calm down. Triple H says Ambrose likes to fight, but he’s got some bad news for him and Bad News Barrett comes out.

Dean Ambrose vs. Bad News Barrett

The match started during the break, and Ambrose is in control. Ambrose manages a cross body and unloads several punches. Ambrose continues the assault on Barrett in the corner. Ambrose suplexes Barrett for 2. Ambrose tears at Barrett’s face. Barrett starts to gain some momentum and backs Ambrose into the corner. Barrett chokes Ambrose with a boot and brings him to the center for a neckbreaker. Barrett drops an elbow for 2. Barrett applies a reverse chinlock.

Ambrose manages to fight to his feet and takes out Barrett with a side suplex. Barrett hits Ambrose hard with a thrust kick and kicks Ambrose in the face off the ropes. Barrett takes a moment to taunt for the crowd, and Ambrose explodes out of the corner and dumps Barrett over the top. Ambrose connects on a springboard plancha and rams Barrett’s head into the steel steps.

Back inside, and Ambrose heads for the second. Barrett clotheslines Ambrose, and Ambrose falls out to the floor, injuring his shoulder. Ambrose beats the 10-count, but Barrett kicks him back out to the floor. Barrett kicks Ambrose hard one more time and starts to work the injured shoulder as we head to another commercial.

Back from commercial, and Ambrose is tied up in the bottom rope and falls to the floor. Barrett rams Ambrose’s shoulder into the apron and rolls him back inside for 2. Barrett applies an armbar. Ambrose starts to rally to his feet. Ambrose catches Barrett with a series of elbows. Ambrose backs Barrett into the corner. Ambrose hits a tornado DDT. Barrett starts to gain some momentum, but Ambrose cuts him off. Ambrose ties Barrett in the ropes and throws a few jabs. Ambrose comes off the ropes again, but Barrett catches him with Winds of Change. Barrett scoops up Ambrose for Wasteland. Ambrose counters and rolls up Barrett for 2. Barrett knocks Ambrose into the ropes. Ambrose bounces off and takes Barrett off his feet.

Seth Rollins comes from out of the crowd and hops on the apron. Ambrose takes Rollins off the apron and sends Barrett to the outside. Ambrose dives through the ropes on both guys. Ambrose goes after Rollins into the crowd, and Ambrose gets counted out. As Justin Roberts announces Barrett as the winner, Ambrose runs back to the ring and nails Barrett from behind and hits him with Dirty Deeds.

WINNER: Bad News Barrett via Count Out

Backstage, Roman Reigns wants to talk to Vickie Guerrero. She says she doesn’t have much time because she needs to bring coffee to The Authority. He says he knows she’s the one that can put him into the battle royal tonight. She says it’s not what The Authority wants. He says, “Who cares?” If it were up to The Authority, they’d have her running coffee for the rest of her career, and that’s no way to treat a beautiful woman. She’s a Guerrero, and that means something. But he could be wrong. She may want to kiss their butt for the rest of her life. But if she wants to do it, she’d better do it right. He says they’d want sweetener in the coffee. Vickie runs off, and Roman dumps something into the cups. Vickie comes back and he asks her when she’s going to tell them to take this job and shove it. Vickie sneezes in the coffee, shrugs and walks off.

The Wyatts make their way to the ring. Bray says you ain’t got nothing in this world if you ain’t got power. Without power, we would all be tiny mice trapped in the jungle running for our lives from tigers. Power can be so addicting. You need power. You crave power. And he thinks power will be the downfall of mankind as we know it. After all, a powerful man is to be respected, but a weak man is less valuable than the dirt that stains his clothes. Power and influence is his game. As long as he’s living inside the WWE Universe, the WWE Championship is all the power he could ever need. He tells the crowd to look at his brothers and says that society views them as outcasts; worthless like dirt. The world works in such mysterious ways. At Money in the Bank, his brothers are going to destroy the Usos and take the power they have. At Money in the Bank, he will stand atop the ladder and change the world forever. His absolution is hanging at the top of the ladder. Hanging above the ladder is his glory, and the change we’ve all been praying for. All he has to do is reach up and take it. And when he does, he’ll truly be able to say that he has the whole world in his hands. He’s got the whole world in his hands.

Sheamus comes out. He says it’s bad luck to walk under a ladder, especially when you’re involved in the biggest ladder match in history. He says he should change the tune, and shove his whole boot down Wyatt’s throat. Enough talking, it’s time to fight.

Sheamus vs. Bray Wyatt

The bell rings, and Sheamus shoves Wyatt into the corner. Sheamus beats down Wyatt in the corner. Sheamus backs off, and Wyatt finds an opening. Sheamus manages a clothesline to take Wyatt off his feet. Sheamus catches a boot from Wyatt, and takes him off his feet. Wyatt wrestles Sheamus off his feet and unloads some right hands. Wyatt whips Sheamus into the corner. Sheamus counters and reverses a suplex. Sheamus hits a neckbreaker, and Wyatt kicks out at 1.

Wyatt finds another opening, and backs Sheamus into the corner. Wyatt heads for the ropes, but Sheamus catches him with a forearm. Sheamus knees Wyatt in the face and heads to the second turnbuckle. Sheamus leaps off with another forearm, and Wyatt kicks out at 1 again. Sheamus tries the 10 Beats, but Wyatt fends him off. Sheamus clotheslines Wyatt out to the floor. Sheamus goes out after him, but Harper and Rowan start to circle him. The Usos music hits, and they come out to back up Sheamus as we head to commercial break.

Back from break, and Wyatt is in control with a headlock. Sheamus fights to his feet, but Wyatt takes him off his feet again. Sheamus counters a running senton. They start trading big right hands. Wyatt sends Sheamus to the corner, but Sheamus fires back with a series of clotheslines and a tackle in the corners. Sheamus misses a running knee. Wyatt misses a clothesline, but takes out Sheamus with a cross body. Wyatt tries a slam, but Sheamus fights out with elbows and tosses Wyatt to the apron. Sheamus delivers the 10 Beats and brings Wyatt back into the ring. Wyatt counters White Noise. Wyatt runs into a powerslam. Rowan and Harper hop onto the apron to prevent the Brogue Kick, and the referee calls for the bell. The Usos and The Wyatts start fighting out on the floor.

Harper and Rowan roll the Usos back inside. They grab a ladder as Sheamus and Wyatt start fighting on the floor. Sheamus hits a rolling senton on Wyatt out on the floor. Back inside, and The Usos hit a pair of super kicks, kicking the ladder into the faces of the Wyatts. Sheamus takes out Harper and Rowan with the ladder and they roll to the floor. Sheamus sets up the ladder against the ropes and holds it down as the Usos climb it and dive on to the Wyatts! Sheamus picks up the ladder and heaves it at Rowan and Harper out on the floor.

WINNER: Sheamus via Disqualification

Backstage, Vickie has the coffee for The Authority. Triple H ends up spilling it on Vickie. He makes her get another coffee as Stephanie takes a sip of hers.

Renee Young is with Stephanie. Stephanie says she’s excited that we’re going to have a new WWE World Champion. Renee wants to know who she thinks will win the battle royal tonight. Stephanie says The Authority is about opportunity. Stephanie looks unnerved and runs off.

Paul Heyman steps in and says at Money in the Bank there will be chaos and opportunity. He asks if you can imagine what it will be like if Bray Wyatt will become WWE Champion or if Randy Orton wins? He says only one man has a strategist in his corner, and that man has the same strategist that said Brock Lesnar would end The Undertaker’s Streak. It wasn’t a prediction, it was a spoiler and so will Cesaro winning the ladder match at Money in the Bank.

Rusev vs. Heath Slater

Before the match, Lana gets on the microphone and tells everyone to shut up and listen. She says America is a nation founded by weaklings. She shows a picture on the tron of Russian leaders and Rusev taking the place of the U.S. Presidents on Mount Rushmore. Rusev gets on the mic and says, “resistance is futile.” He is the super athlete. Heath Slater gets a mic and tells them to go back! He says we’re tired of hearing it.

Slater gets a jab in on Rusev and starts to fire away. Rusev nails Slater with a leaping kick. He wins it quickly with an Accolade.


Backstage, Vickie has Triple H’s fresh coffee. Stephanie is sick in the bathroom, and Triple H sends Vickie to check on her. She opens the door, and vomit sprays from inside all over Vickie. Stephanie runs off and Triple H tells Vickie she’s in charge. Vickie freaks out as Triple H goes after Stephanie. Roman Reigns walks in and says they’re probably going to fire Vickie, so she should go ahead and put him into the Battle Royal. She screams fine and slams the door in his face.

Justin Roberts introduces the Host for tonight, Kevin Hart. Kevin comes down and joins the team for commentary.

Layla & Fandango vs. Summer Rae & Adam Rose

Fandango and Rose start this off. They go back-and-forth briefly, and Layla makes a blind tag. Summer Rae comes in and jumps Layla. Layla manages to take Summer off her feet and makes a quick tag to Fandango. Layla runs off, and Summer Rae chases her to the back, leaving the two men to face-off. Rose picks up the win quickly with a Party Fould

WINNERS: Adam Rose & Summer Rae

After the match, Kevin Hart climbs into the ring and dances with Rose. They do the stage dive off the ropes into the Rose Buds and get carried around the ring.

Battle Royal to Qualify for the Ladder Match at Money in the Bank:

Titus O’Neil, Bo Dallas, Jack Swagger, Damien Sandow, Los Matadores, Fandango, Curtis Axel, Ryback, Rusev, Bad News Barrett, Rob Van Dam, Xavier Woods, Dolph Ziggler, Big E, Kofi Kingston, Santino, Sin Cara, and Roman Reigns

Sandow comes into the ring wearing a LeBron James jersey before Reigns makes his way out as the final entrant. The bell rings, and everyone goes after Sandow, quickly dumping him out. Santino is eliminated next by Bo Dallas. Rusev takes out Los Matadores one-by-one, followed by Xavier Woods. Titus charges Reigns, and Reigns tosses him over the top, eliminating him. Sin Cara leaps from the top, but Swagger catches him and slingshots him over the top to the floor. Swagger tries to eliminate Kingston, but Kingston bounces off the top rope and hurricanranas Swagger out to the floor to eliminate him before we head to commercial.

Back from commercial, and Kofi was eliminated by Rybaxel during the break. Ziggler gets eliminated by Ryback as well. Rybaxel double-teams Reigns, until he changes the tide and starts cleaning house on everyone. Rybaxel resumes the double-team on Reigns. Reigns starts to fight them off again and manages to dump Fandango out in the process. Reigns avoids a charge and sends Ryback over the top. Axel tries to charge Reigns and he gets eliminated. Rob Van Dam tries a monkey flip out of the corner onto Barrett, and Bo Dallas sneaks up behind him and shoves him over the top, eliminating RVD. Dallas goes to Barrett’s aid, but Barrett clotheslines Dallas and tries to dump him out. Dallas hangs on to the top rope as Reigns and Barrett start to get into it. Meanwhile, Big E tries to eliminate Rusev. Reigns eliminates Barrett. Rusev eliminates Big E.

Reigns nails Dallas with a Spear and tosses him over the top. It comes down to Rusev and Reigns. They start to trade right hands. Rusev reverses a whip and takes Reigns down with a spinning heel kick. Rusev charges Reigns in the corner and crushes him with a splash. Reigns follows up with a clothesline into the opposite corner. Reigns muscles Rusev over the top onto the apron. Reigns finally knocks Rusev off the apron with a Superman Punch.

WINNER: Roman Reigns

Backstage, Renee Young is with John Cena. She wants to know his thoughts on Reigns winning the Battle Royal. Cena says we just saw the impossible and he digs when the impossible is possible and at Monday Night RAW, anything can happen. Tonight, he says The Authority needs his help. He says he’d be glad to lend a helping hand. He says there’s a hidden message in his hands. First, He’s going to get Stephanie another cup of coffee because he’s never seen Vickie Guerrero look so good. Second, he’s going to help out the city of Cleveland by serving Triple H his own crap and taking Kane out of the arena on a stretcher. He says he’s going to win the WWE World Championship at Money in the Bank because that’s what’s best for business.

Cameron vs. Paige

Some brief back-and-forth leads to Paige chasing Cameron on the outside. Cameron tries to shake hands, but kicks Paige in the gut instead. Paige finally makes Cameron tap out to the PTO.


Rybaxel vs. Goldust & Stardust

Stardust is Cody dressed similarly to Goldust. The Rhodes Brothers attack Rybaxel as the bell rings. Stardust hits a DDT on Axel. Ryback charges Goldust, and Goldust drops down to send Ryback out to the floor. Cody hits a springboard elbow onto Axel. Stardust hits a flipping, inverted DDT off the second rope and gets the quick 3-count for the win.

WINNERS: Goldust & Stardust

Stretcher Match Where the Winner Will Enter the Money in the Bank Ladder Match:

Kane vs. John Cena

Kane gains the advantage early on and sends Cena out to the floor. Kane puts Cena on the stretcher and tries to roll him to the line. Cena gets off and rams the stretcher into Kane. Kane whips Cena into the steel steps. Kane rams him into the ring post. Kane tries to bounce Cena’s head off the steps, but Cena fends him off and rams Kane’s head into the steps. Cena rams Kane into the barricade, but Kane continues to fight back and take Cena off his feet. Kane tosses Cena onto another stretcher and tries to roll it. Cena falls off and starts crawling back to the ring as we head to commercial.

Back from break, and Kane is still in control. Kane grabs a steel chair and rams it into Cena’s gut and brings it down across his back. Kane rolls Cena back inside the ring and sets up the chair in the corner. Kane tries to send Cena into the chair, but Cena counters and takes out Kane. Cena heads to the top rope and leaps off. Kane catches him on the way down with a chokeslam! Kane goes back to the outside and throws the steps into the ring. Kane tries to hit Cena with the steps, but Cena counters with a dropkick to the knees, and Kane’s head hits the steps on the way down.

Cena scoops up Kane for an AA, but Kane counters and DDTs Cena on the steps. Kane starts to drag Cena out to the floor, looking to possibly put Cena on the stretcher. Kane drags Cena to his feet and finally rolls him onto the stretcher. Kane starts to roll the stretcher as Cena comes to and rolls off the stretcher again. Cena starts to fire back with some rights. Cena sends Kane into the ring post. Cena tries to whip Kane into the barricade, but Kane reverses. Kane starts to take apart the announce table. Cena hops up and delivers the AA on Kane through the table! Cena picks up Kane and carries him toward the stretcher on his shoulders. Cena makes it to the ramp and makes it to the stretcher, but can’t quite put Kane on it.

Cena grabs another stretcher, and manages to get Kane on top of it. Here comes Seth Rollins and Randy Orton. They battle Cena back to the ring and Rollins takes Cena off his feet. Orton hits Cena with an RKO. Rollins goes out to the floor and grabs a chair. Here comes Dean Ambrose, and he takes out Rollins with a spear and unloads. Ambrose tosses Orton to the floor. Ambrose clotheslines Rollins to the floor. Here comes Kane again and he chokeslams Ambrose. Cena dumps Kane out to the floor. Cena picks up the steel steps and tosses them over the top rope, nailing Kane in the head! Cena manages to get Kane up onto the stretcher one more time. Cena finally rolls Kane to the the finish line, but Kane sits up on the stretcher! Kane tries a chokeslam on the ramp, but Cena blocks it and hits an AA onto the stretcher before finally rolling the stretcher across the line. And John Cena’s heading to Money in the Bank.

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Monday Night RAW Recap ~ E. Byrnside (06/09/14)

June 10, 2014

Minneapolis, MN

Justin Roberts introduces The Authority. Triple H says it’s a good night to be right. Stephanie laughs and says, as The Authority, sometimes they have the privilege of making blockbuster announcements. Tonight happens to be one of those nights. Everyone’s been hanging in the balance with the WWE Heavyweight Championship situation. She sends us to the tron where Daniel Bryan’s doctor, Joe Maroon, tells us Bryan isn’t cleared for Money in the Bank. Stephanie says she knows everyone’s upset but they can’t expect an A+ recovery from a B+ player.

Triple H says it’s the not Daniel Bryan fan club, it’s the WWE; it’s a business. What’s best for business is Daniel Bryan defending the Championship, something he clearly can’t do at Money in the Bank pay per view. Stephanie chimes in, with heavy heart, and says they’re officially stripping Daniel Bryan of the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Stephanie sends out her condolences to Bryan and his ungrateful wife, who quit for no reason. She announces that for the first time, there will be a Money in the Bank ladder match for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. She says there will be a series of matches, the first of which took place on Smackdown. Stephanie says Alberto Del Rio has already qualified. Triple H says Randy Orton has also qualified because he is who he is. Triple H guarantees a new WWE World Heavyweight Champion at Money in the Bank.

Triple H says when Bryan won the Championship; everyone couldn’t wait to rub it in his face. He asks how many times he’s said, “Adapt or perish.” He says Seth Rollins gets it and shows the clip of Rollins turning on The Shield from last week. He says he believes in Seth Rollins. He also says Ambrose and Reigns, what’s left of the once dominant Shield, will whimper to the end. It’ll be a six-man tag team match against the Wyatts tonight. But since it’ll be tough for them to find a third partner, it’ll probably be more like a handicapped match. Seth Rollins adapted, and tonight The Shield perishes.

Money in the Bank Qualifying Match:

Bad News Barrett vs. Sheamus

Before the match, Barrett says that in life, those people you step on on the way up are the same people you see on the way back down. For Sheamus, he’s afraid he’s got some bad news: Once he climbs to the top of the ladder and grabs the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, he’s never ever coming back down.

The bell sounds, and they try to overpower each other. Barrett kicks Sheamus in the gut. Barrett sends Sheamus to the corner, but Sheamus comes out with a clothesline and drops a series of knees. Barrett regains the momentum and connects on a short-arm clothesline. Sheamus tries for 10-Beats. Barrett counters with a right hand, sending Sheamus down to the floor. Barrett dives off the apron onto Sheamus and rolls him back inside. Sheamus takes Barrett off his feet and dumps him onto the apron for 10 Beats… Sheamus brings Barrett back in the hard way with a suplex. Sheamus heads to the second and misses a knee drop. Sheamus ducks his head after sending Barrett to the ropes. Barrett kicks Sheamus with his head down. Barrett tries a crossbody, and they spill out to the floor and we’re off to commercial.

Back from break, and Barrett has Sheamus in a chinlock. Sheamus battles to his feet and whips Barrett to the corner. Barrett gets an elbow up and hits a tornado snap suplex out of the corner. Barrett heads back to the second rope to drop an elbow, but Sheamus gets his knees up. Sheamus rallies with several forearm clotheslines and a running knee. Sheamus charges Barrett in the corner, but Barrett gets a boot up. Barrett tries a running knee, but Sheamus counters with an Irish Curse for 2. Sheamus heads to the top, but Barrett trips him up.

Sheamus leaps from the top, but Barrett ducks and hits Winds of Change for another 2-count. Barrett scoops up Sheamus for Wasteland. Sheamus slips out and tries a Brogue Kick, but Barrett ducks and Sheamus hits a powerslam for 2. Sheamus looks up at the WWE World Heavyweight Championship hanging over their heads. Sheamus sets up for a Brogue Kick in the corner. Barrett makes it to his feet and sees it coming and rolls out to the floor. Sheamus heads to the top rope and dives off. Barrett avoids the contact, and Sheamus crashes into the barricade. The referee starts counting, but Sheamus rolls in at 9.

Barrett scoops up Sheamus for Wasteland for a near-fall. Barrett pulls down the elbow pad for a Bull Hammer. Sheamus counters into a White Noise for 2. Both men struggle to get to their feet, and they’re trading right hands. Barrett head butts Sheamus. Barrett ties up Sheamus in the ropes and repeatedly kicks him. Barrett rams Sheamus into the ring post. Barrett pulls Sheamus into the ring and unloads on him in the corner. Barrett charges, but Sheamus explodes out of the corner with a Brogue Kick for the win.

WINNER: Sheamus

The lights flicker, and The Wyatts are backstage. Harper says “they” said they were pariahs, two discarded animals. Sometimes he still gets those urges, urges from a deep, dark place. Bray Wyatt says every man has urges, but the true measure of a man is to admit them, to learn to control them. The Shield used to refer to themselves as the most dominant force in the universe. But that’s not how he remembers it. They fell victim to the faults of man. Their lust and greed and valor for glory led them where they belong. Tonight, they will burn for it, for he is no man. He is reborn, and the urges will never be satisfied.

Lana comes out. She says the best way to compare superpowers of the world is to look at its leaders. The United States is led by a man that oozes weakness. He is a sissy. She says “your leader” is a girly man. She shows a video of Obama lifting very light weights and then shows pictures of Putin. She says it’s only a matter of time before the U.S. gives up its power to Mother Russia.

Rusev vs. Zack Ryder

Rusev unloads on Ryder after the bell. Rusev pulls Ryder to his feet, but Ryder tries to fight back until Rusev hits a leaping thrust kick. Ryder taps out to the Accolade.


Rybaxel vs. Goldust & R-Truth

Ryback and Truth will start this off. Ryback gains an early advantage and backs Truth into the corner. Ryback makes a quick tag to Axel and they utilize the 5-count for a double team. Axel takes down Truth with a dropkick and makes another tag. A double suplex to Truth leads to a 2-count. More quick tags from Rybaxel. Truth finds an opening and makes a tag to Goldust. Goldust drops down for the uppercut and an atomic drop on Axel. Goldust catches Axel with a powerslam. Goldust heads to the top for a crossbody, taking down both guys. Goldust hits a sunset bomb on Axel, and Ryback has to break up the pin. Ryback dumps Truth over the top. Goldust hits a spinebuster on Ryback. Axel rolls up Goldust from behind for the pin.

WINNERS: Rybaxel

Backstage, Layla is talking with her makeup artist. She says Minneapolis is so uncultured. She continues complaining until Summer Rae comes up behind her and spills milk all over her. Summer Rae attacks her and slams her onto a table and walks away.

3MB is in the ring. Heath Slater says The Shield was supposed to be out here to talk. He says that’s not what 3MB does, they don’t come out just to talk. The Shield’s music hits, and they come down through the crowd. Ambrose and Reigns climb into the ring and the fight breaks out. The action spills out onto the floor, and Ambrose nails McIntyre with a dive from the apron. Ambrose and Reigns send McIntyre into the timekeeper’s area. They toss Jinder into the barricade. Slater bails out and heads up the ramp. Roman Reigns comes out of the crowd and nails Slater with a Spear on the ramp!

Ambrose grabs a microphone and says The Shield was untouchable. They’ll go down in the history books as one of the greatest groups in sports entertainment ever. They dominated and beat everybody, even Evolution. They weren’t healthy little did they know. They had a cancer named Seth Rollins. Everybody in the building knows someone like Seth, the kind of guy who would stab his brother in the back and sell out to the Authority. When he gets the opportunity to rearrange his face, Ambrose says Rollins’ nose will be by his hair. He’s going to pull out his hair and shove it in his mouth. There’s going to be plenty of room where his teeth used to be. He says Rollins is scum and he wants him to come out tonight and lie through his teeth. He says they’ll listen to Triple H’s words come out of Rollins’ mouth and then they’ll beat the hell out of him.

Roman steps up and says Seth committed the most unforgettable sin. He’s the scum of the Earth. Reigns says there’s things you don’t do on this planet: you don’t tug on Superman’s cape, you don’t piss in the wind, and you don’t stab your brothers in the back. Reigns talks about Orton and how he thinks he should be handed everything. Orton wants to be the face of the company, but when Reigns is done with him, he’ll be the ass of the company. When he’s done with Orton, he’s coming for Triple H, and they’ll have their own Game of Thrones.

The Usos vs. Fandango & Damien Sandow

Sandow comes out in spandex, dancing. Fandango starts this off with Jimmy Uso. Fandango does a cartwheel but walks into an atomic drop and a right hand. Sandow tags in, and comes in dancing. Sandow takes Uso over with a side headlock. Sandow continues to dance, and the crowd is actually chanting, “let’s go Sandow!” Uso takes out Sandow with a jumping thrust kick. Fandango tries to interfere, but Uso dumps him out on the apron. Jey nails Fandango with a kick, sending him to the outside. The Usos win it with a splash from the top.


Xavier Woods vs. Bo Dallas

Dallas gets on the mic and says he knows Daniel Bryan is at home watching. He has a lot of anger inside. There’s only one way to come back stronger than ever, and it has nothing to do with what the doctors have to say. The secret to Bryan’s recovery is just to BO-Lieve!

The bell rings, and they trade waistlocks. Dallas applies a side headlock, and Woods shoots him to the ropes. They both try hip tosses, but Woods takes him down with a fireman’s carry. Dallas shoots Woods to the ropes by the hair and takes him down with a knee. Dallas’s aggression starts to build with short-arm elbows. Woods starts to gain some momentum, and takes down Dallas with a clothesline. Woods tries a springboard, but Dallas dives at Woods. Dallas hits the Running Bo-Dog for the 1-2-3.

WINNER: Bo Dallas

Paul Heyman is in the ring. Heyman says he’s the one behind the one in 21-1. He earned that distinction when his client, Brock Lesnar, conquered The Undertaker’s undefeated streak at Wrestlemania. Brock Lesnar was groomed to make history ever since he was at the University of Minnesota. He says he was talking with Lesnar this morning, and they were talking about doing something special tonight on RAW. They feel it’s the appropriate place for a Wrestlemania victory party… He says it’s his honor to celebrate the next WWE World Heavyweight Champion here tonight. He brings out the winner of the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal, Cesaro.

Money in the Bank Qualifying Match:

Rob Van Dam vs. Cesaro

RVD takes down Cesaro early on with a spinning heel kick. Cesaro catches RVD mid-air and dumps him with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Van Dam retaliates with a monkey flip out of the corner. RVD hops to the top rope and hits a flying kick. Cesaro has to roll out to the floor. RVD flies over the top with a senton onto Cesaro as we head to commercial.

Back from break, and Cesaro has regained control with a reverse chinlock. Van Dam battles to his feet and heads for the ropes. Cesaro ducks his head, and Van Dam floats over. RVD catches Cesaro with a spinning heel kick for 2. Cesaro catches RVD with a fall-away slam, and RVD rolls out to the floor. Cesaro follows up and tosses Van Dam into the barricade before rolling him back inside. Cesaro takes RVD off his feet with an uppercut and then double stomps him. Cesaro goes back to the reverse chinlock. Van Dam battles back to his feet. Van Dam takes down Cesaro with another leaping kick. RVD starts to build some momentum and takes Cesaro down with another kick. RVD hits the Split-Legged Moonsault for 2. RVD tries a Rolling Thunder, but Cesaro catches and throws him and nails him with an uppercut on the way down. Cesaro unloads on Van Dam in the corner. Cesaro hits a double-underhook powerbomb for a near-fall.

RVD rolls up Cesaro for 2. RVD hits another thrust kick, setting up for Rolling Thunder. RVD hooks the leg, but Cesaro kicks out again. Cesaro charges RVD in the corner, but RVD gets an elbow up. RVD charges, but Cesaro moves out of the way, and RVD lands uncomfortably on the second turnbuckle. Cesaro furthers the damage by pulling RVD’s legs against the ring post. Cesaro wins it with a Neutralizer.

WINNER: Cesaro

Michael Cole is in the ring to interview Seth Rollins. Rollins comes out in a suit and sits down. The crowd is chanting, “you sold out” as Michael Cole welcomes Rollins. Rollins cuts off Cole before he gets started. He says he doesn’t understand what the controversy is all about. He says what happened last week wasn’t a big deal. He was just doing what was best for business, his business. The Shield was the greatest faction in the history of the WWE, and he created it. He asks if he doesn’t have the right to destroy his creation. He says Ambrose is a lunatic and Reigns, “The Golden Boy,” you’ll never see anger or fury in a man like you’ll see in Reigns, but without someone to harness it, Roman Reigns is worthless.

Ambrose and Reigns owe everything to Rollins. Rollins wants to know why it’s such a surprise. He says he took The Shield to the top. They beat everybody. He says he learned that to be a success in this business, you have to evolve. You have to adapt. He stands up and the crowd is chanting, “You sold out” again. He says he bought in. He bought in to the Evolution of Seth Rollins. He says it took a lot of guts to do what he did last week. Everybody’s fixated on the fact that he stabbed his brothers in the back. Maybe they were brothers to Ambrose and Reigns, but to him, they were just business partners. And he severed that relationship. Every night for two years he stuck his fist out and said, “Believe in The Shield,” but what he really meant was “believe in Seth Rollins.” He says he’s said his peace and calls out The Shield.

The lights flicker, and Ambrose and Reigns are in the ring with Luke Harper and Erick Rowan. Ambrose and Reigns clear the ring of the Wyatts and they’re face-to-face with Rollins. Bray Wyatt runs in and Rollins manages to escape. John Cena runs down to even the odds, and they clear the ring.

Paige vs. Alicia Fox w/ Aksana

They tie up and Alicia shoves Paige out to the floor. Alicia goes out after her. Alicia charges, but Paige ducks and Alicia runs into Aksana. Paige rolls Alicia inside, but Alicia takes her off the apron. Back inside, and Alicia slaps on a reverse chinlock and hits a northern lights suplex before going back to the chinlock. Alicia slams Paige. Paige rolls up Alicia for a quick 2-count. Alicia regains her composure and clotheslines Paige. Alicia hits a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Alicia applies a side headlock, and Paige tries to battle out, but Alicia overpowers her. Alicia tries to dump Paige to the outside, but Paige counters into a headscissor takedown, sending Alicia through the ropes. Paige catches Alicia trying to climb inside with several knees to the face. Paige starts to rally with clotheslines and a dropkick. Paige tries to climb the turnbuckle, but Alicia pulls her off. Aksana starts to get involved from the outside. Alicia tries to pull Paige to her feet, but Paige pulls her into Aksana instead, setting Alicia up for the PTO and the tap out.


After the match, Aksana tries to console Alicia, but Alicia snaps and attacks Aksana. Alicia hops out of the ring and steals some fan’s popcorn and drink. She pours the drink all over Aksana and starts throwing the popcorn in her face and continues to assault Aksana. Alicia offers Aksana some popcorn and hugs her, saying she’s sorry. She starts going crazy with the popcorn and tries to tell Aksana she’s sorry again.

Jack Swagger vs. Santino

Swagger tries to throw Santino, but Santino lands a cartwheel and starts to go to work on Swagger. Swagger counters an irish whip into the corner. Swagger follows Santino into the corner, but Santino hops over and calls Swagger a “son-a-ma-gun.” Santino sends Swagger out to the floor to regroup with Colter. Colter slaps Swagger and Swagger gets into his face. Swagger slides back in. Santino does the split-dropdown, but Swagger doesn’t fall for it. Swagger starts to dominate with a belly-to-belly suplex. Swagger sends Santino into the corner and charges, but Santino moves out of the way and Swagger crashes into the post. Santino pulls out the Cobra, but Swagger swats it and hits the Gutwrench Powerbomb for the win.

WINNER: Jack Swagger

Backstage, Goldust is with Cody Rhodes. Cody says he’s finally got someone good enough to be Goldust’s partner, somebody Goldust’s never seen before, someone that can match Goldust’s star power, and he’ll join him next week.

Elsewhere, The Authority is discussing the upcoming Money in the Bank match. Stephanie wants to know what John Cena’s problem is. Triple H says it doesn’t matter because The Shield will be no more after tonight. Vickie Guerrero comes in and wants to celebrate no more Brad Maddox and pops a bottle of champagne that sprays Stephanie and Triple H. Stephanie slaps the bottle out of her hand and tells her to get out.

Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns & John Cena vs. The Wyatts

Everyone starts fighting before the bell rings. Ambrose and Rowan start this off. Ambrose hits a crossbody early on. Ambrose stomps away on Rowan in the corner and takes off for a rolling senton into the corner. Ambrose takes out Harper on the floor. Ambrose takes out Rowan with a dropkick and makes the tag to Reigns. Reigns tries to whip Rowan, but Rowan just stands there. Reigns takes down Rowan with a clothesline. Rowan pops back up and tags Reigns with a right.

Luke Harper gets the tag. Reigns blocks several suplex attempts and suplexes Harper. Reigns backs Harper into the corner and tags Ambrose back in. Ambrose ties up Harper in the ropes and nails him with a dropkick to the knee. Ambrose applies a single leg crab. Harper kicks him off and into the Wyatt’s corner. Ambrose knocks Wyatt and Rowan off the apron, but walks into a kick from Harper.

Bray Wyatt tags in and slams Ambrose. Wyatt stomps Ambrose in the corner and tags in Rowan. Rowan chokes Ambrose with his boot, and Ambrose falls to the floor. Rowan goes out after him and slams Ambrose into the barricade. Ambrose reverses a whip and sends Rowan into the steel steps. Rowan makes a tag to Wyatt, and Wyatt sends Ambrose back into the corner and unloads before tagging Harper back in. Harper clotheslines Ambrose and slaps on a chinlock. Ambrose fights to his feet and hits a stunner to break the hold. Harper blocks a kick and slams Ambrose on his face as we head to commercial.

Back from break, and Ambrose is battling Rowan’s submission. Ambrose fights out, but walks into a sidewalk slam from Rowan. Wyatt tags in and slams Ambrose into the corner. Wyatt avalanches Ambrose in the corner. Wyatt tries one more, but Ambrose gets a boot up. Ambrose heads to the top, but Wyatt catches him on the way down with a slam. Reigns has to break up the pin. Harper gets a tag and continues to assault on Ambrose. Ambrose bounces off the ropes and takes down Harper. John Cena finally gets a tag as Harper tags Rowan on the other side. Cena takes out Rowan with the shoulder tackles and the spinning side-slam. 5-Knuckle Shuffle connects on Rowan. Wyatt gets involved, and Rowan takes out Cena.

Rowan chokes Cena in the corner. Wyatt tags back in and knocks Cena down with a right hand. Wyatt smashes Cena with a running senton. Cena throws a dropkick and tries to make a tag, but Wyatt prevents that from happening. Luke Harper tags back in and perches Cena in the Tree of Woe. Harper picks up Cena in a Torture Rack and drops him with a neckbreaker. Harper puts Cena in the Gator Roll and transitions into the chinlock. Cena comes off the ropes, and Harper hits the Michinoku Driver for 2.

Rowan tags back in and continues to toy with Cena. Rowan scoops up Cena for a fall-away slam. Wyatt tags back in and drops to the floor to unload on Cena as he hangs off the apron. Wyatt pulls Cena to his feet to dance with his lifeless body before throwing him across the ring. Wyatt tries another running senton, but Cena rolls out of the way. Cena finally makes the tag to Roman Reigns. Reigns cleans house on the Wyatts. Reigns nails Harper with a flying clothesline. Ambrose attacks Rowan. Reigns nails Harper with the flying kick on the outside. Ambrose sets up Rowan on the other side, and Reigns hits him with the flying kick. Ambrose sends Rowan out to the floor. Rowan pulls Ambrose out with him. Reigns hits a spinning slam on Harper, and Rowan has to make the save.

Cena heads to the top and takes out Rowan with a crossbody. Cena tries an AA on Rowan, but Wyatt runs in with a Sister Abigail on Cena. Reigns nails Wyatt with a Superman Punch. Reigns tosses Rowan to the floor, and Ambrose nails him with a suicide dive. Harper levels Reigns with a big kick. Harper goes for the cover, but Reigns kicks out at 2. Harper charges Reigns in the corner, but Reigns explodes with a Spear and gets the 3-count.

WINNERS: Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose & John Cena

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Bellator 121 Results: Lins, Valavicius, Anundson advance to semifinals; Thompson and Sokoudjou win Bellator debuts

Bellator 121 took place on Friday night at the WinStar World Casino in Thackerville, Oklahoma and in the main event, Philipe Lins remained undefeated as he defeated Austen Heidlage by submission to advance to the semifinals of the light heavyweight tournament.

Lins was able to get a takedown early in the fight and locked in the body triangle as the fighters were on the feet against the fence. Lins began to look for a rear-naked choke and once he locked it in, Heidlage would tap out.

Lins (9-0) is now tied with Emanuel Newton, Mikhail Zayats, and Mike Mucitelli for the most submission wins in Bellator light heavyweight division history. Overall, this is his third career win by submission and both of his wins in Bellator have come by rear-naked choke.

Thompson wins fourth straight with first round TKO win over Prindle
The co-main event of the fight card was a heavyweight bout as James Thompson won his Bellator debut with a first round TKO win over season five tournament winner Eric Prindle.

As the opening bell sounded, Thompson rushed forward and took the fight to the mat. Once on the ground, he worked his ground game and landed 17 strikes, compared to 1 strike from Prindle. After a series of punches on the ground, referee Rob Hinds called the fight at the 1:55 mark of the round.

Thompson (20-14, 1NC) is now unbeaten in his last six fights (5-0, 1NC) and his last two victories have come by stoppage. Following his win, he sent a message to Bellator MMA Chairman and CEO Bjorn Rebney and mentioned a possible fight with Cheick Kongo.

Sokoudjou scores first career submission victory in Bellator debut
Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou dominated Terry Davinney in his Bellator debut and scored his first career win by submission in the first round via a rear-naked choke.

Sokoudjou opened the fight by coming forward and pushing the pace. He would end up getting the fight to the ground, but Davinney would be able to get up and score his own takedown. However, that would be all of his offense as Sokoudjou would reverse the position and dominate the rest of the fight.

After landing several significant short strikes, Sokoudjou would go for a rear-naked choke and Davinney would tap out to the submission. Sokoudjou (15-12) snaps a two fight losing streak with this victory and this is his first stoppage victory since the end of 2012.

Valavicius advances to semifinals with split decision over Eduardo
The opening fight on the main card broadcast on Spike TV saw Egidijus Valavicius advanced to the semifinals of the light heavyweight tournament as he defeated Carlos Eduardo by split decision.

Eduardo was able to implement his gameplan in the opening round as he got the fight to the ground and a majority of the round would be on the ground. While on the ground, he looked for various submissions including a rear-naked choke. Valavicius would defend the submission attempts and got to his feet as the round came to a conclusion.

During the second round, Eduardo would score two takedowns but he struggled to keep the fight on the ground. Valavicius would land 17 more total strikes in the middle round but an accidental head butt would open up a cut on Valavicius right eyebrow.

The cageside doctor would come into the cage following the round to check the cut and would allow the fight to continue. Valavicius would control the final round as he was the aggressor and at one point, Eduardo begged him to come to the ground to him. He would not take the bait and the fight would end on the feet with Valavicius pushing forward.

Two of the three judges scored the fight for Valavicius (27-10) and he now advances to the semifinals where he will meet Liam McGeary, who won his opening round bout last month.

Anundson uses takedowns and ground control to advance to semifinals
The first opening round bout of the light heavyweight tournament to take place at Bellator 121 took place on the preliminary card as Kelly Anundson used his takedowns and ground control to walk away with a decision victory.

As the fight opened, Anundson wasted little time in getting the fight to the ground and the entire round would basically be on the ground. Wallace would be able to get back to his feet briefly, but Anundson would get the fight back to the ground and they would end the round in this position.

Anundson would get the fight to the ground as the second round started and as Wallace worked his way up, Anundson went for a standing guillotine. He would take the submission to the ground, but Wallace would escape. Wallace would have the top position but he could not hold the position as Anundson scrambled to get on top of him. While on his back, Wallace did attempt a submission but it was defended by Anundson.

The third round would be the best round for Wallace as he attempted a rear-naked choke but could not get the finish. He also looked for two separate arm submissions, but Anundson would defend the attempts and controlled the fight for the remainder of the round.

All three judges scored the fight for Anundson (8-2) and he now advances to the semifinals where he will meet Lins.

The complete Bellator 121 results are below.

Main Card: (Spike TV)
Philipe Lins def. Austen Heidlage via submission (rear-naked choke) – Round 1, 2:45
James Thompson def. Eric Prindle via TKO (strikes) – Round 1, 1:55
Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou def. Terry Davinney via submission (rear-naked choke) – Round 1, 4:16
Egidijus Valavicius def. Carlos Eduardo via split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)

Preliminary Card: (
Treston Thomison def. Stephen Banaszak via submission (guillotine choke) – Round 1
Joe Vedepo def. Cortez Coleman via majority decision (28-28, 29-27, 29-27)
Kelly Anundson def. Rodney Wallace via unanimous decision (29-28, 30-27, 30-27)
Ray Sloan def. Jamelle Jones via submission (rear-naked choke) – Round 1, :48
Bubba McDaniel def. Matt Jones via unanimous decision (30-26, 30-27, 30-27)
Steve Garcia def. Cody Walker via KO (strikes) – Round 1, :39