LOL! With Nancy Alexander: “The Sock Monkey Ain’t Makin’ It”

Nancy Alexander editedSean Daly is truly lived the life that people dream of. This multi-timed nominee for the Pulitzer Prize his been the music critic for the Washington Post and Tampa Bay Times, a writer for GQ, a television personality, and a game show host on HSN. His career would certainly make one hell of a book someday and the more that he and the “Hot Rickles” chatted, the more they realized that their careers have a ton of parallels.

Sean chats about rocking out with Bruce Springsteen, Tim McGraw and Faith Hill, drinking with Mickey Mouse, the importance of the Tampa Bay area as a media market, the future of print media, dressing up as a sock monkey for Halloween, and burping. Yes…..burping.

He also shared his philosophy on life: “Be kind to each other but selfish in your dreams.”

This show will definitely make you LOL! With Nancy Alexander!

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