LOL! With Nancy Alexander: Tampa Bay Media Legend John Wilson

Nancy Alexander editedJohn Wilson is one of the most respected names in the world of broadcast news. After an illustrious 57 year career, 35 of which were in the Tampa Bay area, he “retired” in 2014, but he’s been busier than ever. The relationship he shares with Nancy, who often refers to him as “Papa,” goes back so far that she’s officially an honorary member of the Wilson family.

John shares his thoughts on his career, the state of broadcast news and what’s wrong with it, the role of the media in today’s world, the ongoing social issues and riots that are occurring all over the country, the upcoming elections, who his best interviews over the years were and who he always wanted to sit down with but never could, meeting Barbra Streisand, his work with Consent Florida, and most importantly, his family that he’s so proud of.

This is a phenomenal “no holds barred” hour of conversation between two friends that you just can’t miss.

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